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Nothing You Can Say Can Stop Me Going Home

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I shivered slightly as I continued to stare down at the clear water, flowing rapidly below me.

I shuffled forward again on the old wooden bridge that I stood on.

What do you do when you’re the only one that understands your true feelings? When you know that there’s no one out there that truly loves you.
People say that there’s always someone out there that can share your pain with, well whoever says that is a complete and utter liar.

I took another deep breath as I slightly shuffled forward again.

Only a few more moments and I won’t have to suffer anymore.

Pain, sadness, hurt, are the strongest emotions you can ever feel. They can make you do crazy things. Drink way too much than needed, take drugs till you can hardly see clearly, and sleep with unknown strangers who you will never see again, the list is endless.

But as I stand on this creaky, dilapidated bridge, I stare down and what will soon be my fate.

Life. Some people take it for granted; others soak in every living moment of their life. But I have to ask, what is so good about life? Is it the way it screws you over constantly till you feel weak and helpless? Is it the fact that everyone dies at some stage, so there’s no real point of getting attached? Or is it that life is just a big joke and there is no real reason in living, that it’s just a game? And even if you were to leave this place we call ‘home’, you know deep down inside you that no one would really care. To them you’re just another breathing soul on this Earth.

I took a deep breath in, feeling the cold, clean air circulate through my lungs.

People are bitches. That’s all they are. No matter how nice some people come off as, they’re just the same blood thirsty, selfish bitches like everyone else.

I heard a song once, I remember the lyrics of the chorus singing ‘I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone.’ And it made me wonder, what could there possibly be worth living for in this life? Because whatever it is, I sure haven’t found it.

I raised my arms gently, so they were spread out on either side of me. As if I was in a position to fly.

I took a few more slow breaths. My heart racing as I stared down at the water underneath the bridge.

So this is what I’ve become. A walking billboard of sadness and regret.

This is the end for me. The end of all my pain and suffering.

For all those who have hurt me, see you in hell fuckers.

I took one last quick breath as I leapt off the side of the bridge, falling to my desire…
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