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Others Notice

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A/N: I own none of this. Honest. Nope, not me. I most certainly don’t own the rights to a billion dollar literary work. If I did I wouldn’t be writing fanfics. And you’d pay to read this stuff, oh yes, you’d pay.

A/N2: I’ve reread Chapter 2 and I don’t know if I made it clear that Madam Pomfrey’s touch isn’t what caused Harry to stop screaming, drop into the coma, his body temp to return to normal, and magic start draining from the dangerous high level it had obtained. Poppy just happened to touch Harry as the same instant that the curse gems synchronized and Tommy boy stopped laughing. These two fun loving kids are linked, and not just though the curse scar (and most certainly NOT in a good way).

A/N3: I’ve gotten some questions about my choice of names for Hermione’s parents. I’ve used the very common fanfic convention of Dan and Emma. Truth be told, I read about a dozen or so fics using those names without making the connection to the actors. I felt very stupid when I realized the funny little ‘joke’ involved. Still, perhaps from the sheer number of fics that use these names, they feel (to me) as ‘right’ as Molly, Arthur, Vernon or Petunia. After a whole lot of thought on the subject (far more than the matter deserved) I decided to go with what felt right.

A/N4: This Chapter is kind of dumb, but what is a Harry Potter Fic with out at least one insane Daily Profit article?

Harry Potter and the Power He Had Not.

Chapter 3 – Others Notice

The Daily Prophet:



King’s Cross Station - London

An unprovoked attack on Harry Potter, also known as “The Chosen One” by the father of a first year muggle born student has sparked a major row over muggle relations and the ethics of allowing muggles to have access to and knowledge of Magical Britain.

The attack, involving a large gemstone carrying an unknown curse, caused Mr. Potter to collapse in agonizing pain, issuing what has been described as a ‘banshee wail’. His magic flared in self defense pulverizing all of the glass on and around Platform 9 ¾ to dust. His magic also attempted to fight the curse by elevating his body temperature to levels here to fore unknown in a Wizard kind. The exact amount of heat he generated is unknown, but this reporter observed the scorch marks on the paving stones where he lay before being transported to St Mungos by a highly trained Emergency Response Team of mediwitches, ably led by Mediwitch Level One Joy Fleet.

“We did all we could for Mr. Potter” said Mediwitch Fleet after having the Chosen One sent to St Mungos via emergency portkey, “which sadly wasn’t much. He was in so much pain that he didn’t even know we were there, his magic, by far the most powerful I have ever encountered interfered with our diagnostic charms, and the heat coming off his body, was beyond anything I have ever seen or heard of..” She also treated injured witnesses to the attack. “The worst was a young girl with burns on her hands and arms; I believe she was attempting to help him, ignoring the damage he was doing to her. There were also multiple cases of eye and sinus irritation caused by the glass dust, but those were all easily treated on site.”

When asked about David Booth, the muggle accused of the unprovoked attack and the claim that he was allegedly under the Imperious Curse Mediwitch Fleet said: “I examined the man, he was uninjured, if somewhat unresponsive. My examination only looked to his medical condition; our Emergency Response medical kit doesn’t contain anything that would detect an unforgivable.”

It is the reaction of the Chosen One’s companions which raise the most questions. Muggleborn witch Hermione Granger, 17, romantically linked with The Boy Who lived, as well as Victor Krum, Ronald Weasley, George Weasley, Fred Weasley, and Cormac McLaggen. A young woman of formidable intellect and remarkable appetites spent the minutes following the attack not attending to her injured friend, but in defending his attacker. The Department of Magical Law Enforcements official policy is to never comment on active cases, but one Auror on the scene spoke with this reporter on the condition of anonymity. “Someone needs to do something about that arrogant little … Witch” he displayed his damaged hand “she cursed me, preventing me from doing my duty, claiming that the muggle was under the Imperious Curse. How could she possibly know that, unless she cast…” the Auror would not theorize just who might have cast the alleged unforgivable. Perhaps more ominous were the comments of Ronald Weasley, 17, youngest son of the pureblood Weasley clan. “The Weasley kid warned me not to respond to her attack, claiming that her powers were ‘scary’ and muttering about how he was tired of disposing of the bodies.”


* Repair costs for Platform 9 ¾ pegged at more than 50,000 Galleons
* Muggleborn Witches and the Dark Arts, feeding their appetites?

The Quibbler:

Weather-Weary Nation Not Surprised By Forecast Of Blood Storms

London, UK—A Service advisory predicting that graphic blood storms will touch ground in the southern Scotland Wednesday is being met with numb resignation by weather-weary Brits.

"Guess I should go conjur some plastic tarps and cover up the house, or what remains of it," said Scott Huster of Hogsmeade, echoing the sentiments of a nation battered in recent months by a succession of violent hurricanes, tropical storms, and tornadoes.

According to the advisory, clouds of pure blood have congealed in the atmosphere above Little Hangleton, and are heading north at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. MWS meteorologists predict that the unprecedented storm will splatter most of the West Coast by Friday.

"I suppose I'll have to cancel the barbecue," said Larry Milhouse of Dunoon.

Meteorologists are predicting an epic storm of biblical proportions, marked by bullet-velocity winds and flash blooding in low-lying areas. Blood may even coagulate and freeze into bludger-sized clot-hail, shattering windows, damaging roofs, and triggering massive blockages on roads and motorways.

"Blood-hail can't be any worse than the early thaw in spring," Vermont mother of four Stacey Boswell said. "Still, I'd better take the clothes off the line."

During a Monday night press conference, acting MWS Director R. David Paulison recommended that citizens evacuate the area immediately, in order to avoid bile blizzards and packs of marauding werewolves.

"We recommend that people stay indoors during the storms," Paulison said. "In addition to gale-force winds, the blood storms carry multiple forms of bacteria and disease, such as Hepatitis B."

Glasgow resident James Treadwell had a characteristic response to the warnings.

"I'll just put on some extra-thick boots," Treadwell said. "I'll get an umbrella, and cover up my open cuts."

Toward resident Kathy English said she is determined not to let the gruesome weather disrupt her everyday routine.

"I'm not that worried—at least the blood's supposed to be warm, unlike the sleet that got us last fall," said English, a dog-walker who does not expect a decline in her business during the storm. "Plus, it's only supposed to be a Category 3 blood storm."

According to MWS spokesperson Joe Colby, the worst blood storm conceivable is a Category 5 on the Saffir-Savini Meteorosanguinity Scale. In this type of storm, bubbling, boiling blood the consistency of corn syrup pours from the skies, scalding every exposed living thing and sparking fires.

Although MWS officials have encouraged citizens to evacuate to Canada, many Brits have opted to wait it out.

"I've flown in the early-season blizzards for the past three weeks—how much worse can a little blood be?" said Ayre resident Clark Merrit. "I also worked in a slaughterhouse for 20 years, and trust me, you get used to the smell."

The storm is expected to just miss the Northwest, a fact that greatly relieves residents there, who are gearing up for a possible shitstorm this weekend.

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