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Snakes On A Train

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Sorry For The Strange Innuendo. Basically, Gerard Is On A Train When He Recieves ... A Note. Slashyness ensues. Please Read and Review.

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“Hi, my name’s Frankie, what’s yours?” The note read. Great, this was all I needed. I’m on a long journey, there are no other seats and I’m stuck behind some freak with social disorders. This was typical of something that could happen to me. Just typical, of all the geeks in the entire world I meet this one.

“Gerard” My note said back. Well, it wouldn’t have been polite to just ignore him, would it? I leaned over a little because I wanted to see what he looked like; I wanted to see if I’d be interested in him. When I did I saw this short guy with emo-styled jet black hair that was obviously dyed, his hair was quite short but long enough to hang over his face. His face was pale, not deathly so, the right shade, I guess. Frank’s eyes were a shade of hazel that I’d never seen before, the tone added to his slim face and helped with his attractiveness. He’s looking back, damn.

“Gerard. Would you like to play a game? Ha! Caught you staring at me!” his next note said. How was I going to reply to this?” I thought. Well, I could say “Sure what game?”, but I wasn’t going to. I could say “Wasn’t staring, you imagined it”, would that be too flirty? Ok, I’ve got it. I know what I’m going to say.

“No offence Frankie, but do I know you? What do you want?” Too mean? Maybe, but it should be said. I wanted to spend this train journey having some “me time”, where I wasn’t being annoyed by my very own Joe Rees. He was scribbling furiously now. Oh no, I hope I haven’t upset him. He’s a nice guy, well I think he is. The note pops through the gap in between the two seats.

“No, we don’t know each other. Not yet anyway, you see the thing is Gerard, we’re soul mates.” I burst out laughing. This guy couldn’t be anymore cliché, could he? Soul mates? I’ve never even met him before. This definitely deserved a response.

“Soul mates?” It said. “We’ve never met before. This is me calling you on your cheese.” I wrote before passing the note back to him. I was actually enjoying this conversation now; I guess Frankie wouldn’t be a bad distraction after all. I’m actually excited waiting for his reply. Somehow I can’t help wondering where this is going. But quite frankly, I don’t care.

“Ok, so maybe, just maybe, we’re not soul mates. But we are definitely going to have great sex.” So, he’s quite presumptuous. I like that, I like that he takes control. He’s sexy, and he’s telling me that I’m to have sex with him. Sweet.

“What makes you think that? Maybe I’m not into fucking on a train. I might not even be gay. So maybe we won’t have sex after all. X” I was hoping the “X” would let him know that I’m flirting, playing it cool. Well, trying to. I’m in a condition where playing it cool is not an option. He was definitely having an effect on me, no two ways about it.

“You are definitely into guys. You seem quite kinky so I guess you’d like it on a train. This is what you’re going to do. You’re going to get up after reading this and you’re going to go to the bathroom. If you don’t get up in the next five minutes, I’ll leave it at that. But if you do, we’ll go from there. Your move, chuckles. Frankie xx” The note left me with two options.

One: I could stay here and sleep for the rest of the journey. Two: I could go to the bathroom and let him take care of my problem. My problem was now becoming harder and harder ... To deal with. I knew which one I was going to choose and with one swift move I was off my seat and heading towards the bathroom.

I sat in the little cubicle and waited, for what I wasn’t exactly sure. He might have been joking, but I don’t think he was. I may have just lead myself into something awful which could result in a lot of trouble. What was I doing here? A knock on the door brought me back to reality and away from my thoughts. I slowly opened the door to reveal Frankie. He was a little shorter than me but it didn’t really matter.

He pushed me back into the cubicle and sat me down on the toilet, then turned around and locked the door. After he did that he was ready to direct his attention solely on me. He looked at me with a grin and moved forward, making me breathe deeper and want him. I tried to get up but he just pushed me back down. I knew nothing about him and that was the attraction, it wasn’t spoiled by facts or faults.

Slowly, he moved closer and straddled me. He restricted my movement, even though I would’ve been restricted and paralysed by pleasure and lust. Frankie smiled at me, he smiled a coy grin and I had no idea what it meant, although I knew that it would be good. He moved his hands from my shoulders down towards my navel and then back up towards my neck. His right hand moved slowly to the back of my head while a finger from his left traced its way from my ear, to my neck and back down to my navel.

