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forever incompleted

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broken promises and broken hearts. somber tale, my very first. ONE-SHOT. read&review.

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forever incompleted

He laid motionless despite the steady rise and fall of his chest. He had always resembled an angel in his slumber. His hands clutched a two page letter and photograph with tattered edges close to his chest. Upon closer inspection, tear streaks were visible on his cheeks. His black framed glasses laid perfectly on his round face.
I moved around the room silently, approaching the bed. I wanted to reach out and carress him as I've done countless times before, but he was finally in a peaceful state. A gentle breeze blew through the bedroom though it was apparent that no windows were opened. My heart ached for Patrick the one true love of my life. I tried hard to rid myself of all the negative thoughts that plagued my mind. What has happened, did so for a reason. But who was I kidding, we were dealt a low hand in life, and as hard as I fought to play, it was just never good enough. Now it was time for so longs, farwells and goodbyes.
I sat weightlessly on the edge of the California-King size bed we shared many memories in. I bent over and brushed my lips against his, my insides lurching violently. He stirred slightly but remained asleep.

"I'm sorry Patrick" I whispered, "I'm sorry I had to leave you."
His face contorted in discomfort and he mumbled incoherent words before speaking, "Then why?" his eyes were shut.
"That's how it has to be. I can't stay but please forgive me and move on."
Tears escaped from his closed lids. "I can't move on" he choked silently. "I forgive you."

The gentle breeze ripped through the room once more. I was pressed for time.
"Patrick, I love you so much."
I sat back and gently removes his glasses from his face and placed it besides him along with the pendant he had given me on our third anniversary..
"I'm so sorry Patrick."
I bent over a final time and pressed my lips ever so softly on his own, his lids fluttered but never parted. He was fighting hard.
"Please don't leave me" he cried loudly. My heart raced, the tears welled in my eyes. The breezed passed again, this time with force.

I slowly rose from the side of his bed and looked over his face once more. I reached over and brushed a strand of his strawberry blond hair behind his ears. Wishing the moment would never end, but it would, and it did. A blinding light washed over the room, it was time, he never even shuffled. I backed away slowly from the man I'd ever loved and allowed myself to be pulled into nothingness.


Patrick bolted out of his sleep, his eyes adjusting to the darkness that blanketed his room. Reaching over to the nightstand he switched the lamp on. He felt her, he knew she was there. Her sweet aroma was heavy on him. The tears began to form along the brim of his eyes. He tried so hard to wake up.

"Why?!" he yelled at the empty room.
He lowered his head, and seen. His glasses folded neatly alongside the heart shaped pendant she had always worn on her neckalace. He placed the letter and the photographs down and picked up the golden pendant, examining it through blurred vision. A wave of understanding washed over his like a passing wave. She always said when she left she'd come back one final time, for a proper goodbye. The pendant slipped through his fingers and landed on the bed with a soft thud.
He picked up the battered sheets of paper and reread her departing words, he had it memorized.

My Sweetest Patrick,
How I long to capture us together forever. But forever is impossible. We've learned that the hard way. I hope you take heed to my request and not read this until our last farewell. Death rapidly approaches and I want to embrace it with open arms but not before I tell you your exact meaning to me. The day I met you, I knew you were the man for me. Cliche? I know. You showed me how to live even when I was at death's door. You've empowered me and showed me things I thought only existed in dreams. You've protected me in every way you knew possible as a man should his wife. You stood by me strong as this disease ate away at my being. For that I love you tenfold, more than words. I know we've promised each other forever, but forever has never been completed and the cancer reminds everyday. I'm sorry I couldn't keep up my end of the promise. My heart beats in tune to yours. Always remember that and the countless memories we shared. As I write you this farewell, I'm deeply saddened. I already miss your touch, when you hold me close, your smile, the funny way you laugh, I'm missing you. Please forgive me for not giving you forever, but allow me to thank you for giving me the fairy tale I dreamed of as a little girl.
I'll never forget you, and I would fight God himself for another chance for a final goodbye. I love you, always have, always will.

Always, yours, Eternally,
Your Loving Wife.

The pages flowed serenely from his fingers. He reached over and grabbed the photograph, flipping it over. A professional taken black and white photo of them together on a beach, the same one they gave in frames as favors at their wedding. His heart swelled as he studied her features, such a captivating beauty. Before he could stop them, his tears splashed onto the picture, distorted the image but only slightly. He raised the picture to his lips and kissed it lightly.
"I love you, but I can't move on." He said quietly tucking the photograph underneath his pillow. His eyes shot over to the other side of the room, the sheer drapes rustled slightly, or so he thought he imagined. How could it, it was apparent no windows were left open. His head fell back onto his pillow just as her sweet aroma wafted across the room again. There he slept, oddly at ease, against himself.
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