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A/N: I own none of this. Honest. Nope, not me. I most certainly don't own the rights to a billion dollar literary work. Ibarely own my 92 Dakota. The Prolog set up the attack, now the story can start.

Harry Potter and the Power He Had Not.

Chapter 1 - He is No More

The Aurors quickly got a medical team to the platform, but the three young mediwitches couldn't even touch him. Their wands told an odd tale. Despite a body temperature that should be instantly fatal (indeed his clothing was charred and disintegrating) he was very alive and still screaming. It had been more than 20 minutes since the attack, and still he screamed. The team leader for the medics didn't understand what was going on at all. The boy (she still didn't know who he was, she would blame herself for his injuries later) shouldn't be alive, yet he was. Wave after wave of his magic roiled off his body. No one could expend that much power for long, the boy was going to burn out his magic as well as his body. Joy Fleet watched the indications from her wand as the level of his magic core doubled its value, then in a matter of 2 minutes doubled again, with no indication that it was slowing. That wasn't possible. A wizard's magic might deplete, but it didn't increase when using it's self up like this.

From where she knelt next to the boy she looked up into the worried eyes of the tall black Auror who seemed to be in charge. "I've no idea what's going on with him. He has a cursed gemstone embedded in his right hand, I don't know what it's doing to him, if it's what's causing this of if it's what is keeping him alive. He also has acurse scar on his forehead, but it doesn't seem to be..." her eyes widened when she completed the connection. "Sweet Merlin, this is Harry Potter"

A split second of panic, then Joy's professionalism resurfaced. "We've got to get him to St Mungos so that a Curse Specialist can see to him." From her kit she removed a large plastic bottle. She placed the bottle on the boy's chest, where it started to melt, with a nod both of her team mates grasped the bottle and Joy tapped the rapidly melting bottle with her wand. Her still screaming patient and her team disappear when the portkey activated. Joy turned her attention to the other injuries on site.

She found a red headed girl with burns on her hands and arms, gotten when attempting to help her friend. Easily fixed with liberal application of a burn salve, the girl's mother was hovering over her in a near panic over the condition of Harry Potter. She determined that the tall red headed man was unharmed then turning her attention to the other young woman still on the platform. Her bushy auburn hair practically crackled with the discharge of her barely contained magic. Like most people Joy devoured any information made public about the Chosen one. She decided that the red heads must be the famous Weasley family. That meant that the bushy haired witch who had transposed herself between the Aurors and the obviously muggle family of the young girl clutching at her mother's legs and crying MUST be Hermione Granger.

"You will NOT be arresting this man!" she screamed. "Look at his eyes! He is under the Imperius Curse! Use your brains, he's a muggle, how could he POSSIBLY hurt a wizard as powerful as Harry Potter?"

One of the Aurors put his hand on her to move her aside, and jerked it back in pain when her magic flared in response to his unwanted touch. Ignoring his wand, he balled his hand into afist.

"I wouldn't do that mate." The tall redhead leaning against a stanchion said dangerously "That's Hermione Granger. You know, Harry Potter's best friend? Do you know how many Death Eaters she's trashed? She's dead scary mate. I've known her for years, and wouldn't dream of doing what you're thinking about. 'Cause if SHE doesn't kill you, then you get to face Harry Potter, and I'll get stuck with the disposal of what ever he leaves." He grinned at the look of death Hermione shot his way. "I always have to get rid of the bodies and other light work".

"Maybe we should all just calm down" Tonks spoke up for the first time since arriving on scene.

The Auror confronting Hermione never broke his eye contact with her. His unspoken challenge mine's bigger "Shut it apprentice, you're here to learn, not talk. You've not in charge here" Hermione just maintained her own eye contact. Her response also unspoken. /Try it and die/.

"He's right there Tonks." Shacklebolt approached the group. "I'm the one in charge here. Tonks, you're with me, to learn." Kingsley had never liked officious asses when he had been starting out, still didn't. "The rest of you, crowd control.. Now"

Kingsley turned his attention to Ron and Hermione. "What happened?"


The Throne room inside Stately Malfoy Manor was lit only by a few gas lights and the fire. Sitting on his throne upon the raised dais, Voldemort was almost giddy with glee when he felt the boy's pain via the link they shared. His most trusted(which is to say, not trusted at all) minions were kneeling upon the slate floor, knees and foreheads to the stone, arms flung out toward him. They had been there for more than an hour waiting.

On the small table to his right, a small gem stone glowed with an internal red light. It flashed 3times to indicate that the magical linkage had been established. "It is time. Bella, attend me!"

The dark haired witch rose from her place before him. She approached him with reverence in her heavily lidded eyes. "Anything for you my Lord. Is the boy in pain?"

"Deliciously so, my lovely Bella. It is time for the second part of the rite.

Bellatrix donned the dragon hide glove that lay next to the glowing stone and picked the gem up with it. "This may be painful my Lord."

"Pain and I are not strangers. Proceed"

The gemstone was placed against his sternum, and like it's twin it burrowed into Voldemort's skin, but there the similarity ended. Rather than screaming, the Dark Lord started to laugh, and his body temperature plummeted. The effect on the throne room was as if a dementor had entered, the temperature in the entire room plunged below freezing despite the roaring fire.

It took almost 7minutes for the two stones to synchronize, and the Dark Lords laughter stopped as suddenly as it had begun.

"It is done. It worked. Harry Potter is no more."


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