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A little Airport Trouble...

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We arrived at the airport in London and spotted our support band stood outside one of the airport shops.
“Hey guys” They all turned round and I noticed right away that one person was missing,
“Hey, you guys all set”? Ray asked,
“Yeah man we are so excited” Dan replied,
“I am going to check in guys”
“See ya Ray” Ray walked off to the check in desk and the others stared at us,
“Don’t you guys want to check in”? Mini asked us,
“We will do it in a minute, we have plenty of time” Frank replied,
“Yeah we go for the more relaxed approach” They just nodded,
“Hi boys are you all set”? We turned round and saw B’s parents walking up to us,
“Yeah, just waiting for B”
“That’s a point where is B”? I ask, Jack shrugged,
“Meh we don’t know last time we checked she was checking in”
“Yeah she still is, the airline won’t let her on or something,” Ray said coming back over,
“What do you mean”?
“I over heard the conversation, she’s holding the line right up look” We all looked over to the check in desk and saw B stood at the desk wearing black combat trousers and a white tank top with a jacket tied around her waist, her hair was down and wavy. It flowed down her back and was slightly pulled back as she had her sunglasses pushed up onto her head; she was waving her arms around with her passport in her hand.
“I told her she had too many bags, but does she listen oh no” Her dad said,
“Ill go help her out, I am going to check in now,” I said,
“And how are you going to help her out Gee”?
“Ill find a way” I smiled before picking my bag up off the floor and going over to the check in desk and passing the queue, where people gave me a disapproving look,
“Hey honey” B turned round,
“What’s up”?
“They won’t let me on, apparently I have too many bags and miss orange here doesn’t believe I am going on tour”
“Excuse me miss but there is no need to be rude about it” B scoffed,
“You wont let me on the plane, its an extra bag just one, it isn’t going to cause any harm, I just need you to put it on this conveyer belt thingy and we will all be happy”
“I am sorry but I can’t allow that”
”But I am away for like a year, how are you expecting me to go away for one whole year with one suitcase” B started to get more irritated,
“Its company policy that there is only one bag per passenger”
“B calm down” She pointed at me,
“DO NOT TELL ME TO CALM DOWN GEE” I put my arms up in surrender,
“Miss there is no need to get angry at me or your boyfriend” B’s face turned to a confused one, she looked at me and I kind of hinted to go along with the whole boyfriend thing, she sighed and ran her fingers through her hair,
“Okay please, just let me on the plane”
“As I said I can’t allow that”
“Can we talk to your manager please”? I asked,
“Fine I will call him”
“Why thank you very much”! B replies, the woman at the desk got up; I rubbed B’s back,
“You okay hun”?
“No, I need these clothes Gee, there is on stage stuff, lazy stuff, smart stuff just in case, swim wear, underwear Sniffs shoes”
“Its okay one way or the other we will get you and those bags on that plane” She smiled at me,
“Thanks Gee” She hugged me,
“No problem hunny” We pulled away,
“Okay folks so I hear someone has one too many bags” The manager said making his over to us,
“That would be me” B replied,
“Well I am sorry miss but we can’t allow you to have two bags”
“But please, you don’t understand”
”We need her,” I piped up,
“Yes she is our support bands lead singer”
“Support band”? That was when Brian walked over to us,
“Guys what’s taking so long”?
“They won’t let B on the plane” He cut through the security line thing and stood next to B,
“Why can’t she get on the plane”?
“Sir, she is allowed on the plane she just has to vacate one of her bags”
“Brian I am not doing that, I need everything, I may sound like a brat right now but I really do”
“Its okay B, look she needs those bags, can’t you just make an exception, just this time”
“I am sorry but I ca…” Brian sighed,
“B are you sure you need both bags”?
“Yes, I do, I have loads of stage clothes and oh my god I got these really cool personalised panty things for when I am on stage and wearing a really short skirt, its totally grooved” I laughed,
“That was too much information” She smiled,
“Sorry Brian” The manager answered the phone,
“Great, we will be here for even longer” I put my arm around B’s shoulders,
“Don’t worry hun it will be alright” Brian looked over our shoulders at something,
“What’s wrong Brian”?
“I am not sure I swear I just saw someone take a picture”
“A picture”? B asked,
“Yeah don’t worry I think I am seeing things”
“Aww did Brian not get any sleepy time last night”? B said in a baby voice,
“I did, don’t worry as I said I am sure it was nothing”
“Okay so we can let you and your two bags on the plane Miss Jones” We turned around,
“What, I’m allowed”?
“Yes it appears we have a cancellation so you can use up that bag space”
“Great” We both checked in,
“We are sorry about any inconvenience we have caused today”
“Don’t worry about it you were doing your job”
”We are sorry any way Mr Way, by the way would you mind if I had a picture, my son happens to be a big fan of your band” B looked up at me and smiled,
“Sure” We took the picture and walked off,
“THANK YOU” I just smiled back, I grabbed B’s hand and she smiled again,
“Thanks for that”
“For what”?
“Oh come on he totally recognised you, that’s why he let me on the plane with two bags, that guy thinks I am your girlfriend and you being Gerard Way”
“Okay I get it but I don’t think he did that because of who I am”
“Right…My son happens to be a big fan of yours Mr Way,” She giggled,
“Okay so he might have done but it got you, your two bags right”?
“Yes it did and I am very grateful for that Mr Way” She smiled and leant up and kissed my cheek which bought a smile to my face.
“Finally where the fuck have you been”? Dan asked,
“Language Daniel, and I had a little disagreement with the airline but don’t worry it’s all sorted now” B replied,
“Right B well we will be off now” B’s mum said,
“Okay I will miss you guys”
“Don’t worry about us honey, we will be fine, but call us or email us and take pictures and videos okay and remember have fun” B nodded,
“Oh boy here come the water works,” Jack muttered,
“Aww bless her” Frankie replied as if on queue B started to cry and hugged her parents,
“I am going to miss you guys so much”
“Hey, you go and have fun okay, be good and guys look after her”
“Yeah, yeah we know otherwise we will have you two to deal with, go before she won’t leave” Dan replied,
“Yeah don’t worry mum we will protect her” Frankie said, we just kind of looked at him, B’s mum gave everyone a hug while B was hugging her dad before her mum joined in,
“Do you feel bad about bringing B”? Ray asked,
“Only cause she is crying don’t worry once we get there I am sure she will be fine” Bob replied, we turned back on the emotional scene,
“Now be good and safe okay”
“My little girls all grown up” Her dad said and it made me smile,
“Okay guys go cause I won’t leave” She laughed, they started to walk away and B had more tears,
“Don’t worry honey you will see them soon” I say and give her a hug, we stood their for a couple of minutes before Brian told us to start making our way towards the departure lounge,
“You guys go ahead, I am just going to do a bit of shopping”
“B you already have two bags” Dan whined,
“For food dumbass, you know how I get the munchies” They just nodded and walked away,
“You want me to come with”?
“Na I am good, go ahead, ill catch up with you guys in a bit”
“Alright” I pecked her cheek then made my way towards the other guys.

