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Where the wind meets sea

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Just a poem, short story type thing about Haruka & Michiru. ^-^ please R&R

Category: Sailor Moon - Rating: G - Genres: Drama, Romance - Characters: Haruka (Uranus), Michiru (Neptune) - Published: 2006-01-06 - Updated: 2006-01-06 - 577 words - Complete

Disclaimers: I don't own Haruka and Michiru or Sailor moon.

Authors notes: A small poem like story, written and dedicated to Haruka and Michiru and their unique love.


The ocean's surf splashes excitedly upon my bare feet and ankles. The coldness is shocking against my skin yet invigorating, all the same. I've never felt so intrigued. The churning waves, they mocking me, coax me, to join in their rhythmic dance. It is the internal dance of the waves, of the sea, as they lap alongside the soft sun glistened shores. Another wave, bigger then the rest, soaks my clothes through and covers me in salty sea foam. My essence, shimmers from the tiny droplets of water, mixing with the lazy afternoon sunlight to make rainbows which roll down my skin.

It was then I felt the wind, telling me the way. It tossed my hair playfully, encouraging me to continue on my journey.

Moments later I climb the last rock, part of a cliff dwelling above the element I was born too and I stand there watching the water move beneath me. I kneel then, watching as the aqua marine waves change before my eyes. They aren't as uneasy as before, they are calmed by the presence which lead me here. I get a sense of tranquilly, as I dip my hand into the water, listening to the tiny shells being pushed along the oceans floor. The water seeps into the rocks crevasses, part of the lone cove I found when I followed the melody of the sea. The melody I found, when I followed the gentle touch of the wind. It blew across my skin like a lover's caress, before joining its elemental companion, joining its voice to theirs. Both melodies intertwine as one. I stand knowing what they feel. The untamed winds blow softly against the waves. The wave intern calms the uneasiness of the winds spirit and now they dance. Their dance is one. I feel it, I know it by heart. They were the two over looked entities, elements known as the wind and sea.

I close my eyes and let their melody wash over me, through me. I can hear the song they sing as one, unheard by all except me. I know their true identity, as the physical forms of the sprits which are the wind and the sea. I know their joy, I know their pain. I will always know. It lives within me, in my heart internally.

Now I feel my other half and the wind becomes touch, as its song is reincarnated into voice. The soft murmur of wind swept words, as strong arms encircle me. I can't help but let a tear slip down my cheek as I glaze into the eyes of my kindred spirit, my soul mate for life, for forever and beyond death.

"Why are you crying Michi?" I heard their voice against my ear.

"These are not tears of sadness Haruka.. They are tears of joy." I say softly in response as I nestle into the embrace. 'I cry nothing but tears of joy when I am with you, nothing can possibly go wrong when you are by my side. You feel it too; I can see it in your eyes..'

Haruka nodded understanding as she ran her hand through Michiru's damp curls, and let her eyes wander to watch the horizon in the distance. Where the wind meets the sea..

~La Fin~
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