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I'm Awful Just To See

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"No... Please, don't 'urt 'im..."

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Title from "Cancer" - My Chemical Romance

Ryan took Adam's body and wrapped it in a garbage bag, sticking it in the dumpster. He couldn't bury it, and he couldn't just leave it in the street with all Gerard's blood soaking into it. The traditional way to dispose of a werewolf's body was to burn it, but Ryan couldn't do that either.

No one could do anything if they did find him. Adam was almost two hundred years old, his family and anyone who knew him were all dead. Everyone who would actually give a flying fuck if they found his dead body in a dumpster. Except Gabby.

It took Ryan two weeks to drag Gerard and semi-force Frank back to Justin. He didn't dare venture out in the day; people would report them.

Frank didn't do much but stare into space.

"Gerard..." he whimpered one night, reaching toward the body, but pulled his hand back like fire before he touched him.

Ryan would watch the strange interactions, sitting back against a dumpster to light up a cigarette.

Gerard was dead, but not completely thanks to him.

He finally found himself back in front of Justin's outpost.

Justin didn't bat an eyebrow when told of Adam's death.

He pulled open the cellar door and ushered the two and a half down in the dark hall below.

And hall it was. A grand hall at that.

The dingy basement smelled of mold, but Justin closed the trapdoor behind them and opened a locked door in the dark, pulling it open by the rusty hinges.

It was like a Renaissance fair set. Or maybe even Hogwarts, for that matter.

The place was bright and huge. The walls were stone, and if you didn't know it, you probably wouldn't guess it was underground. People were crowded around in assorted groups, doing anything and everything. They didn't even glance up when Ryan towed the carcass in with him.

"Get him to the medics. I'll meet you there in five, okay?" Justin said, pushing past groups of people as he left Ryan and Frank with Gerard hanging from Ryan's shoulder.

"Come on, Frank." Ryan said.

The medical center was a cold room with a metal table in the middle. File cabinet looking chests and metal shelves lined the walls. There were various bandages and tools on them.

Ryan shed his bloody coat and unbuttoned his shirt, settling Gerard on the table. His shirt was ripped open to reveal blotching black skin, the knife trail, and the red-stained holes scattered over his chest. Ryan cringed as his eyes scanned over the area where Adam's teeth had clamped into Gerard's skin as he struggled to keep drinking his blood.

Ryan knew Adam had died in pain. Gerard's cells were poison to other people since whatever had happened to Frank. Ryan was aware of that possibility when Justin told him about Gerard five years ago.

Adam knew the consequences of even one drop of Gerard's blood that night.

He'd known since he'd slept with Gerard and seen the marks on his hand were gone. Just like Frank.

"Okay, Ryan. Lock the door and turn on the third light switch." Justin ordered as he burst in the room, latex gloves snapping on his hands.

Ryan did as he was told and turned on the light. Gerard's body was suddenly illuminated by a strong circular light hung low over the table. It was attached from inside the ceiling by a metal chain that the wires were wrapped around up into the plaster.

Justin fastened Gerard's arms with the leather straps on the table. He was wearing a white button shirt much like Ryan's.

"There isn't gonna be much white left in the room after this is over," Ryan thought.

Gerard was totally pale, no blood whatsoever, only settled in his insides and in his back. His eyes were open, not focused on anything, see through.

Justin went to the cabinets and opened a refrigeration unit. There were plastic blood bags inside.

Ryan shivered. He never really knew how vampires could stand to be near so much of that stuff. It was creepy and in his opinion, tasted revolting.

But Gerard and Frank were the last ones left. Well, had been. Gerard was a loner now, he guessed. But Gerard was dead. As of a few hours that might all change, if Justin carried out whatever plan he was preparing for at the moment. He might be setting up to make vampires extinct, Ryan didn't have a clue.

"Frank." Justin said.

Frank tensed as they peeled his shirt off and pulled him into the chair next to the table. It was like a torture unit, and had probably been used hundreds of years before for that very purpose. Frank was forced down in it, and he blacked out for a moment. He saw men and boys being held in the chair, pig's blood poured over them as they screamed, their wives, siblings, and daughters watching in horror from the corner. It was completely strange to Frank, he had no idea what he was seeing.

He was snapped out of it when Ryan clicked the collar around his neck, a piece of leather in between his teeth. His wrists were bound and legs clamped in place.

Justin had a needle in his hand. He stuck it roughly in Frank's neck and blood was streamed through the translucent tube to someplace Frank couldn't see.

"Here." Ryan said, tossing a floppy red plastic bag to Justin, who caught it and ripped the cap off with his teeth, ignoring the fact it was a twist-off.

He took a scalpel and cut down Gerard's chest. There was no body fluids. Yet.

Frank felt his heart beating faster. He felt sick. Nausea flooded his mind and he felt his head spin.

The sudden urge to protect Gerard came over him. He growled at Ryan, who inched away.

They couldn't hurt Gerard. He wouldn't let them. They were pulling back Gerard's skin and moving his ribs, cracking them.

It was disgusting.

"No, no no no..." Frank yelled, shaking against the constraints of the chair.

They ignored him. Justin was feeling around in Gerard's chest and Frank thought he could physically feel it, twisting in his gut and pulling at the veins in his lungs. He was breathing razorblades.

Justin hit something specific in Gerard's chest and Frank cried out, stomach heaving.

"No..." he whimpered pathetically.

"That's it..." Justin coaxed.

Frank noticed the blood from his neck was streaming steadier.

Ryan took the open blood bag from Justin and squeezed it over Gerard's mouth. The excess dribbled over Gerard's chin and pooled under his neck around his shoulders on the metal, soaking into his hair and what was left of his shirt. Ryan noticed and used a knife to cut away the whole thing.

