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Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter Thirteen

“Jo!” Mia squealed as she opened the door. Then her face fell. “What happened to your mini skirt?”
“I came in fifties dress instead?” Joanna replied taking in Mia’s own florescent pink mini dress that was so mini it looked like a top.
Mia shrugged. “Oh well. Anyway, come in, come in.”

I left my bag in her bedroom, figuring that it should still be there for when we all went over to Eva’s. The whole house was a minefield of couples getting physical and single people getting wasted. Oh, and don’t forget the music. Imagine the rappiest rap music you can ever imagine. Incorporate that with hip hop jazz and you’ll be close to what they were playing. I hung around a bit downstairs but it was so boring. I seriously do not know what the fuss is about cheerleaders’ parties. They’re just the same as every other party. In the end I went up, out onto the balcony to look at the stars. No one was out there which I was grateful for.

“Jo? That you?” It was Benji, looking decidedly pleased with himself, his hair sticking up. He was wearing ripped jeans and a worn leather jacket; he’d obviously come as a rocker. He stood next to her, leaning against the wall, his arm snaking around her waist. She didn’t protest, but leaned her head on his shoulder.
“Hey,” she murmured.
“So you came in the end then,” he stated pointlessly.
He turned to face her, bringing her head up. “So glad.” And then he bent down and kissed her. She kissed him back until he broke away.
“Oh Jo.” Their lips met once more and somehow she found herself pressed against the wall, his hands on her waist.
“Aren’t you glad you came here instead of hanging with the freaks,” he murmured breathlessly as he nuzzled her neck, his hands beginning to wander.
She froze. “What did you say?”
“Nothing,” he whispered, his hands starting to make their way up her top. She pushed him away roughly.
“Just what do you think I am?” she demanded. “Some kinda slut?”
He looked shocked. “No, I-“ he began to stammer. “I thought-“
“You thought what exactly?” she yelled at him. “That I’d sleep with you because you’re cute? Because you make me laugh? Jerk,” she shot at him. “Oh and another thing, my friends are not freaks. They’re a hell of lot cooler than you.” She looked at him contemptuously. She turned on her heel, and stalked out but he grabbed her hand.
“Baby please.”
She kicked him where it hurt and as he doubled over she looked pityingly at him. “I’m not your baby.”

I stormed all the way to Mikey’s, after getting my bag, which was actually a pretty dumb thing to do considering this was Belleville. But I figured I’d rather be raped by a complete stranger than by Benji.

There were two older guys sitting on the porch talking as she approached the house. One had longish black hair and the other had dark red hair.
“So yeah, that was it really,” the one with black hair finished with a shrug as she approached them. He turned to her. “Don’t even bother thinking the words trick or treat because it’s after seven and that’s a pathetic costume.”
Joanna opened her mouth to reply but the other male butted in.
“That’s a bit harsh Gee. Maybe she’s not a vampire but she’s at least from the late fifties, early sixties.”
Again Joanna went to say something but it never made it out of her mouth as Gee said, “But it is after seven.”
The other one nodded. “Agreed.”
“Um, I’m not trick or treating,” Joanna ventured. “I came for the, uh, party.”
“Really.” The red head looked at her. “And why should we believe that you were invited.”
“Now who’s being harsh Harvey?” Gee asked. Joanna looked from one to the other.
“Because it’s a birthday party for Rick and they’re my friends,” she told them.
“Do you believe her?” Harvey asked Gee.
Gee shrugged. “Maybe. I-“
That was when the door opened.
“Donna says you guys can go now,” the boy began. He suddenly caught sight of Joanna. “Jo! You came.”
Joanna smiled with relief at the familiar sight of Rick. “Hey,” she replied simply.
Harvey looked at gee. “That’s why we should believe her.”

It turned out that the two guys were Mikey and Rick’s brothers. Harvey was Rick’s. He was sixteen and wanted to do something in fashion, probably costume design for music videos, which explained how he knew I was in fifties fashion. Gee was actually Gerard, and was Mikey’s brother. He was seventeen and wanted to have his own comic books and stuff.

When they were inside Rick hugged her. “Can’t believe you made it.”
“Neither can I,” she replied basically. “Can I dump my bag somewhere?”
“Leave it here if you want,” he shrugged. “Come on. there’s people you need to meet.”
She smiled. It was good to be back.
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