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The Forest

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Deep in the forest, our memories grow... Cless/Chester.

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A/N: I claim no ownership to Tales of Phantasia or it's characters. I do claim the writing below.


“Ahh… Where could he be?” Cless mumbled, looking around tiredly.

It was late afternoon and Chester had wandered off to train in the forest. He told them all he’d be going but… no one was sure where he went exactly. Time had passed by quickly and Klarth had suggested they start moving soon. Cless had run off a second later, calling out he’d find him and bring him back.

…An hour had passed since then and Cless was starting to regret not going with Chester in the first place. On his trek through the forest he’d found arrows scattered and broken, worn out ones that Chester brought specifically for training. There was the occasional foot print here and damaged plant there but… no Chester.

Cless ran a hand through his hair with a sigh. He’d been looking for awhile… Taking a breather now… wouldn’t hurt, right?

His back settled against the tree closest to him, sliding down until he was sitting with his knees to his chest. A gentle breeze washed over his body, cooling him down slowly. It really was a nice day outside… Anyone could lose track of time…

Cless smiled faintly, this was the kind of weather that would be perfect for hunting. The perfect weather that would last all day and give him an excuse to stay with Chester for hours on end. That was one of the many things he missed from Toltus. All the sunny days where all he heard was the rustle of the leaves, the sounds of the animals, the scratch and clang of wood and metal, and Chester’s rich voice talking to him about whatever came to mind…

Cless rolled his head back, glancing up at the sky until a look of surprise broke out on his face. In one of the many branches above sat Chester, one leg dangling off the branch, the other stretched out and resting. He was leaning back comfortably, head tilted to the side and his bow lay in his lap, hands clenching it. Chester wore a look of contentment, chest rising up and down slowly… He was asleep.

Cless, despite his amusement, groaned. He had almost forgotten Chester’s tendency to climb trees and stay up there for hours. Ever since their youth, Chester had loved to climb trees and Cless remembered how shocked he was to find Chester asleep in one the first time.

He stood up and called out Chester’s name loudly.

No response.

With a “hmp” Cless reached down to the ground and picked up a small stone. He eyed the spot on the tree closest to Chester’s ear, smirking a bit when he threw the stone. There was a loud thud after the stone hit the bark, Chester jumping as his eyes shot open.

“W-wha…” he looked down in alarm, face falling when he saw Cless waving smugly at him.

“Hey sleepy.”

“Eh…” Chester snorted, “Happy you put a scare in me?”

“No. I’m still happy I actually found you.”


“Awhile after you went off to train it was decided we should start moving again. Of course it’s been an hour since then… Aha, I’m sure Klarth is regretting his decision now,” Cless stretched his arms and held them behind his head. “I forgot how hard it was to find you… You go so deep into the forest.”

“Of course,” he said as he jumped down, landing on his feet. “When we went hunting we’d go to the deepest parts of the forest, because that’s where the best plants were for the animals to eat.”

“…I remember. It’s kind of hard not to whenever we’re in a forest… Everything around… reminds me of Toltus… Or more specifically, our hunting trips…”

“Yeah…” Chester smiled with fondness. “Lots of memories…”

“How many of those do you think we went on?” he asked pleasantly, expression brighter than before.

Chester’s posture stiffened, voice quieter as he said, “Not enough.”

“Y’know… I don’t think it would have been enough either way. I can never see you enough.”

“Heh, likewise… Although,” amusement laced in his voice, “I do know which trip could be considered enough.”

“…Huh? Really, which one?”

“Cless,” Chester said dryly, raising an eyebrow, “remember anything happening after we were both finally seventeen?”

There was a brief pause before Cless snapped his fingers, “Right! We were in the woods when I first kissed you…” Cless winced slightly, “That was a frustrating day for me.”

“Pfft, I’m sure, you kept backing off the first three tries.”

“Wait… If you noticed why didn’t you do anything?”

“I don’t know,” his eyes drifted upward, “I guess it was cute seeing you all hesitant and stuff.”

“Give me some credit, I didn’t know how you felt at the time,” Cless pouted.

“You’re right, you didn’t,” taking a few steps forward so he was in front of Cless, “but you do know, so I’d like to imagine nothing’s stopping you now.”

“Is that an invitation?” Cless asked confidently.

“I don’t know, I thought we had to go back,” Chester teased.

Cless grinned back playfully, leaning in and pressing Chester’s lips against his own.

“I don’t think they’ll mind if we’re a few minutes late.”
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