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Vicious Circle

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Knives comforts Vash after a beating by Steve, but Knives is developing plans of his own for his beloved brother. Second fic for the 30_kisses contest.

Category: Trigun - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance - Characters: Knives, Vash - Warnings: [!!!] [V] - Published: 2005-05-09 - Updated: 2005-05-10 - 1126 words - Complete


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Theme: "22. cradle." The cradles in this story are metaphorical for the most part: you won't be
seeing any cute babies here. It's about the nurturing, the cradle so to speak, of violence and of a
twisted (to say the least) love.
Title: "Vicious Circle"
Fandom: Trigun
Pairing: Knives x Vash, implied Steve x Knives
Word count: 1020
Rating: R
Warnings: As mentioned, abuse, language, graphic violence, and twincest.
Summary: Knives comforts Vash after a beating by Steve, but Knives is developing plans of his
own for his beloved brother.

"Vicious Circle"

Knives normally preferred to spend his free time on the ships as far away from
the humans as possible. Their thoughts and babble were quite the annoyance, their behaviors
were often repetitive and in his opinion futile, and to him they even smelled revolting, especially
Steve. The man had a rather distinctive odor, one of cheap booze and even cheaper cologne
mixed with body odor and urine. It made him gag, something the human had laughed at

He hated being alone on his prohibited but still undertaken explorations of the
authorized personnel only areas of the ships, especially of the chambers containing his sisters'
bulbs, in his studies, and in his exploration of what of nature the Rec Room contained.

When he was alone, his mind would often drift to his sister that had died at the
humans' hands, to seeing her disemboweled corpse floating in her own blood and in
formaldehyde, in an observation tank above him. It would drift to seeing her screaming in pain in
the video of the experiments conducted on her, to worries of whether he or Vash would be joining
her in resting in anything but peace.

Nevertheless, Vash loved spending time with the humans, even after he too
had learned of Tessla, even after Rem had lectured him about being a bit too close to Knives.
Knives sneered at that: his brother ignored him to follow the teachings of his human goddess.

He sighed, dragging a hand through his long hair, scanning the room for his
brother, whom Joey had asked to help with a project regarding the programming of the ships'
computers. Vash seemed to have a memory perfectly suited for such work, as did Knives: they
could remember everything they had seen or heard, right down to the most minute detail, in
chronological order.

That smell drifted past Knives's nose. Instinctively, he ducked behind a parts
crate to hide, scanning the room for the human, seeing him stagger out, wielding a metal pipe.
The next sight Knives saw filled him with rage against these humans once more: his brother, lying
there seemingly lifeless in a pool of blood. You promised me you wouldn't do this if I did what you
wanted. Lying human bastard

"Rem said we shouldn't talk like that," Vash whispered in a lisp, startling Knives,
but at the same time filling him with hope.

"You're alive," Knives whispered, running to Vash and quickly embracing him.
"You're hurt."

"Not really," Vash lisped softly. "I played dead like Joey said to do after Steve
hit my face. My teeth kinda got knocked out, but Rem said I had a new set coming anyway-"

Knives silenced him with a kiss, pulling away a second later. "Don't justify it.
You're always making excuses for them. They don't understand us, Vash. They want to kill us.
Even Rem wants to kill us. The sooner you understand that, the better off we will both be," he
raged, watching as the look on Vash's face turned from sad to a shocked blush then back to sad
again, as his brother's eyes welled with tears.

Crybaby, he thought to himself. /Rem turned you into a pitiful crybaby. /He hugged
Vash once again, apologizing insincerely, knowing his brother would take it at face value.

"It's all right," he sniffled, snuggling into Knives's embrace and sighing happily
as his twin began to rub his back.

"I'm the only one who loves you, the only one who will ever understand us,"
Knives cooed, looking into Vash's eyes. "Do you understand now, brother?"

"I. . . I think so," Vash said in a voice trembling with fear and uncertainty, a
blush shading over his face.

Knives didn't ask before wrapping his arms around his brother again, as they
sat down. "You're safe with me. I love you. I'll protect us from now on."

"You will?"

"I will," he said, smiling for a second at the happy yet confused look on the face
mirroring his own. "You don't know what you're feeling, do you, Vash? The humans have never
taught you how to know, like they told me to pretend I didn't feel what I feel."

"But Rem always said we should be open with our feelings," Vash said
innocently, not knowing the subtext, not knowing the situation except that he loved Knives, and
Knives was right just as much as Rem was, and if Knives said a kiss was love he would show
Knives that love.

He leaned into the kiss, obviously more enthusiastic about this idea of "kissing"
as "love" than Vash was. "Let me show you," he hissed, breaking away for a moment. "You won't
ever know all I know. Promise me this is between you and me."

"All right," Vash had whispered solemnly. "I won't tell-"

Knives considered kissing Vash as intently and harshly as he did a way of
spitting on that woman's name, of not having to hear it, but soon enough, he was doing this for
the new feelings of lust, desire, and most of all absolute dominance that he was experiencing. The
pattern has been set. Nothing, no one, and especially no human will stand between us now.

The door to the room slid open. Knives turned away from Vash for one moment
to see Joey, his face frozen into a mask of shock and disbelief.

"Knives," the captain said when he regained his ability to speak intelligently,
"We must discuss this now. You have been told that this is inappropriate behavior more than
once. You are too young to act like this, and Vash is your brother."

That was the day that Knives decided the order of whom he would kill first
when he got his opportunities, that day as he was again separated from Vash, spending the day
alone except for Rem as she tried to talk to him, get him to tell her why he was, in her words,
"acting out."

He would first kill Steve, for hurting Vash. Then, he would kill Joey and Rem for
trying to get between them.

Then, he would have his brother for himself.

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