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The Hills Have Eyes 3

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When a bus load of students stop at the army base in the New Mexico desert and their teachers killed by the mutants. The mutants take them as captives, but there's one mutant they reconize and she ...

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“Dude!” cried Devin from the bus. “Look at that old Army base.”

“Can we stop there?” Louden asked one of the history teachers.

Most El Modena students were taking a trip to visit something historical or something like that and they were currently in the New Mexico desert. The teachers decided to stop and let the kids roam around the base for a bit.

Alyssa, Ryan, Alan and Kathryn took to looking at all the old guns. Mackenzi, Louden and John looked at the old radios and walkie-talkies. Andrew, Chris, Michael and Devin all looked at the old port-a-potty.


From up in the rocks, two young girls and an older man looked down upon the staff and students.

“I swear if they start talking shit...” mumbled the oldest of the girls.


“Dude, I wonder if there’s any shit in there?” said Andrew.


That girl fell. “They haven’t changed!”

“You know these people, mother?” asked the other girl.

“Yeah,” sighed the mother. “They were my old friends, all but those two.”

She pointed at Mackenzi and at Kathryn.

“And he was my boyfriend,” said the mother pointing to Devin. “I loved him.”

“Don’t tell me we can’t kill ‘em,” scoffed the man.

“We can, we can,” smirked the mother. “We have to kill the teachers first.”

“I was planning on capturing them all and keeping them alive for a bit in the mines,” said the man.

“No, we kill the teachers,” said the mother. “We can do that to the students.”

“Fine,” said the man. “Pluto, Hades!”

Two mutated men who were over six feet tall came over to the man.

“Yes Lizard?” asked Hades.

“Kill those teachers,” said Lizard, “and make sure the students don’t see you.”

“Pluto come back after Pluto kill?” asked Pluto.

“Yes, come back,” said Lizard. “I’ll give you another task then.”

The two men went down to the back of the bus where the teachers were. The teachers were all smoking.

“Harhar!” laughed Hades. “Smoked meat!”

“Pluto laugh,” said Pluto.

“And who are you?” asked a male teacher.

“That’s none of your goddamned business,” smirked Hades. Hades played with his knife. “Though, I guess it wouldn’t hurt, I’m Hades and I’m here to kill you.”

Hades slit the throat of a fat, male teacher. Pluto jabbed a short male teacher in the stomach. Soon, the two were covered in blood from the teachers. They dragged the bodies back up to their leaders, Lizard and his wife, Mickey, and their daughter, Korina.

Lizard was just like an average man. He did have a hare lip though and his gray hair was very messy. His skin was dark from the constit sun exposure. He wore a torn orange shirt and yellow-ish vest. His khaki pants were blood soaked from countless fights. Each hand bared torn up gloves. Thrown over his shoulder was a piece of rope with spikes on it.

Mickey was just an average girl with no mutations. She had shortish black hair and despite the fact of always being in the sun, she was very pale still. She wore a torn up Cradle Of Filth shirt with torn up skinny black jeans. She wore tall boots that her pants were tucked into. Her hands to sported torn up gloves. She wore a belt that had many pouches. She clutched onto a metal spike pole and a tommy hawk hung from her waist.

Korina was a normal girl with her baby brother growing from her shoulder. She had long, messy brown hair and she was quite tan like her father. She wore a very dirty purple shirt and that was tucked into torn up hiker shorts. On her feet, she wore hiker boots and she too had that pouch/belt thing. On her waist was a pocket knife.

“You did good,” said Mickey.

“Should we get the students now?” asked Hades.

“I’d like to see their reaction to the missing teachers,” said Lizard.

They all sat back to watch.


Alyssa decided she had too much sun and went back to the bus area. Alyssa was a smart blonde and even though the heat was 100, she did not take off her Cal Poly sweat shirt. She wore swim trunks as her bottoms and sneakers. A bulky black ring could be seen on her hand and many scribbles about Rammstein littered her hands.


“You see her Korina?” asked Mickey.

“Yeah,” said Korina.

“I used to love her,” said Mickey.

“But I thought you had a boyfriend,” said

“She didn’t swing that way,” sighed Mickey.

“I never knew you like other women,” said Lizard.

“You learn somethin’ new everyday,” winked Mickey.


Alan dedcided to escape the heat and watch some anime on his computer in one of the tents. Alan had long, greasy dark brown hair and wore glasses. His style wasn’t appleaing and was very blah. Ryan stopped him not thinking the teachers would agree with Alan’s choice. Ryan was black and had very emo hair. He wore a black Fender shirt with a stripped over shirt. His pants were black jeans and he wore black spider web slip-ons.

Kathryn walked up to them and asked if she could watch the anime with them. Kathryn was a shrimp and an anime freak. She had flippy brown hair and was very skinny. Not to mention, she was LOUD. Mackenzi suggested they walk to the shade of the bus to watch the anime.

Mackenzi had black and brown hair cause she can’t dye hair to save a life. She was a bit on the chubby side and wore a Bob Marley tee shirt with a red plaid over shirt. She wore a bright yellow belt and peace sign necklace. She wore too tight blue jeans with slip-ons with peace signs drawn on them. Loudin agreed to this.

Louden was very tall and was too black. He wore glasses and a red sweatshirt with those long shorts and sandles. Alyssa screamed which caused Alan, Kathryn, Ryan, Mackenzi and Loudin to run to her aid. This also made John, Andrew, Michael, Devin and Chris to run over to the bus too.
John was another blonde. He was very pale and again, lacked style.

Andrew had very big and very curly hair. Andrew wore an AC/DC shirt. Michael was very tall and wore a black shirt with a Slipknot overshirt. Covering Michael’s eyes were red shield glasses. He wore black pants with boots.

Devin had long black hair and wore bright orange tapers in his ears. He wore a Slayer shirt with black jeans and torn up slip-ons. Chris was just you average boy. He had glasses and wore a bamboo button up shirt. He wore blue jeans and black converse.

“What’s wrong Alyssa?” asked Devin.

Alyssa pointed to the all the blood on the rocks.

“Shit,” said Alan.
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