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Suitability Of Strategies And Tactics To Situation

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Drabble: 100 words. Prompt: First Kiss. Char: Schuldig. I don't know if I should warn or not; if I warn it's overblown, no payoff. Warn for Rosenkreuz schoolboy experimentation!

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Rosenkreuz wasn't a charm school, but there were things a guy wouldn't do with another guy's mouth unless absolutely necessary.

Schuldig was pinned against the wall, not entirely without his consent though he'd been complaining constantly since the first touch. The kick to spread his legs had hurt his ankles, the grip around his wrists was too tight and cut off circulation to his fingers, the hand trying to enter his pants was laughably clumsy and, by the way, the guards were coming.

The first kiss had been absolutely necessary to shut him up, as would every kiss to come.
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