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Chapter 28-

Eventually, Gerard and I went downstairs. Much to Gerard’s dismay.

Donna didn’t make one comment though. Which was very surprising, considering it is Donna.

She did promise to knock next time though. Which was good.

Gerard and I were watching Scooby Doo on the couch in the lounge. I was snuggled up close to him, his arm was around me.

I looked up and was about to kiss him when Donna came into the room and said “Heads up Rachel, your parents are here.”

I quickly slid away from Gerard and slapped his arm away just as my parents walked into the room.

Mum let out a sort of squeal and flew over towards me, embracing me roughly.

Donna signaled for her and Gerard to leave the room.

Over Mum’s shoulder, I gave Gerard a pleading look.

“Are you okay?!” Mum asked, placing her hands on either side of my face.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I mumbled.

I pulled away from Mum as Dad walked over smiling.

“I’m glad your okay.” Dad said as he hugged me.

“Yeah, no thanks to you.” I muttered quietly.

“What did you say?” Dad said sternly, letting go of me.

Oh crap. Now I’ve done it.

“Nothing.” I said innocently.

Maybe I could turn this around?

“No, you said something. What did you say?” Dad said, stepping towards me.

I took a slight step back.

“I said, no thanks to you.” I sighed.

“What do you expect me to do?” Dad said angrily.

I snapped.

Fuck it; I’m saying what I want.

“Well, first of all, you could’ve maybe not have slammed me into a wall, and maybe not have nearly bashed my head in with a fucking chair leg!” I said loudly, pointing to my injuries.

I heard my Mum gasp.

“THEN, you could have at least had some fucking courtesy to at least come and check up on me once you put me in that fucking hospital. And that goes for both of you! I was in hospital for a bit over twenty four hours, and the only people that came to visit me where these guys!” I shouted, motioning my hand to Gerard and Donna.

“And you’re my parents! My family! And you couldn’t even care less about me!” I screamed.

“We knew you were okay. Donna had called us and told us what was going on.” Dad said calmly.

“So, you knew I was okay, no real damage, so there’s no real reason to come is there?” I said loudly.

“We didn’t know how you would react if we came to the hospital.” Dad lied.

“That is probably the worst excuse you’ve used.” I said evilly.

“And how else do you expect me to react? SEE, this is the thing; you do this all the time! You go out and get pissed, come home, fight with Mum, abuse her and sometimes even me.” I said.

“What are you talking about? I don’t do anything like that.” Dad said uneasily, looking back at Donna and Gerard.

“Don’t worry. They already know.” I said smartly.

“Then the next morning, everything’s back to normal. We’re just a happy, normal family aren’t we Daddy?” I finished sarcastically.

Dad grabbed a firm hold of my shoulders, I yelped in pain.

I heard Gerard get up off his chair, but Donna pulled him back down before he could do anything.

“Why the fuck did you tell them? Ha? Do you know what this could do to our family?” Dad whispered harshly in my ear.

“Ah you’ve already fucked up this family Dad. We’re WAY passed fucked.” I said, slapping Dad’s hands away from me.

Dad threw me up against the wall.

“Don’t you ever say that. We’re not fucked, we’re just hitting a little rough patch, that’s all.” Dad said through gritted teeth.

I snickered.

“You call this a rough patch? Geez. Were have you been? This is our normal.” I said sarcastically.

I felt a sudden sharp pain against my cheek.

“Craig!” I heard my Mum squeal.

I heard chairs scrape against the floor and two hurried pairs of footsteps run over towards us.

I saw Gerard over my shoulder and mouthed “Get her out of here”, motioning my head to Mum.

Gerard hesitatingly lead my Mum outside.

“You’re real tough aren’t cha Dad? Hitting your own daughter.” I said lowly.

“You’re not my daughter! A real fucking daughter would respect her father!” Dad screamed, still holding me to the wall.

I could tell Gerard could hear from outside, cause he looked over at me through the window.

I tried my best to not let Dad see the tears starting to form in my eyes. If it’s anything that sets him off even more, was weakness.

