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The Ghost Of You

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Gerard freaks out again, and the guys fear for their lives when their murderer breaks in.

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Author's Note- This is almost done, just a few more chapters to go. I'm sooooooo sorry I haven't written anything for like, months. Anyways, this is chapter eight. Thanks to vampirexash and Mandarin_And_Lime for reviewing.

Downstairs, Frank, Bob and Ray sat around the kitchen in an uncomfortable silence. Frank, unable to take the lack of noise, jumped up.
"I'm going to go check on Gerard."
But Bob and Ray didn't make any indication that they had heard Frank's sudden outburst. Frank exited the kitchen without another word and bounded up the stairs. He heard the shower running as soon as he reached the top landing. He knocked quietly on the door.
"Gerard? You okay?" Frank heard Gerard's muffled response.
"I'm...good. Just fine."
There was a pause, and then,
"Hey, Gee? Be careful. Don't do anything stupid."
Gerard didn't answer, but Frank could still hear the shower going. He sighed and let out a long string of obscenities directed at nothing in particular. Frank headed back down the stairs, and jumped the last few steps.
"We've really got to find some way out of this, you guys." He said as he rentered the kitchen, breaking the silence. Ray looked up.
"How?" He asked, "The phone is cut, and we can't get any cell phone reception on this goddamn island!"
"And," Bob continued," There's a crazy serial killer stuck on this island with us."
Frank sighed. "I-" He was cut off when a scream followed by a crash issued from uptairs.
"Gerard!" He yelled, and ran towards the disturbance, Ray and Bob following behind.
Just as the three made it to the top of the staircase, Gerard burst out of the bathroom, steam from the hot shower billowing out from behind him. He was dripping wet, and was wearing nothing but a pair of skinny jeans. There was a mix of shock and confusion in his scared-as-hell expression.
"I saw Mikey!" He cried.
"Frank, Ray, and Bob exchanged a worried glance.
"Gee...." Bob said, and put his hand on Gerard's shoulder. "He's gone."
Gerard slapped Bob's hand away.
"I know what I saw!" He snapped. "I got out of the shower, and I looked in the mirror, but instead of seeing myself, I saw him! Just....standing there. Staring at me. So I ran."
"Gerard, are you sure you're okay?" Ray narrowed his eyes. "I'm sure you're hallucinating."
"Yeah," Frank agreed, "And besides, you and your brother looked alike, are you sure you weren't just a little paranoid and mistaked yourself for him?"
"I know what I saw." Gerard repeated, but this time his tone was unsure. Without another word, he turned around and entered Mikey's room, slamming the door behind him.
Back in the kitchen, Frank had resorted to restlessly pacing back and forth to calm his nerves. Somehow it wasn't helping.
"Stop that." Bob said suddenly.
"Stop what?"
"Pacing." Bob answered."You're driving me crazy."
"Sorry" Frank sighed."I'm just thinking. There's no way out of this, is there? We're just gonna die here."
"No!" Ray said suddenly, "We're not going to let him get us."
"We don't know if that's possible"Frank said sadly." And even if he doesn't get in, we can't just stay in here forever. We'd run out of food. And then, what happens when the snow-?" Frank was cut off.
"Shh! Do you guys hear that?" Ray asked, his eyes widening.
Bob and Frank looked at him questioningly.
He got up from his sitting position, and bolted over to the door leading out to the front entrance. He peered around it, and almost immediately jumped back.
"Shit!" He hissed.
"What's wrong?" Frank whispered. Ray's face turned white.
"Look!" He whispered. Frank got up, and Bob followed. They looked around the door, mimicking Ray's actions. The doorknob was jiggling. Someone was on the outside, trying to get in.
"Come ON!" Ray hissed again, grabbing his two friends. "We gotta go hide!"
Bob and Frank didn't need telling twice. The three bounded up the stairs, as silently as they possibly could.
Gerard looked up from his drawing when the door banged open.
"Frank, what's the matter?"
"He's here! Outside!"
Gerard felt himself go numb. Oh, God.
He grabbed the sketch book that he had dropped in shock and followed Frank out the door.
They gathered outside the room in a panic.
"Where can we hide?"
"We have to hurry!"
"Should we split up?
"We should find some kind of protection!" Bob said. He ran back down the stairs.
"No! Don't go down there!" Gerard yelled.
Bob snuck around the corner, heading for the kitchen. He ducked behind the counter, pulled open a drawer, and pulled out the biggest knife he could find. He stood up, and tip-toed back upstairs.
"I saw something or someone outside the window." He announced in a panic-stricken voice. "But I've got this" He held up the knife.
"Good, let's go!" Ray exclaimed"
"Let's split up." Frank suggested. He turned around, realizing something. "This might be the last time we see each other alive." He said gravely. Tears sprung to his eyes, threatening to fall.
Gerard smiled sadly. "I love you guys."
Bob tried to be optimistic, even though their chances of survival were pretty low. "Let's not think that way."
"I'll try not to." Ray said. He smiled suddenly, pulling everyone into a hug. Their moment was ruined by the noise of a window breaking.
"Go!" Gerard hissed. "Split up!" He ran into Mikey's room and jumped into the closet, hiding behind rows of musty, ancient clothing.

Frank ran up the next set of stairs. He pulled open the door, and felt around for a light switch. He was in what looked like the attic. Noticing a door in the far corner of the room, he turned off the light, just in case the intruder happened to come upstairs. He felt his way across the room, and hauled open the door. An awful stench reached his nostrils, making him retch and cough. But he had no choice. He stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

Ray ran into his bedroom. He pulled the blankets back, and laid a few pillows underneath. He laid the covers back on top, and rearranged them in what he hoped was a convincing manner. He smirked to himself, remembering how many times in his childhood he had used this trick to sneak out at night. Then he left the door slightly ajar, hoping it might cause some sort of distraction. Ray then walked down the hall a bit, and walked into the bathroom. He turned on the shower, and pulled the shower curtain across the tub. He was hoping that whoever was in the house would be distracted, giving them more time to get away. He locked the bathroom door. He opened the large window and poked his head out. The ground wasn't too far away. He braced himself.

Back in the hallway, Bob was struck with an idea. A very risky and dangerous idea, but a good one nonetheless. He knew the intruder was in the kitchen. He could be heard tiptoeing around. Bob took a deep breath, and walked down the first step. Then another one, and another one. Soon he was at the bottom of the staircase. He considered jumping, but thought it might make too much noise with an intruder in the next room. He stepped on the last step. It creaked. Bob sucked in his breath, and cursed inwardly as he heard the footsteps stop abruptly.

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