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That should be me.

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Gerard watched as Frank whispered something in her ear. The young girl listened carefully, and then threw back her head and laughed. That should be me who’s laughing at his joke, Gerard tho...

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Gerard watched as Frank slipped his hand into the petite brunette’s hand and dragged her down the street.

She pretended to protest at first, but then gave into him and let him pick her up and swing her around.

He face was lit up with happiness.
And why wouldn't it be? He thought.

He watched as he carefully placed her down and whispered something in her ear.

She listened carefully, and then threw back her head and laughed.

That should be me who’s laughing at his joke, Gerard thought.

Not her.

Anybody but her.

She had become the centre of Frank’s universe around six months previously.
He remembered the night they met perfectly.

She had been waiting with the other thousands of screaming fans after one of their shows in Chicago. Gerard remembered her wearing a homemade shirt, and screaming out some made-up cheer from the crowd with her group of identical looking friends.

Gerard had approached her and her friends first.
Tossing his hair and smiling in the way that made girls fall at his feet.

He felt Frank come up behind him.
He felt him place a hand in the small of his back.
To others, it would appear to be a touch of affection between close friends.

Nothing more.

But to Gerard, he lived for these seconds of physical connections everyday.

They were moments of pure happiness, when he felt that something in his twisted world made sense.

Frank suddenly pulled away his hand, far too fast, as far as Gerard was concerned. Gerard turned and could see that his eyes were locked firmly onto the petite brunette.

He still remembered thinking:
Why are you looking at her?

That should be me who you are looking at.

Throughout the next few months, Gerard watched them fall in love and witnessed them do all the coupley things that him and Frank should have done.

Should be doing now.

Oh, but Frank would never admit the feeling between them would he? Gerard thought.

It wasn't her fault.
Of course she loved Frank.
Who wouldn't?
He was smart, gorgeous and a guitar player in her favourite rock band.

He watched now as Frank placed his hand in the small of her back, just as he had done to Gerard all those months ago.

And he couldn't help thinking:

That should be me.
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