‘Kiss Me.’ I could tell it wasn’t an order, just a request. I knew he was nervous even though he just sat and waited, studying me. I leaned in, but hesitated. He didn’t know how I would react, so he was susceptible to teasing, I leaned in a bit more, pausing just before reaching his face.

‘Why?’ I asked. I was tempting him, trying to make him feel as though I was just out of reach. My question left Frankie with a perplexed look on his face. I started to grin, I couldn’t help it, he was charming and his confusion added to this. ‘Why should I?’ I asked knowing that I would evince him.

‘Because I said so’ He came back, playing along with my game. Suddenly, he lunged, kissing me and pulling me into his frame. His kissing was becoming rougher and a little more playful. He started to bite my bottom lip making me moan. This gave him ideas and only seemed to spur him on. He took it as an invitation to bite harder. His kisses became slightly violent as he clamped down on my bottom lip; he pulled away just before he started to draw blood.

His finger’s started to unbutton my shirt. Slowly, but steadily, my shirt was off and flung towards the grubby floor. He kissed my lips slowly, adding passion as the minute’s passed. His lip’s travelled from my mouth towards my neck, where he started to suck at it while licking at the same time. He began to move lower and lower, allowing the excitement to build in my groin. Just before he reached my jeans he stopped and looked up at me. “I don’t want you to make any noises, if you have to just say my name over and over.” He was a demanding little fuck and also very narcissistic.

His mouth moved back towards my navel where he started circling it with his tongue. He went lower, unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans without pulling away from his lowering kisses. The cool air coming in from the window that night heightened every sense. I tilted my head back not being able to stop myself from gasping at every touch of his swirling tongue on my dick. He’d pulled my jeans down to my ankles, taking my underwear with them.

Every flicker of his tongue pushed me closer to the edge. I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of making me come at that point. But still he continued to push me further and further down his throat, giving me no option but to moan “Frankie” over and over again.

‘Frankie, Frankie, Frankie ...’ I whimpered. I was heading too close to the edge. I pushed him away and off of me. ‘Not yet. Not until you’ve had your turn.’

I looked down at him; he was beginning to enjoy this himself. I pulled him up by his shirt, so we were both standing; he’d formed an impish grin on his face. He’d become too cocky for my liking, so I taught him a lesson. A quick flip and he was staring at himself in the mirror, leaning over the sink.

‘Oh …’ He started. ‘So this is what happens when the submissive fight back’ He didn’t seem to mind that I’d taken control. As I undid his black trousers I could tell that he was quite pleased. He seemed to grow harder as I became more dominating. His knees began to buckle as I moved my hand from over his shirt, to the underneath, touching his bare skin. My cold fingertips circled his nipples, pinching them before moving lower. His legs became weaker as I moved my hand further and further down his chest and stomach. By the time I reached the zipper on his jeans his entire weight was being supported by the sink.

Slowly, I moved my hands into his jeans to find that there was no underwear. It didn’t come as a surprise that Frankie would have planned something like this, or that he would normally go commando. I began to move my hand up and down his throbbing member, pumping teasingly slow. Just as he started to whimper I took my hand out and ran it up his sides, pulling his skinny-fit t-shirt over his head.

I stood behind the topless Frankie, tracing my finger lightly over his tattoos. My touch caused him to shiver and come out in goose bumps. His eyes were closed and his head had begun to tilt back. I was going to take advantage of his vulnerability.

As gently as I could, I slid his trousers to the floor leaving him naked apart from the huddle of material left around his ankles. I stretched around Frankie, groping for the soap dispenser, and squeezed a small amount onto my fingers. I pulled my hands back around his waist and ran the lubricated fingers along the crack of the shorter man’s ass. I watched in the mirror as his face contorted in anticipation and his teeth clamped down on his bottom lip.

Leisurely, I inserted a finger, but it couldn’t have been far enough in because Frank pushed himself backwards and my finger went in further. I was in control, I had the power over him, taking my finger out was a way of punishing him. So I did it.

He groaned inwardly in frustration. It wouldn’t be long now, I thought. It wouldn’t be long until he was begging me for as many fingers as possible. To my surprise he attempted to turn around and face me but this was made impossible by my hand clamped hard on his hip.

