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Thoughts of a troubled heart

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Two poems, one by Utena and one by Anthy and in their p.o.v ^^ Read and respond please.

Category: Revolutionary Girl Utena - Rating: G - Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance - Characters: Anthy, Utena - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006-01-06 - Updated: 2006-01-06 - 312 words - Complete

Authors Notes: Just two poems I wrote in Utena's and Anthy's p.o.v Nothing much really just reflecting on what the characters feel. ^^


My sweet Himemiya...

I'm trying so hard to understand you

To free you

To help you, in everyway I know how

I'm trying to win this game you're caught in, just for you

Because I love you

Not because of the prize that might be waiting for the victor

Just making sure you're happy and safe is my prize Hime;

I always said that I was a prince

Told myself that, making myself believe

But without you, I wouldn't be a prince

You make me a prince

My life doesn't have purpose

Without a damsel who am I to save?

Was Juri right?

There's no such thing as miracles, I'm no prince

How can I save you when I am just an ordinary girl?

~ * ~


I wish could believe her

Wish I could trust those words she says

Laced with hope

I wish I could trust her carefree voice

Telling me its okay

That smile, those wide blue eyes

The hand held out to me

But no, the sun catches against the rose signet and blinds me

My duty, I am the rose bride


That's not how it works

When you came into my life you've made nothing work right

And yet it is right

I want to believe it so bad

I want to believe again in prince's, but I have no heart

My heart was stolen

I watch you sleep

The steady rise and fall of your chest

So peaceful

Sometimes I let myself into your thoughts

Just to know what it feels like to be free

I lay close to you hoping to feel a part of something I am too tainted to touch


.. some day ..

~ * ~

.. Some Day We'll Shine Together ..

- La Fin-
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