Half an Hour Later

“Man I am so bored,” Frankie said,
“We will be leaving soon Frank please do not do anything fun” Brian said,
“You know what I mean” Frank shook his head,
“Just sit there and be quiet” Frankie was about to say something when someone walked up to us,
“Yo Yo Yo motherfuckers, look who I found” We all turned to B and saw she was stood next to a really tall guy,
“Oh my god, what the fuck are you doing here”? Jack asked he got up and walked over to the guy and hugged him,
“B you are already in trouble for too many bags I don’t think you can sneak a person on the plane” Brian said,
“I am not going to sneak Connor on”
“Well how else is he going to get on and who the fuck is Connor”? She pointed to the tall guy,
“Duh him, I over heard your conversation about a roadie being sick or something, so wa-lah Connor has arrived people” She smiled,
“Wait, what”?
“I hired Connor, that is alright isn’t it, I shoulda kept my nose out shouldn’t I sorry” She looked down, Brian just hugged her,
“Bianca you are a life-saver” She just stared at Brian as he pulled away,
“Do not ever call me that ever again, otherwise I may be forced to chop your very tiny bullocks off”
“My balls aren’t tiny”
“That’s not what the guys say” She smiled and we laughed,
“She’s right Bri, it’s not the biggest package I have ever seen,” I piped up, B started laughing,
“Good one Gee” She high fived me,
“I am going to go way over there” He walked away and B sat down next to me,
“You okay”?
“Yep, I think it has actually just dawned on me that we are going on tour” She smiled…

A/N Just want to apologise for the last chapter, I kind of lashed out at my granddad a bit but I have my reasons…
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