“How the hell am I meant to respect you when you fucking treat me like this?!” I snapped.

“You get what you fucking deserve!” Dad shouted, making me wince.

Dad slowly began to painfully twist my arm behind my back.

I knew not to resist, resisting made it hurt even more.

“Now be a darling and go get your stuff. We’ll continue this conversation at home.” Dad said harshly in my ear.

“I’m not going anywhere, and especially with you.” I fought back.

“Yes you are! You’re coming home, and I don’t give a fuck what you say or do!” Dad yelled, twisting my arm further.

I groaned in pain.

“Craig, listen…” Donna said quietly.

“No, no, don’t get involved Donna. Don’t get involved.” I whispered, hoping she would hear me and he wouldn’t.

“I’m sorry for all the trouble this one has caused, but we’ll be taking her home now.” Dad said kindly.

I locked eyes with Donna; I gave her a pleading look.

“I want to stay here.” I said sternly.

“It’s not a matter of what you want princess!” Dad said loudly.

A single tear fell from my eye.

Dad used to call me princess when I was little. I was his little princess before he started to drink more and more. I hadn’t heard him call me that in years.

I looked up at Donna again.

I pleaded the words “Just get out, please. I don’t want you to get hurt.” Silently to Donna, hoping they would work.

Donna gave me a questioning look. But eventually gave in.

She sighed and walked towards the door, taking a final look back before closing the door behind her.

“Now hurry the fuck up.” Dad said, letting go of my arm and pushing me forward.

His sudden actions caught me off guard, and I fell forward.

“Are you crying?” Dad asked smartly.

I shook my head no and wiped away the couple of tears that had escaped.

“You are, you pathetic excuse for a human.” Dad said quietly.

He grasped a bunch of my hair roughly and pulled me up.

“I’m only going to say this one, more, time. You hurry up and get your stuff, or, I’m going to throw you into the car, and leave without it.” Dad said, letting go of my hair.

“And I’ve already told you. I’m not going anywhere, I’m staying here.” I said slowly.

“Fine! You can fucking STAY here!” Dad yelled.

He pushed me back on the couch and sat roughly on my legs.

Dad gave me a crooked smile as he pulled my head to the side and slowly ran his fingers up and down my stitches.

“Don’t touch me.” I whispered harshly, trying to writher away from him.

Dad quickly drew his fist back and pouched me in the mouth.

“You can stay here, I don’t give a fuck.” Dad said slowly, getting off of me, but dragging his nails hard down my legs as he did so.

I swallowed hard and tasted blood, great.

“But you’re not coming home again! I don’t ever want to see your face there again!” Dad shouted, slamming the door shut.

I sat there silently, starting down at my hands, trying desperately not to cry.

I heard Dad yelling at Mum to get in the car, and then the car quickly speeding off before Donna and Gerard crashed through the door.

They both stood in front of me, looking down sympathetically.

Donna hurried off, and Gerard dropped down to his knees and pulled me to him.

I looked up at him as a tear fell from my eye.

Gerard held me closer as I started to cry.

“See what he does to me, to us.” I whispered

“It’s okay now, he’s gone.” Gerard whispered, running his hands lightly up and down my back and slowly rocking back and forth.

I lifted my head and looked into Gerard’s eyes.

“I got blood on your shirt.” I said sadly, wiping at the patches of blood I had left on the shoulder of Gerard’s shirt.

“It doesn’t matter.” Gerard said softly, lightly kissing my split lip.

“Has it stopped bleeding?” I asked quietly.

“Nearly.” Gerard whispered, gently kissing my cheek.

I held Gerard closer to me, fearing if I ever let him go, I would die.

I sighed and closed my eyes, snuggling my head into Gerard’s neck.

“Come on, let’s get you up stairs.” Gerard said quietly as I felt myself being lifted up.

“Where are we going?” I asked quietly, looking up slightly as Gerard carried me up the stairs bridal style.

“I’m taking you to my room. You can lay down for a while.” Gerard said, kissing my forehead.

“Will you lay with me?” I asked sweetly.

“Always.” Gerard whispered.
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