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one summer, not in the future

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This never happened.

Category: Uta-kata - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Ichika, Manatsu - Published: 2006-01-07 - Updated: 2006-01-07 - 193 words - Complete

one summer, not in the future

Ichika had always wanted to take Manatsu to Sea World. It was an excellent decision to give in to her entreaties, her parents agreed, as Manatsu ran amok among the exhibits, pulling Ichika along. Manatsu loved the beach, the sea and the sand and the sun in Kamakura, but she squealed over the dolphins, jumped with the orcas, imitated the slow-moving sunfish and exclaimed at the sea-horse keychains and stuffed walruses in the gift shop.

But it was the penguins that enraptured her as she followed them along the glass walls of their tank, her eyes enormous and her face turning redder and redder until she screamed and slapped the side of the tank. "Breathe already!"

Other visitors looked and smiled, or turned away disapprovingly, and Ichika was embarrassed, but just as charmed as Manatsu was by the penguins, and tried her best to pay the frowning people no more heed than Manatsu did. Not that she had long to consider the matter; Manatsu was grabbing her hand and running off to look at the sea lions before she had time to quite catch her breath again.
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