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Not Much At All

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A little something, he liked to think, between two friends. Serge/Glenn.

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A/N: I claim no ownership to Chrono Cross or it's characters. I do claim the writing below.


He’d been watching him for the last hour.

The quiet blue haired boy had wandered off to the top of the hill alone and Glenn decided to let him be. It must be difficult, he thought to himself, walking around in a world you don’t belong in. Another world where… everything is different, no matter how familiar it is. Another world where all your allies are now your enemies… And all the allies he makes here, they could be his enemies upon his return.

It made Glenn wonder, who he was in Serge’s world? How different would he be from the Glenn there? What did that Glenn think of the Serge sitting atop that hill, thinking thoughts he never shared with anyone?

Glenn stood up with a frustrated sigh. In a way, it was pointless to think such things. He didn’t know if Serge had met his other. Even if he had, it wouldn’t be fair of him to ask. Bringing up questions of his home world when he didn’t know how to get back to it, that was selfish.

When he started to dig through his inventory, a small smile formed on his lips. Asking Serge anything but a yes or no question was pointless too. He’d never heard Serge say a word. From their first meeting in Termina to the breather they took now, Serge had been silent. At first it had been odd for him, communicating with someone who didn’t use words, but nods, facial expressions, and hand gestures. He didn’t know much about Serge because of this, never finding a chance to learn about the boy properly.

He did not know what the others thought but… He really did want to know about Serge, he wanted to understand him. He wanted to be his friend. After all of the sacrifices Serge had made, he didn’t deserve to be alone in the world.

Glenn didn’t see a problem with being Serge’s friend. They’d been able to get along quite well and he assumed they were close in age. Serge was probably a few years younger than he was, he certainly looked it…

“Ah good, it’s unharmed,” he mumbled to himself, carefully removing the object and setting aside his bag. He started his way up the hill, pleased to find Serge was still in his spot from earlier.

Serge looked over his shoulder to see what the noise was, finding it to be Glenn, he turned around to face the older man. He pursed his lips and looked up at Glenn questioningly.

“Mind if I sit down for a minute?” Glenn asked.

Serge shook his head, gesturing with his right hand for him to sit down. Glenn sunk down to the spot directly in front of Serge, keeping one if his arms behind his back.

“Did I interrupt anything?” he asked cautiously.

Serge shook his head again, tilting it to the side after in curiosity.

“You’ve been wandering off by yourself a lot lately…” he started out quietly, “I thought I’d give you something…” He brought his arm out in front of him, keeping his eyes on Serge.

Serge’s eyes widened when he saw the object that rest delicately in Glenn’s hand, a bellflower.

“It… might not mean much but… When you gave me one that day, it filled me with this sense of relief. Relief because I could properly honor my brother’s grave and… the knowledge that there were more kind-hearted people out there than I thought.”

Serge stared intently as Glenn continued, “I can’t say that this flower will make you feel the same but… Whenever you look at it, maybe you’ll remember you’re not all alone…” Glenn held it out, smiling slightly when Serge’s fingers brushed against his and took the bellflower.

“Do you… like it?” he asked. Serge lowered his eyes as he pressed it to his chest gently, taking a breath once he looked back over to Glenn and set the flower down by his side. A warm smile broke out on Serge’s lips before he leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Glenn’s shoulders. Glenn felt a warmth spread through his body and he returned the younger one’s embrace.

They stayed this way for a few more moments until Serge leaned in closer, pressing his lips against Glenn’s cheek. Glenn felt his heart flutter at the touch and could have sworn the same lips had just mouthed the words

"thank you."
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