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stop child abuse

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Its a little stop child abuse DO OWN THIS POEM YOUTUBERS!! So NO complants i stole it.

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Athour note: OKAY! I WILL clarifie to u guys who go on youtube, i AM itachicloud, this IS my origonal poem, and i DO own it. I didn't take it, i had typed it when i had finished watching a stop child abuse video, so no yelling at me i stole it or i'll stab you with a spoon! Got it, get it, READ DAMNIT!

People cut.
People die.
People commit suicide.
All the time.

Hold your hands high.
Touch the sky.
Tell the world.
Abuse is a lie
Death to your own kind

It’s not something to be proud of.
It’s nothin’ to fool around
Because children die every day
Because some people say
‘You don’t deserve to live another day.’

Okay, NICE complements are LOVED by emo girls. So give me nice coments!
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