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Bitches ain't shit.

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Later that Afternoon

Gerard was at the back of the bus getting ready, I decided to be spontaneous and “brighten up”. I took my long blonde hair down let it fan around my face. I put on a mischievous smile and charged down the middle of the bus, Gerard looked up from adjusting his belt.
“Gee, how long till stage time?” he looked over at the clock. “ About 10 or 15 minutes, why?”
I threw my head back laughing hysterically, this caught him off guard. Slowly I walked up to him pressing him up against the back cabinets. “What are you doing?” ignoring his question I kissed him deeply. Grabbing my hair he brought me closer to him, I gasped for air then dived back in for more kisses. I couldn’t wait; I threw him down on the black seat straddling him I pulled my shirt over my head. He gasped at the view, I planted kisses around his face and neck. My breathing got heavier, quickly I started to unbutton his black shirt; the skin peaking underneath encouraged me even more. He pulled me down in a kiss, I walked my fingers down the middle of his torso. My fingertips reached the top of his pants, just as I reached for the button he grabbed my wrists. He panted while looking up at me, I leaned forward letting my long hair cover his whole head. “ Yes?” he closed his eyes. “ I’ve got to get ready Heidi, but I promise we will go to dinner after the show.” I sighed defeated. “ Won’t it be late…you’re usually really tired.” He kissed my nose then pushed strands of my hair out of his view. “It will be late, but I don’t mind.” I rolled my eyes then carefully un-straddled him, I slipped my shirt back on. “Well, since this is the first show of the tour I’m sure you will be busy so I will stay on the bus.” He walked over to me while buttoning his shirt, he put one of his hands on my shoulder. “ I want you to come, I want the fans to meet you in person.” “Gerard! I’m sure the last thing they want to see is your girlfriend. I mean when I was a fan I was hella jealous of that Eliza.” he shot me a glance.
“Whatever. Heidi I would like you to go I really would. You can stay on the bus until the show is over but I’m sending someone to get you after that.” I smiled up at him, then looked over at the clock. “ Fine…but I think you should head to the stage.” he gave me a quick hug and I gave him a good luck smack on the ass. I guess all I needed to do was lighten up. I smiled to myself; then hell came onto the bus. Emily; she gave me a fake smile then sat down next to me. Great- I will spend the next 2 hours with this prick.
Frank sure knows how to pick’em.

Cold hearted bitch…

She looked at me with disgust. “Heidi, hello.” I nodded. Then smiled to myself. “So how are you and Frank?” she looked up nervously. “Oh. We are just fine, actually I think I’m going to say for the whole tour.” I almost choked. “ Great. So who was that guy you were with in the hotel lobby?” “What guy?” she stared at me with her baby blue eyes; like a little girl. “Don’t play dumb now little Emily.” “It was a friend checking up on me.” I laughed in her face, such a bad liar. “Fuck buddy? You guys were looked so darling doing all that touching.”
“Don’t you dare fuckign tell Frank!”
“Or what Emily?! Who do you think he will believe? Defiantly not you over me.” She shot up out her seat. “ He loves me! He’ll do anything to be with me!”
I shook my head. “ I’m sure he would do anything to be with you but I know he doesn’t fucking love you! Bitch! You’re unworthy of his love.” I felt myself getting more and more confused the more I had to defend him. She sat back down. “Please don’t tell him.” I looked down at my feet then back up at her. I felt bad for her but even worse for Frank. “Emily. I won’t tell him but don’t fuck this up! I just want you know you’re aren’t even close to good enough for him. But he wants you, so I won’t interfere with that.” she nodded. “Thank you. I’m sorry Heidi.”
“ Never say sorry unless you mean it.” I got up and walked off the bus to smoke a cigarette.

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