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Chapter 2

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Pete goes AWOL only to come face to face with some unsavoury characters.

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Author's Note: I seem to have a never ending flow of writer's blocks, it's ridiculous but I managed to squeeze this chapter out. It's fast forwarded a little from the first chapter, but hopefully you'd be able to figure that out, maybe. I decided to write in a direct scene from the video clip. I'd like to try and include as much of it as I can throughout the story. Also, thank you for the reviews on the first chapter! I'm sorry that I made you all wait so long for this.


"How many times have I asked you, no, told you not to let him out of your sight?" Patrick yelled, stopping just to rub his temples in a frustrated gesture but then he looked back up at Andy and Joe and his gaze became fixed on them once again. "He could be /anywhere/. How am Isupposed to protect him when I don't know where he is?" He exhaled loudly. "How am I.. How am I supposed to.." He murmured softly under his breath, now completely absorbed in his own thoughts.

"You shouldn't have taken that bathroom break Joe." Andy whispered pointedly to his companion.

Joe turned and looked at him incredulously. "Me? You shouldn't have fallen asleep." Joe shot back angrily.

Andy was about to reply when Patrick interjected into their bickering. "Just shut up and find him." He growled dangerously.

Andy and Joe stood in shock at their usually mild-mannered friend but as soon as Patrick opened his mouth to speak again they scurried to prepare their gear quickly, to go out in search of their missing vampire.

Patrick was left standing in the middle of their make-shift lounge room. Soon he buried his face in his hands and let out a deep sigh.

"Please be okay Pete, please."


Peter Wentz was wandering along the deserted streets and alleyways of inner-city Chicago. His form blended into the shadows as he crept through the silence. He was waiting, or maybe hunting. Both of those things, he hoped, would include a Dandie or two.

He was sick of baiting them with simple traps. The ultimate bait was him and he was ready and waiting tonight. He wanted to face Beckett now more than ever. He wanted to face him just so he could inflict as much torment on him as he had been inflicting on Pete.

His nightmares had increased and now he'd given up on sleeping full stop and that had been working. The nightmares had been absent in his conscious but then they began to seep into the time when he was awake.

Beckett was haunting him 24/7 and he just wanted it over. If he engaged in a fight to the death then either result would be desired. He just wanted an end.

Pete rounded a corner into the street from an alleyway. His immediate assumption of it being deserted had been wrong instead there was aflock of vampires gathering around a young woman. She was screaming and struggling to get out of their grip but even if her attackers hadn't have been of the supernatural variety she'd still have no chance of escape. Each of them were about twice her size and the group was roughly ten vampires large.

Pete took one small step towards the group, still keeping in the shadows, but edging closer slowly. These vampires weren't Dandies, Pete thought with slight disappointment. These vampires looked nothing like a member of the Dandie clan would. They were all dressed in black leather, some with shaved heads and some with only partly shaved heads. No, these were not even remotely close to the clan that he had intended to hunt tonight but vampires were vampires and none would be spared.

The vampire that had the girl around the neck turned sharply and his gaze came to rest on Pete. He bared a menacing smile and let loose his hold on the girl, only to have two more vampires seize her, as he strolled casually towards Pete.

"Wentz, eh?" The vampire sneered as he came to stop right in front of Pete.

"What's it to you?" Pete replied.

The vampire let out a low chuckle and snapped his fingers abruptly. Immediately three vampires seized Pete and manhandled him over to join the group. The lead vampire looked on with a smirk painted across his face as they pushed him to the centre of the group so he could face the group's victim.

She was trembling in the grip of the vampires that were holding her and tried to strain away when Pete was pushed forward.

"Go on, taste her sweet blood, pumping through her veins."The lead vampire urged in Pete's ear. "Taste her." He hissed.

Pete nudged forward as the vampires still restrained him.

"Kiss her. Kiss her." Began the chant of the group around him.

He could smell the blood pumping through the veins and arteries underneath her skin. He could taste it's sweet warmth in his mouth already, he could imagine it running down his throat as she squirmed against his mouth.

"Kiss her. Kiss her." The voices began to meld into one constant chant. "Kiss her."

His lips were barely brushing her skin and he was about to take the bite when she whimpered softly . Her fear only urged the savage being in him on. But that small noise triggered something in him, the something that he was fighting to retain.

"Kiss her. Kiss her." There was savage urgency in their voices now. "Kiss her!"

Suddenly he jerked backwards and sunk his fangs into the arm of the vampire that was restraining him. The vampire shrieked in pain and quickly released Pete.

The girl took this chance to escape. With one fleeting glance backwards at the mayhem that was unfolding, she disappeared into the night.

Pete was now fighting the flock of vampires. They were running rampantly towards him from what seemed like every angle. He was outnumbered, ten to one but he wasn't going down so easily.

One of the vampires came running full pelt towards Pete and he landed a kick to the vampire's chest, sending him sailing into a cluster of dustbins at the opening of the alley.

Then he felt a thick arm around his neck and instinctively grasped it, tossing the vampire over himself with superhuman strength. A grunt escaped from his attacker's mouth as he hit the asphalt with a thud.

Pete took down each of the vampires one by one, reveling in each one that he knocked down and in turn drew a stake from his coat and plunged deep into their chest. Soon no vampire was left, save for Pete.

He was left panting in the midst of the bodies of the vanquished. His hand was still clenched tightly around the carved wooden stake in his hand when Patrick, Andy and Joe ran towards him.

Pete angrily threw the stake to the ground. "The weren't Dandies." He muttered.

Patrick stared at the carnage surrounding the four of them. It extended part way down the street because Pete had flung the vampires such adistance. He knew Pete was dangerous, he spent most of his time around aticking time bomb but every time he laid eyes on the destruction that Pete could cause it sent a shiver down his spine.

He grabbed Pete by the arm and began to usher him back down the street to where Andy had parked their car. Joe collected Pete's stake from the ground and shoved it into the small weapons bag that he had slung over his shoulder.

"Pete, you've done all you can tonight. Come back with us."Patrick said as they reached the car.

Pete broke out of Patrick's grasp. "I need to kill him now!"He shouted angrily, his eyes were ablaze with rage and when his eyes met Patrick's, Patrick cowered away.

At Patrick's reaction Pete's fury diffused. "I'm sorry, Patrick. Man, I'm sorry. I- I just.."

"I know but I want us to fight together." Patrick cut him off.

Pete nodded and hopped into the car when Patrick opened the door for him, then Patrick slid in after him and Andy started the engine.

"To the Bat Cave!" Joe shouted, grinning.

Andy chucked and the laughter flowed throughout the group.

Pete was grateful for them all to be there for him but he didn't want to lose them if it came to them having to fight. He would fight alone but they needn't know that because if they did he knew they would only protest.
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