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Lucius/OC - Lucius shows his dominant side to his submissive lover - PWP [Plot-What-Plot], m/m interaction Disclaimer: Lucius & his world belongs to Rowling - Darke & my writing belong to me. No...

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Darke pulled at the restraints which kept him bound to the bed. He had allowed Lucius to tie him up a short while ago; the blonde had stripped him of his clothing, teased his body to hardness with feather-soft touches. The older boy had then had left the room, leaving him alone.

His eyes went to the room's doorway as Lucius appeared, clad in nothing but the leather pants he had been wearing earlier. The artist watched as he entered the room, pausing near the bed to strip off his leather pants and the boxers he wore beneath. Darke's eyes drank in the sight of his lean, toned body as Lucius stretched. The blonde turned his grey eyes to him, a predatory smile on his lips.

He watched as Lucius climbed on the foot of the bed and crawled up to straddle him, every movement fluid and graceful. He inhaled sharply as Lucius's body rubbed against his own, enticing, promising.. His need for the blonde was immediate and strong. A sly grin crossed Lucius's features as he laughed softly. "What is it you want, little Darke?" the blonde leaned over him, his voice a smooth whisper and his breath hot on Darke's ear.

Darke inhaled Lucius's scent as the other boy's weight settled on top of him. He trailed his tongue down the blonde's neck, to his shoulder. He heard Lucius gasp as he bit into the flesh of the older boy's shoulder, just above his collar bone, hard enough to bruise. He raised needy eyes to the blonde's face and licked his lips. He wanted to be punished for what he had just done, but couldn't make himself say the words.

Lucius tangled fingers in his hair and pulled his head back. The older Slytherin had a slightly sinister smile on his lips. The blonde kissed him, a hard and bruising kiss; when Lucius pulled back, Darke's blood was on his lips. Darke whimpered in need as the other boy's tongue trailed across his now-cut lips, tasting the blood. He tried to kiss the other boy but Lucius pulled away, just out of his reach. Again Lucius lowered his head to trail the tip of his tongue across the artist's lips; again he pulled away as Darke tried to respond.

"Lucius.." Darke's voice was ragged with need, "Please.." "What is it you want, little one?" Lucius asked, tongue trailing up the artist's earlobe. A shiver ran through the smaller boy, and Darke whispered, "You. I want you.."

He flinched suddenly as Lucius's hand slipped down his side, brushing the scar near his left hip, given to him by his Uncle. The blonde's fingers lingered there, tracing the scar, before sliding up his stomach.

"To whom do you belong, Darke?"

Darke raised his eyes to Lucius's face. The blonde was studying him intently, no mirth on his face. He swallowed, then murmured, "You.." "Tell me then," Lucius insisted, grinding his hips against the smaller boy's. Darke groaned softly, then whispered, "I.. I belong to.. you.." The words were hard to say; he had never given himself so completely to anyone before. And that's what he was doing by saying what he had just said, wasn't it? Giving himself completely?

His eyes, touched with desire and a hint of fear, met Lucius's grey ones. His lover caressed his cheek, a tender smile on his lips. The blonde lowered his head and, his lips half an inch from Darke's, whispered, "You're mine, Darke. That mark on your side means nothing. You're mine.."

Indescribable emotion welled up in the artist at the other boy's words. Something Nic had told him once, long ago, suddenly came to mind, 'You'll meet one to whom you'll give your soul, Darkeness..' Was that what he was doing? Was he handing his soul to this dominate blonde above him?

"Lucius.." the name was a whisper, traced with fear, from his lips as he pulled at the ropes tying his wrists to the bed's headboard. He was suddenly afraid of this, of the blonde, and of himself.. Lucius caught his lips in a hungry kiss, hands sliding down his body. The fear disappeared almost instantly, replaced by need and submission.

Once again his eyes met Lucius's as the blonde pulled back to study him. That predatory smile was on the older boy's lips again. Darke licked his lips, then pleaded, "Please.." "Please what?" Lucius was teasing him now, tracing his lips with the tip of on finger as his other hand slid down Darke's stomach. He grinded his hips against the artist's, drawing a soft moan from him.

"Please take me.."

A soft growl rumbled his Lucius's throat as he lowered his head to bite the smaller boy's throat. Darke moaned, a mixture of pain and pleasure, as the blonde did as he asked and took him, hard and fast.

This was what he wanted, this pain and pleasure, this control.

"I own you now," Lucius's words were a growl against his ear as the older boy fucked him. Darke nodded once, arching his body against the blonde's, relinquishing control to the older Slytherin.

This was what he wanted, this Mastery..
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