'Please.. Gee..’ Frankie spoke, his voice full of passion, ‘I wanna see your face… while you fuck me’

‘Oh no you don’t..’ I laughed huskily in his ear, ‘You can stand here and watch yourself cum… You wanted to play a game.. These are the rules’

Something had taken over me. Something that Frankie had started. I had become consumed by lust. I wanted nothing more than to fuck Frankie dry right there but I wanted him to want the same. So I was going to have to wait.

‘Rule number one: Look forward at yourself in the mirror no matter what I do and don’t even think about closing your eyes. Rule number two: you’ll recognise this one, don’t make a sound unless you’re saying my name. Rule three: you do what I say, not more no less.’

Frankie nodded. He didn’t want to risk another punishment. He was going to be a good little boy.

‘Spread ‘em’ I growled. He did as he was told and parted his legs as far as the little room would allow him.

‘Now…’ I bit gently at his earlobe, ‘Tell me what you want…’

‘…Please… please… Just… God… Just fuck me…’ his voice barely a whisper and his body writhing, no, quivering beneath me. There it was, I knew he would beg.

Without warning I mercilessly thrust two fingers as deep as they would go into him, causing him to hiss and practically scream my name. Pulling them back out and doing the same again caused him to moan each syllable of my name. I twisted my fingers, barely missing his prostate, and he was flush against me meaning I was forced to support his entire weight on my hand. Pushing hard on his back with the palm of my hand I forced his stomach down on the cold hard counter.
My fingers were now out, leaving his hole empty, and in need of filling. I ducked a little bringing myself down to his height, and as casually as I could, entered him. A long string of cusses came from his mouth with the word Gerard dotted in a couple of times.

I began to push in; I was in no rush and took my time while allowing my dick to look for his prostate. A whimper from my current sex partner told me I’d found the right spot. The sight of his half closed beautiful hazel eyes, hooded with desire caused me to release a sound similar to a choked sigh from the back of my throat. He looked at me pleadingly and I reached around his jutting hips to wrap my hand once more around his length.

‘Gerard…’ He exhaled, almost inaudibly, while he involuntarily bucked into me. I had forgotten all about the rules I had earlier thought to be important to my game. The only thing that mattered to me at this present moment was pushing into Frankie as hard and as fast as I could.

As I pushed harder my hand pumped quicker, turning Frankie’s moans into screams. We seemed to move in unison and our rhythm peaked.

‘Gee..’ Frankie cried desperately,’ I… I’m gonna… Oh fuck…’

‘Let go.. Just..’ I replied, my tone equally as needy. I only had the chance to push twice before Frankie came. His load covering his stomach and the bottom half of the mirror.

‘Fuck …’ I cried out. ‘Jesus … You’re so tight … It’s ... I …’
I tried to thrust further into his bucking hips but the tightness of his hole was too much for me and tipped me over the edge. The build up to this whole hour had now been released into this almost stranger’s ass.

I pulled myself out and tried to stand but only ended up collapsing onto the toilet. I looked to the floor and saw my clothes crumpled by my feet. I reached for the some paper to clean myself before awkwardly pulling my underwear and jeans back on and picking up my shirt.

Frankie was still bent over the edge of the sink, his rapid breathing showing no signs of slowing. I had lost control for a while but now I was going to claim it back.

‘Turn around’ I barked, almost menacingly.

‘Huh?’ He replied vacantly. He seemed as though he’d forgotten I was there.

‘Turn around’ I repeated. This time my tone was a little gentler towards the recovering Frank. Hesitantly he turned to face me. He looked flushed and come stained. I took pity on him.

‘Are you ok? I was a little rough’ I asked concerned.

‘I… Uh..’ He stuttered, a blush crept across his cheeks followed by a sideward smirk, ‘Just… Awesome … I was also thinking …’ he said before stopping abruptly.

‘Yes?’ I asked hoping something dirty was to follow.

‘I have your come inside me … so why isn’t mine inside you … lick it off’
I coughed violently. I hadn’t been expecting that. I forced myself to stand and looked him square in the eye. His eyes gleamed playfully back at me. Quick kiss on the lips and I began to move my head lower as he had done earlier. I stopped as I reached his hip and pressed my lip slightly against it, smiling into his skin. I looked up at his expectant face just before standing and pulling my shirt over my head.
‘This is my stop – maybe next Monday’ I turned around just to see his shocked face, I unlocked the toilet door and left. I’m beginning to like my late commute.

The End??
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