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if i had broken down

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It's about a girl (she the one bleeding) and a guy (her boyfriend) and about how she comitted sucide infront of his very eyes, and what she did as it happened...i was feeling emo, and bored, and i ...

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Horror,Romance - Published: 2007-10-22 - Updated: 2007-10-23 - 182 words - Complete

If I had broke down
Right in front of you
Would you make it
Your life wish
To glue me together
Or would you
Make it your life wish
To break me
To pieces
Of pain,
Torment of bloodiness
And loneliness

If I had been loved
You would you have been the one,
If I tried
To fit in
Would I have died?
Or would I have
Just like now

My wrist is bleeding
You’re screaming
And crying
I’m bleeding
And dieing
Do you understand
I’m alone
And mad
Clutch me to your chest
Whisper words to me
Like a child
I’ll shove you off me
I’ll cry ‘let me be’

You’ll turn to me
About to scream
I’ll put a blooding
To your lips
I’ll press a little
And make
You want to cry
You’ll watch my wrist bleeding drops on your shirt
I’ll smile
A little smile
I’ll slide to the floor
My last breath
I’ll say sorry
I’m such a fucked up mess
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