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Good things come in fives

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not many Sisters will want to be raised by their rage prone older brother. Alithea feels it her duty to stay, Gerard trys to help... he only makes things worse READ ON

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Chapter One; You only made it worse

Gerard dragged his feet noisily as he walked.
Nothing sucked more then all your friends being away on the same day at a school where everyone else spat on you. He sighed at the idiocy of it all and scanned his brain for a place to hide. He thought about behind the sport shed, but all the stoners sat there and he didn’t feel like getting high today. He considered peeing all over the girl’s toilets, that way he would have to get sent home. The girls would all so freak out to, he smirked to himself at them all running around like ants. Finally he decided to just walk aimlessly around the school grounds.
Gerard was just passing a tree for the third time when a scream of rage issued across the grounds. Whirling around Gerard found its source. Just next to the canteen a girl in his year had been pushed up against the wall by Josh Robbins.
Josh Robbins was a year 12 boy whose life goal was to make everyone else’s life living hell. It was not unusual to see him lash out at a girl, this time however he was not content with a mere shove. Josh had the girl pinned to the wall with her arms trapped painfully behind her. Gerard caught a glimpse of her dark blue eyes has her long silky brown hair was whipped off her face as she took a blow to the face.
Horrified Gerard was there in a split second and he felt his fist collided with Josh’s face.
Josh, shocked that someone had intervened with his ‘play time’, released the girl. She took in the situation in one glance, kicked Josh in the dick and ran for her life with Gerard in hot pursuit. They had just gotten to the back of the office and where leaning up against the brick wall panting. Gerard thought to himself that he really should do more exercise.
“Are you ok?” he asked the girl. Her hair was covering her face again.
“You really shouldn’t have done that,” she told him he was surprised that there was anger in her voice.
“Well I wasn’t about to watch you get punched in face by some guy,” Gerard pointed out taken aback by her lack of thankfulness. She just shrugged.
“He’s my brother. Ill get over it.”
“Josh is your brother?” Gerard was surprised, he didn’t socialise much but he new most of the blood relations.
“I do believe that’s what I just said,” she was impatient this one.
“Well…” Gerard was lost of what to say now, he usually avoided situations like this, “what’s you name?” her head snapped up at his question and he saw her clearly for the first time.
She had soft fetchers and very sharp, suspicious blue eyes. Her long brown hair waved its way down her back and she held herself in a proud yet withdrawn way.
“What’s yours?” she shot back.
“Gerard,” he told her truthfully. He then registered something he had not noticed before, “You’re not from Jersey.”
“Very good Gerard,” she rolled her eyes, “I should go now.” And she walked away without even a thankyou.
Gerard shook his head to himself. This was why he didn’t help people, they where never grateful! Gerard stood for a moment and decided, on second thought, he might hang out with the stoners after all.