Frank felt liquid building up in his lungs, drowning him as the blood seeped deeper into Gerard. He took a breath and the liquid half-suffocated him.

He spat it out, splattering over the floor. There was so much that it had a violent contrast with the grey stained floors.

He kicked as hard as he could, his ankles raw and red, chafing against the metal cuffs. There were tears on his own face, making the blood that had been seeping from his eyes look redder and more vibrant against his death-pale skin.

Justin kept searching in Gerard's insides and Frank kept struggling. His soul felt like it was being ripped out of his body.

"It is..." Justin said.

"You r-read my mind... o-or something?" Frank snapped through his grating breaths.

"Sort of... You're one of us. Well, half anyway. Just like vampires, we're all connected mentally, too." Jason explained, then dug his fingers in farther while Frank screamed through gritted teeth.

The sweat streaming down his back and chest smeared dirt over his skin. It was horrible, blood and grime splattered over his face.

Justin stopped his wrenching around under Gerard's skin and pulled the needle from Frank's skin. Frank hissed in pain as blood spilled onto his bare chest.

Justin pulled open Gerard's mouth to expose his fangs. He pushed two fingers against one of them, drawing blood, testing.

He dragged Frank's chair next to Gerard's head and undid the arm cuffs on Frank's wrists. He could stand since the collar was attached to a cord that Justin had loosened, but that was pretty much it. Justin pushed him down against the corpse and Frank's neck was pressed against Gerard's mouth, his blood spewing over his teeth.

Ryan pushed him back up as Justin left him alone.

"Stop screwing around, Justin..." he growled, shoving Frank back down in the chair and picking up a bucket from the other side of the table.

Frank's blood was in the bottom. All that had come from his neck.

Ryan went behind Frank and adjusted the chair so it was parallel to the ground, like a bed, Frank felt his spine bones snapping under the sudden pressure of holding him up over the space where there was nothing under his back.

"This is gonna hurt..." Ryan whispered, looking down at Frank.

He locked Frank's arms down again and kneeled next to him.

He bit him.

Werewolves' fangs didn't come out unless they were hunting or in there wolf form, so Frank knew how hard Ryan was concentrating to make it work.

He shut his eyes and bit his cheek so hard his own teeth sliced through. It didn't hurt. It didn't hurt as much as what Justin was doing to Gerard at the moment.

"Ryan, NO!" he yelled, but he couldn't move.

It was paralyzing him.

His head was spinning and his brain was trying to shut down, but he wouldn't let it. Gerard was hurting, and he'd be damned if he was gonna let them keep it up.

Ryan's teeth retracted and he pulled back, shuddering, before he put the chair back upright.

Justin sat him down in a chair where he continued to convulse.

He had a scissor-like clamp in his hand. Frank turned his head violently to the side as Justin approached him with them.

"What are you doing?!" he yelled, avoiding Justin's grip.

"Taking away everything that makes you part of him." Justin said.

Justin tightened the gag in Frank's teeth from the back of the chair and Frank was locked back. He forced Frank's mouth open and pushed the utensil past the leather and caught one of his fangs in between the metal.

He ripped his hand back.

Frank's agonized howl shattered through the small room.

And Gerard's chest fluttered.

Blood welled in Frank's mouth and Justin didn't stop long enough to let him spit it out in order to breathe. The other tooth was out in another second. Frank's cries eventually let out into despairing sobs, tearing through his frame.

Gerard's jaw clenched where his body was still lying. His chest moved as if he was suppressing pain of his own.

"Please, stop... you're hurting him... You're hurting us, please..." Frank choked.

Justin wasn't done. Not even close.

Justin reached his now bare hands into Gerard's dissected chest and pulled out his heart. Frank gagged and felt blood rising in his throat. There was too much blood.

What he did next made Frank lose it. He set the bucket on the table next to Gerard and used a scalpel to cut away the cords on Gerard's heart, completely severing it from his body. Frank jolted forward and his stomach spilled onto the floor. There wasn't much, he hadn't eaten anything but raw blood in weeks.

He screamed till his lungs went raw. He could feel the pain of the knife through his body and it hurt so bad.

"No... Please, don't 'urt 'im..." Frank croaked, blunt fingernails scraping at the only part of Gerard's skin he could reach; his arms.

Justin looked up at Frank, his expression cold, and dropped the organ in the bucket for a moment, swishing it around.

"What're you doing? Why... why, no..." Frank whined, clawing off Gerard's arms onto the table, flinching at the screeching noise.

Justin pulled the dripping heart back out of the bucket and set it down on the other side of Gerard where Frank could see it. He used the scalpel to cut it open and poke around with the sharp edge.

Frank slammed his head back against the back of the chair, seeing stars. He wrestled against the obstructions, but they didn't even bend.

Justin slowly stuck the knife into a part of the bloody mess and Frank gasped, cold pain splitting through his brain. It lodged itself there and wouldn't come out.

Justin pulled the knife back and slit down another part of Gerard's heart.

Frank yowled in anguish and cracked his skull back on the metal again. He felt cold life ruptured out of the bruise, and suddenly wanted it.

He wanted to taste the blood all over Gerard's mouth and teeth. He wanted to rip Justin to shreds and just tear him open.

Justin, after a series of apparently-intricate incisions, stood in front of Frank with the blood from Gerard's heart. He poured it in the bucket of Frank's blood and smeared it on Frank's chest. Frank stopped breathing.

It felt like fire, fire streaming through his veins.

Justin wiped it off with a rag and on Frank's chest was a cross. It was black, blacker than Gerard's skin was. It looked like the veins had reformed under his skin. It covered his whole front, pulsing inside him so he could feel it stinging his muscles.

Justin smirked, throwing the rag onto Frank's lap while Ryan regained sudden consciousness, taking in a dizzying breath.

Frank blacked out.


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