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A Little Less 16 Candles, A Little More Touch Me

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My take on the video A little less 16 candles, a little more touch me. Patrick POV

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Case #183A

We first see the unraveling. I've watched him...change. I've been able to keep him at peace with the blend I've created but, even that seems to be failing. He spends every waking hour plotting revenge against those who turned him, those who walk in the shadowed places forgotten by the sun. He hates all of them but...they live in fear of him.

"Pete, wake up. It's night time." I said as I opened the box that contained him. That was the only place he could sleep nowadays. Where he slept was the only spot that the sun could not reach in our house. He raised up, as all vampires do when they awaken, stretching and yawning as if he were still tired. I don't see why though. It should be I who is still tired. I'm the one writing down all the information we collect on our nightly runs. He has super strength and I but a mere human.

"I'll be with the priest. He said something about reliving past memories."

Pete said on his way with his dog following closely behind. Do we even have a name for that dog? We don't own him, he just started following us as we came back to headquarters one day. Pete just never let him go, I guess he reminds him of the days before he was turned, the days when he depended on other people to survive.

Joe and Andy were still sleeping on the couch when I walked by, still tired from that videogame session they had going. Joe even had the Xbox controller held tightly to his chest. I hadn't bothered to wake them up, though, they'll just awake when Pete starts up the blender for his special mix to stop him from craving the taste of blood.
Not too long after I had settled down to finish writing, Pete starts the blender, Joe and Andy wake up, it's time to go outside to get more info.

We met up with Angie, the girl who was going to be bait with Andy, just outside of our car. We only told her one thing about it and she seemed to find it perfectly, it also doesn't hurt that it's the only one with a huge bat on the hood. They got into the car as planned and waited for the vampires to show up. Joe seemed to be signaling me something from his hiding place.

'What?' I mouthed

'I don't think my gun's gonna work right.'

'And you're just saying something now why?'

'I forgot sorry.' He sheepishly grinned. How are we going to save the world if we can't even fix our weaponry? All of a sudden, Angie screamed. That was our signal to get in to action. Joe fired the first shot, it worked will considering what he thought, but when tried a second time it had gotten jammed. I tried to shoot also but my gun didn't have anything in it. 'Thanks a lot Joe. That's the last time you're in charge of our equipment.' Thankfully, Pete had jumped over the car and started beating the crap out of one of the vampires. "You call yourselves hunters."

"Well next time you be the bait." Andy called after Pete as he jumped off a cliff. Other vampires came and Angie was trapped. Pete reappeared next to her, trying to free her but ended up getting caught himself. They were chanting "Kiss her, kiss her." I knew he wouldn't though, that's not like him. The vampire closest to him cried out in agony as Pete sunk his teeth into his arm, letting both Angie and Pete go. Angie ran off into the shadows, somewhere not to be seen anytime soon.

As she retreated, the Dandies were coming up fast, in their I'm-so-cool-cause-I-dress-and-walk-all-British like fashion. William their leader, the guy who turned Pete, was standing there at the front of the group holding up his glove as if he were saying "You know this glove right here? It causes fights." The glove dropped and the battle was on.

I stood my guard and watched the chaos surrounding me. Pete and Joe were using street fighting skills to fight off the vamps coming their way, and Andy was using his sword to ward off vamps coming his way. I saw the priest leaning over someone dead, putting crosses over their eyes. They looked was Dirty our brave video recorder! I'm gonna miss him. Out of nowhere, I found myself surrounded by girls, not that I had a problem with that it's just that they also happened to be vampires! They bit me.

Just after I was bit, they cops were breaking everyone up. They had arrested Andy and me, and Joe disappeared to somewhere unknown during that time. The cops had me pressed up against a car and it was really starting to hurt my cheeks. A car had passed by. It had Pete inside of it. They must have captured him too! He was searching around frantically looking for a way to get out but there was none. As they were forcing me into the car I noticed one of the cops had fangs, as a matter of fact the other one did too. Are we the only ones being arrested? I saw no one else except for us vampire hunters, excluding Joe, in the cars and I concluded: everyone in this town was a vampire.
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