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The Message

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She stared at the phone in disbelief. She called her voicemail and prepared herself for the harsh message that was about to begin.

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He stared at the road consumed by thought. He’d been driving for hours and had already left the state. She yawned and slowly opened her eyes.

“Good morning sleepy head,” he said still looking at the road. She smirked and sat back up in her seat fixating her eyes on the dark road in front of her.

“I’m hungry,“ she yawned and put her hand on her stomach.

“I don’t know where anywhere to eat is,” he said. She looked back at the road and saw a neon sign.

“I wonder if they have anything to eat there,” he said as if reading her mind. She glanced at him with amazement. The car slowed down and turned into the tiny parking lot. He looked up at a sign reading: 24 Hour Diner. They both got out of the car and she winced as she stood up. The knee she had injured had scabbed over and standing up pulled at the tender skin. He saw the wince and walked over to her. She grabbed his arm and hopped inside to a table. A waitress soon waited on them and they filled their empty stomachs.

She hopped back out of the diner holding his arm. She looked up at the sky.

“It’s so beautiful,” she whispered like the slightest sound would disrupt the twinkling of the stars. She hopped over to the car and sat on the hood he sat next to her. The moon was full and bright and the stars twinkle made the night more beautiful then normal. There weren’t many streetlights to mute the star’s light. ‘This is like a scene from those old cliché movies or something’ was all she could think. He leaned over and kissed her check and smiled at her. She smiled back and he looked away. He couldn’t look at her broken smile anymore. She understood what was wrong and kissed his cheek back. He smiled and said we better get moving again.

“Just let me get my camera; I want to take a picture of this diner. I want to keep all of our memories.” She blushed and slid off the car. She opened the car door and unzipped and backpack that was sitting in the backseat. She searched the contents of the bag, looking for her camera. She thought she grabbed it and pulled her hand out of the bag. Her cell phone was in her hand not her camera and she stared at the blinking light that signified a new voicemail. She opened the phone and glanced at the screen. It was her parent’s number on the screen. She stared at the phone in disbelief. She called her voicemail and prepared herself for the harsh message that was about to begin.

“Who do you think you are? Running off and leaving a note behind! Do you even know what this note says? Let me refresh your memory! I can’t deal with my life anymore. I’m going to and try to calm down. I won’t be back for a long time is all I can say. Don’t try and find me. Don’t worry about me. Don’t do anything. I will come back in my own time. I will miss you. I love you. Bye,” her dad’s screams paused and all she could her was the sound of her mom’s tears, “We’ll find you no matter what and I advise you come home on your own if you ever want to see that boy again.” The message stopped and she stood there, stunned. He walked over to her and she turned away from him. She still had the phone to her ear and she now allowed her arm to drop and the phone with it. Her head hung down and she quietly cried.

He grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. She fell foreword onto his chest. She had her hand next to her head and she kept hitting him. He stood there and brought his hands around her. Her tears stopped falling and she finally quit hitting him. He wiped away the remaining tears and kissed her softly. He pulled away and opened the car door. She began to get into the car when she noticed a river on the other side of the road. She picked the phone up off the ground and ran towards the river. He began to run after her and realized that there was no point. By the time he’d catch her she’d be back to the car. He watched as she took the phone and threw it in to the murky water. It slowly sank until out of view. One last tear rolled down her face and she turned around smiling. He forced a smile and focused on the bruise that was on her face. She ran back across the street and sat down in the car. He turned the car on and pulled out of the parking lot and began driving into unknown once again.
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