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Reno's Mission - practical joking

by RenoTurk 2 reviews

okay Reno and Rude with a helicopter. Joking... OOC if you think that but hell just kinda sounded fun! and Izhi is supposed to be Reno's kid... WTF a single dad? yeah I know.. anyway enjoy

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Reno's Mission:

Reno: Yo, I need to know how much it would cost to shrink-wrap a helicopter. Find out!

Rude: What type?

Reno: One like mine and don’t tell Tseng I asked partner.

Rude: Taking into account the size of a Sea-king to be about 74 feet long and 17 in height I can only estimate at the cost. The actual cost I saw was $25 per roll, which seems to be 20' long and just over a foot in width for the shrink-wrap. I'm not including the cost to shrink it as the machine we could not afford, would have to use other methods. Therefore I can only estimate using pi*17 for a approximate cylinder for the length of 74 feet gives us approximately a cost of $4875 to cover it in shrink wrap, probably be able to cut that down for buying in bulk so take off a 10% perhaps. That would take it to $4387 approximately.

Reno: Rude man your ace!

Rude: You need a heat source as well.

Reno: Okay well wanna help me with something?

Rude: O.o

Reno: Yo partner, gonna shrink wrap the new chopper that Elena ordered… I figured the heat source, maybe some kind of fire materia?

Rude: fire would have to be really well controlled and a good distance, enclosed space too would be best

Reno: Well how about I get a blow torch? You're in right? {Rude more silence} Okay well if we get some of those old jet engines Sid left behind we could use those? I mean from a mega distance?

Rude: sounds alright to me with the jet engine, would be best with a rotating turn table/tracks for the copter to be on and turn it slowly in the heat wash of the engine. I'll be in, sounds fun.

Reno: Not sure was Rufey will say. Think I might blame Izhi…

Rude: We’ll see…

Reno: LOL yeah well if we say Izhi was playing up so bad neither of us was gonna get out the house for his speech so we have to like you know do sommit to cheer him up... that might cover my ass a bit. I love having that brat sometimes!

Rude: he is a good kid; just his playing up is annoying at times. I find making him go do sit-ups and press-ups makes him calm down at times. Other times I just pass him off to you… And on that note… let’s go do this.

Reno: Oh yeah baby!
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