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Hate to love, and love to hate

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A short story based on Juri's and shiori's relationship. (r&r ^^ Its my first juri story yay! no flames, constructive critisim only, plz

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uthors Notes: Hello everyone ^^ I just had this idea one day. I've never attempted a Juri and Shiori fiction because their characters are so complicated. So I've just put together what I felt is going on between them. Juri hates the fact that she loves Shiori, and Shiori loves to hate her and tortures her with her feelings.. At least that's how it seems to me. And its not that long, just stating that now. ^^;

"Hate to Love & Love to Hate" By: Neptune's Tears

~ * ~

'I want to hate her.'

"Juri." Shiori purred and traced her fingertips along the fencer's neck as she stood there numbly; rain plastered her student council uniform to her skin, which was now soaked through. Dangerous blue gray colored eyes watched the down pour observing her situation from a cool distance.

She had been on her way to her doom from the student dueling arena when she had been caught in the snare of the delicate yet deadly butterfly.

'I do. I don't want to love her anymore.'

Juri met her cold yet innocent violet eyes with a set jaw, clenched from inner torment; eyes that were as soft as violet petals and as sharp as rose thorns.

'But I can't.'

A delicate hand reached up to touch the fencer's locket. The golden surface gleamed from the drops of rain in the gray light like an albatross. It was also much like a closed coffin; hiding the contents and all the secrets and confessions within, sealed from the world to all but Juri.

It was her secret, her hell, her own personal ball and chain.

"Leave me alone Shiori. aren't you satisfied yet?" She asked almost snarling like a wild animal trapped in a hunter's snare. To this the smaller, more delicate girl removed her hand and stood against her looking so helpless, soaked through and miserable. It was as if she was daring her to touch her, comfort her; to open her wounds again and again maliciously.

"I missed you so much Juri. you've been so distant lately. I'm worried about you."

"I can't believe you."

The one in question closed her eyes for a moment and turned beginning to walk away; the rain swallowing her up it its gloom.

"I hate you Juri! Do you hear me, you disgust me!"

Pleased by her words and angry at her emotions which once again lead her to the panther in the first place, Shiori ran off in the other direction. The wind carried her words like daggers.

~ * ~

Alone, soaked through and chilled a naked young duelist stood staring at an open locket sitting in her palm with the same torment in her eyes. Water from the shower was heard in the background and steam began to circle slowly through the room and around the small bath. It tangled around the limbs like vines of a rose bush.

'Let me free, damn you. Give me back my heart. I want to hate her. but I cant.'

Juri closed her hand around the locket before sitting it down on the window sill and getting into her bath.

The hot water was a momentary distraction from her inner torture.

~ * ~

"I hate to love her."

"And I love to hate her. "

~ "Love is a double edged Blade." ~

- La Fin -
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