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Chapter 3

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As soon as her fingers were interlocked he touched her lips with his and gave her the most passionate kiss she ever had, it sent tingling all thru her body or that might have just been what ever she took Cindy thought but it couldn’t be.
“What now?”
“You’re a good kisser”
“Ya well now it’s your turn to hold up your part of the bargain”
“Oh all right here you go” she said holding up the tin. Gerard picked up a pretty little yellow one well when your high I guess anything looks pretty

Gerard felt the pill go straight to his head and he felt like he was on cloud nine
“Fuck what the hell was that?”
“So we gonna go back to study hall all fucked up or are we gonna have a little fun and skip” said Gerard
“Mmm definitely skip …. Wait what about that other guy ….uhhhh bob isn’t it?”
“Trust me he’s fine he’s snuggled up next to I think her name is Ashley”
“Shit she’s like the school skank”
“Ha-ha poor bob not I guess he will have the time of his life”
“Well since we can’t go back like this and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be good to get caught out here I suggest we get going!” Cindy Says in a teasing voice
“Will Mrs.Norbington be pissed?”
“I doubt she even realizes were gone”
“So where we gonna go???” Gerard says with a confused look on his face
“Follow me I know the perfect place!” Cindy says as she grabs his hand and starts dragging him down the hall
After running for awhile Gerard totally out of breath says “STOP, Please Stop”
“oh come on its just up ahead!”
“but that’s a Fire escape door we go thru that and we set off the alarm and get sent to ISS or worse”
“Well then I guess we just can’t set off the alarm can we” Cindy said mischievously
“But how the hell do you do that??
“Mmm well you see once upon a time I was a goody two shoes so right before classes ended for the day I would take the erasers out of the classrooms and go outside and get all the chalk out of them before the bus came so instead of taking them all the way across the school out the front door Mrs.Yingly taught me how to open this door with out setting off the alarm!”
“Ya so when I stopped doing that I remembered the little trick to it and have been going out this way to skip class easy and efficient” she says fumbling with the door
“And there we go” Cindy says opening the door
“Wow” He said speechless
“And that’s not the best part, there’s a fire escape over here and we can go on to the roof without being seen.”
“Lets go and uhh well we will have to see what happens when we get there” he says seductively
“Mmm sounds good to me”
They head up the fire escape ladder when Gerard gets up he helps Cindy when they are both up he lays out his jacket and lays down on it. Cindy lies down on top of him as they start to kiss her mind wanders and all of a sudden something jogs her memory and she pulls back
“Whats wrong?” Asks Gerard
“err nothing…
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