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Okay I branched out. I dunno why. I guess... more a philosophical thing...

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I was not supposed to be alone.

I was tempted to this place. The door shut some time ago and I heard you calling me. This wretched room, this haunted house. A swinging hinge that could have been fixed but instead I merely put my hands over my ears.

Isn't it always the way? The noises tell you things but me... I want them to stop sometimes. I heard them calling at me. They wanted me to be here but here is lonely. They are just trapped on the wind. They can't be slienced by me and I cannot tell them anymore than they already know.

Death may have claimed their bodies but I am strangely comforted their souls are in tact. For better or worse whilst I hear them I guess I am not really alone. But...

I'll open the door now.

I want you more than them.

I was not made to be alone...
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