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Dinner for Two

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Eliza treats Bella to dinner with a nice Mediterranian theme.

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Chapter 3 – Dinner for Two
“Kali spera ladies. My name is Alyssa; I am from Souda Bay, Crete. May I introduce Nicolai, from Athens and for Lady Bard, Michelangelo from Syracusa, Sicily. You will be our only patrons this evening.”
“Oh my,” Bella couldn’t help herself; she could feel herself preparing to feed. Her canines extended past her lower lip and she salivated. She looked to Eliza for guidance. She felt reassured to see her ancestress was in a similar state of arousal.
“Keep your wits about you darling, if you drain your dinner dry we’ll never be allowed back, and that would be a tragedy.”
The older vampire led her main course to the chase lounge where he, well, lounged. The young Italian smiled into her eyes and unfastened the two top buttons of his thin white cotton shirt. He tilted his head back and to the left exposing well defined veins to his client for the evening.
Eliza’s jawbone made an audible popping sound as it dislocated, allowing her to open her mouth preternaturally wide. Her tongue extended well beyond that of a normal human’s and ended in a soft fleshy point. The older vampire traced a line with the tip of her tongue from her meal’s collarbone to the shell of his ear. As she sunk her fangs into the juncture of Michelangelo’s neck and shoulder the girl, Alyssa, led Bella to Nicolai.
“Ian told us that you were very hungry,” the girl said, “that is why we are both here. I will be your second course tonight.”
Bella smiled and nodded, “I understand,” she said as reassuringly as she could.
Nicolai’s fragrance was that of olive oil, cardamom and lemon. Bella touched the tip of her distended tongue to his neck and tasted sweet vanilla. As she sank her fangs into his jugular she was careful to make neat incisions and not waste a single drop of his precious blood.
They moaned as one as she drank hungrily. The young Greek gave of himself completely. Bella couldn’t help but caress his chest as she fed. His nipples were hard little pebbles beneath the Egyptian cotton shirt. Her hand traveled downward to cup his manhood, granite hard and straining against its durance vile.
“Eliza said this was a very intimate act,” she thought to herself. Without breaking contact she placed one knee on the cushion beside his waist then swung the other over to straddle her meal, pushing her wet sex against his pulsing member. The thin layers of fabric between them only heightened the sensations they felt as they ground themselves together.
“My lady?” Bella, feeling that oh so familiar tingle of an impending climax, heard Alyssa calling as if from very far away; she was so close, so close!
“My lady, please!” Bella groaned and released Nicolai’s neck. She did grind into his erection one more time, forcing him to come in his trousers. She felt a thrill of pleasure that radiated from her sex outward.
Alyssa placed a small gauze bandage on Nicolai’s puncture wounds which seeped blood (later the newly-turned vampiress would learn to deal with the anti-coagulant in her saliva). The young girl led Bella to the other chase and reclined, but rather than expose her neck she placed one foot on the floor and the other on the lounge. Her long white skirt, slit to the hip, opened, revealing gorgeous long legs and white lace barely-there knickers.
“If it pleases you my lady, I prefer to have you feed from my femoral artery.”
“Oh I think that would be lovely, Alyssa.”
Bella kneeled on the cushion that Alyssa had placed on the carpet for that purpose and then leaned over her prone second course. Alyssa’s aroma was like cinnamon and cloves. Bella licked the inside of the young girl’s thigh from her knee to the lace alleged under garment, she tasted honey at first, then as she got closer to the juncture of the girl’s legs, saffron. Alyssa responded by opening her thighs further to give the vamiress easier access.
Bella found the perfect spot, just below the juncture of thigh and pudendum and sank her fangs into the girl’s delicious, soft yet firm flesh. Bella’s delicious meal shivered in pleasure and began to drench the gusset of her knickers in arousal. The vampiress placed the girl’s ankle against her sex, and then trapped it there by closing her thighs around it. Alyssa began to rotate her ankle to rub against Bella’s arousal.
Bella reached up with her left hand to caress her entrée’s right breast while with her right hand she stroked Alyssa’s sex through the thin, lacy knickers. Alyssa groaned and reached down, frantically pulling the gusset of her panties to one side granting her client full access. Bella slid one, then two fingers into the young girl’s warmth and expertly brought her to completion as she herself climaxed again.
After a short while Bella found herself sated. Her belly was full and she’d climaxed more in the span of a few minutes than she had in the past seventeen years of her life. She laid her head against Alyssa’s thigh while the young girl stroked her hair.
“That was wonderful my dear,” Bella cooed.
“It was my pleasure to serve you my lady.”
Bella lifted her head and saw Eliza rocking back and forth against her recumbent dinner. Bella thought that she and Nicolai must have looked something like that a little earlier in the evening. The difference was Michelangelo’s trousers were below his knees and Eliza’s knickers were dangling from her right ankle.
Eliza looked dreamily over at Bella and said in a husky voice, “come and taste this.”
Bella seemed to float over to her ancestress.
“Just a nip, here,” she said, turning the Italian’s head slightly to the side.
Bella sank her fangs into the young man’s neck and sipped experimentally, then withdrew quickly.
“It’s hot!” she exclaimed.
“That’s the garlic,” Eliza explained dreamily, even as she rode her partner, “after a while you’ll develop a taste for it, but for now it’s best to avoid it. Have a little wine to get the taste out of your mouth.”
Alyssa appeared at her elbow and offered a crystal goblet.
“Thank you my dear.”
The server bowed and went back to the lounge.
“Would you care for more, my lady?”
Bella looked at Nicolai and saw his eyes sparkling, his ardor showing no sign of flagging.
“Oh yes, my dears,” she said, deftly stepping out of her own knickers, “definitely!”
Kali spera, a phonetic spelling of the Greek, “Good evening.” I have a weakness for olive skinned, dark haired, dark eyed Eastern Mediterranean girls – I very nearly married one. I often imagine how different my life would have been. Sigh.
A short chapter, I know. But as they say, it’s not the length that counts but the skill. . .
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