Alithea walked quickly to the toilets. She couldn’t fathom why this Gerard fellow helped her. Idiot, didn’t he know anything! He had just made things worse; she would cop it when she got home.
Josh loved her and she new it, but he had trouble with his anger. She didn’t mind all that much that he took his anger out on her. It just proved in a way that he was close enough to her. But he was angry now!
Alithea looked in the mirror of the bathroom. He hadn’t broken the skin when he hit her. He never went that far.
She wished again that Frank was there. She hated it when he was away. Frank, Elliana, Juli and her where unbreakable. Frank didn’t sit with them at lunch; he went to the music room. Elliana, Juli and Alithea sat under a big tree and mostly just talked.
Today however Elliana and Juli where on detention for blowing up a chemistry lab and Alithea was on her own.
The rest of the day went quickly and Alithea ran home after school hoping to beat Josh and lock herself in her room till dinner.
She sighed with despair as she opened the door to find her big brother sitting on the stairs knuckles clenched.
“You got home quickly,” he said softly, he always had normal conversations when he hit her.
“I was hoping to beat you,” she told him truthfully.
“Thought you might, I got a lift,” he stood up as he said this and walked steadily over to her.
“Oh who from?” she asked trying to sound like she cared. His fist found her face.
“Drew, he has his dad’s car for the week.”
“Is that the nice red convertible?” Alithea ignored the splitting pain in her head.
“Yea,” he grabbed her hair and her bag fell forgotten to the floor as he tossed her up against the wall of the hallway, “if he even puts a scratch on it his dad will make him buy a new one.”
“Oh,” it was more out of pain then response.
“So who was that guy today?” he asked as he took her hair again and threw her to the floor in a heap. Fighting against him would only get her hurt more. He wasn’t usually this bad, but today had made him very angry.
“He said his name was Gerard,” she told him as she pulled herself up from the floor and raised her chin proudly as he split the skin on her lip with his knuckles.
“He could be lying you know,” Josh trusted no one.
“Yes I know, that’s just what he said.”
“I noticed that brat Frank wasn’t there today,” he pinned me up against the wall with his arm as he said this. Alithea started to get worried he usually just hit her and then came back 5 minuets later to say sorry and give her dinner.
“You two still fucking around?” he hit her again, she thought she would faint.
“What do you mean?” her voice cracked.
“Well I know you don’t go out, but youse always kiss and shit,” he hit her gut this time.
“Then yea we still fuck around,” her relationship with him was a very casual one, the term used for them would be ‘fuck buddies’.
“You gana go out with him?” he didn’t hit her this time.
“No Franks not boyfriend material,” he did hit her again after that; his breath was coming heavy with the effort to keep her pinned to the wall. Alithea could smell vodka, which explained it then. He was hopeless when he drank.
she put my hand on his arm and he looked up at her, “you need to let me go so I can cook dinner,” he was suspicious of her words. He had a right to be, she lied a lot it is sort of second nature when you live alone with your 18 year old brother who doesn’t even have custody of you. You end up lying a lot.
“we need to eat, and you should get a drink you have had a long day,” she really shouldn’t have been suggesting for him to keep drinking. But she new he would let her go if she said that. She was right.
“yea I did have a big one didn’t I. what with hittin me in the balls and all,” he snorted to himself and then tussled her hair kindly. His mood swinged once more as he became her friendly older brother, as apposed to the monster under her bed.
“you get dinner going kid, ill be back in a moment,” and he walked upstairs.
Alithea, seeing this as her only chance pounced for the phone and called Frank as she usually did in this situation.
“Hey Babe,” he answered.
“Hey, look I need your help he’s been drinking again,” Franks tone changed from playful to concern.
“Are you ok?”
“Pretty much,” she lied, “but he’s still drinking and I was wondering if I could stay with you tonight?”
“Im staying at a mate’s house but I really don’t think he would mind if you came to,” Alithea frowned. Now that was just not the kind of situation she would willingly put herself into. Frank new her well.
“It ok, it wont be weird or nothing. His mum a legend and we can just say you doing the project with us,” she still didn’t answer.
“Alithea I won’t be able to sleep tonight if I don’t know you’re safe with me,” he was really the best friend she had ever had.
“Ok what street are you at?” he told her and she wrote it on her hand. Suddenly a bottle smashed from behind her.
“You the fuck are you talking to! YOU SAID YOU WHERE GETTING DINNER!” it was Josh and he was yelling. Yelling and alcohol was bad.
“He’s yelling,” Frank whispered. He to new this was not good, “run and come here.” She didn’t have time to answer as Alithea dropped the phone and ducked the bottle Josh launched at her.
“WAS THAT THE COPS?” his face was rigid and all the vains on his neck stood out showing what Alithea hated most. He was in one of his rages. He had gotten better at controlling these, at keeping his temper away from this. But he was drunk and in a furry. Talking was not an option.
Alithea prayed he wouldn’t kill her.
“I SAID WAS THAT THE COPS!” he picked her up a literally threw her head first into a wall. Lights lit up her head but she rejected fainting.
“No,” she said softly. He hit her three times in the face and she cried out loudly in pain but refused to cry.
“Don’t say no to me!” he kneed her in the stomach and Alithea was happy that he wasn’t an exceptionally strong person. She did however cry out again.
“WEAK!” he screamed in her face. He then changed his mind and sneered at her.
“Lets play a game,” oh god! This was going way too far out of control!
“We will see how big you are now and mark it!”
“We don’t have a marker,” Alithea pointed out. Josh seemed thrown of balance by this and then his face lit up.
“Close your eyes and spread your arms out so I can trace you all.” Horrified Alithea did as she was told. Seconds later she herd a scraping sound and she new that she was not being traced with a pen. It took all her control to stay there with her eyes closed, she new that if she didn’t it would be worse. Moments later what ever was tracing her was thrust into her hand.
“ARGH!” Alithea yelled in pain and she looked over to find the broken vodka bottle pinned cleanly into her hand.
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