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Novo Annum

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A/N: Potter me no own.

Thanks to everyone who liked the idea of the Goblins having a movie industry. It just seemed to be a likely thing for the Goblins. Just because the Wizards of Britain seem to be fixated on the 18th century doesn’t mean that the every magical specie would be…

Last time on The Power He has Not:

Potter Estate

Family Room:

“So you’re getting us out of the way.”

“That would be a cynical way of looking at it.” Harry tried to look offended.

“What if we say no?”

“Well, I’d be forced to have Hermione obliviate your memories, create new personas with new names, and give you an overwhelming desire to head down under, until such time as we finish with Moldy Shorts and come get you.”

“Like I’d do that.” Hermione huffed.

“Shush, I’m being threatening.”

“Well, you know Daniel; I’ve always wanted to see New Zealand.” Emma looked thoughtful.”

Narcissa seemed less than thrilled. “Is there at least shopping in New Zealand?”

Harry Potter and the Power He Has Not.

Chapter 28 – Novo Annum

Glasgow Airport:

Draco was gazing though the plate glass looking at the passenger jet with a wary eye. Dressed in slacks and a polo shirt, he felt odd, and now Potter expected him to get in that metal monstrosity that somehow managed to fly without magic. Insanity plain and simple.

“Relax Draco; commercial airlines are the safest way to travel.”

“You’ve ridden in one Potter?”

“Me? Good lord no.” He grinned at the look on Draco’s face. “Hermione and I are taking a shuttle flight to London. It leaves about 30 minutes after your flight does. That will be my first muggle flight. Come on Draco, you never used to let me get to you like that.” He slapped the blond on the back. “Lighten up, from what I hear, Kiwi girls find cultured English accents like yours dead sexy…”


“Like you didn’t know…”

Kings Cross Station:

Hand in hand, Hermione and Harry arrived at the station, still having an half an hour before the Express was to leave for Hogwarts, they found a secluded corner near Platform 9 ¾ and treasured their last few moments together. Harry was in a good position to see Neville and Susan Bones approach the platform.

“Neville!” Harry took Neville’s hand. “Thanks for your help on the train last time Big Brother. Thank God you were there.”

Neville blushed; I didn’t do anything you wouldn’t have done if you had been there Harry.”

“Are you ok Susan?”

“I’m always ok when I’m with Neville Harry. He’s my Rock.”

“We’ve got to go Harry, got to assist the first years.” Hermione looked to him wistfully.

“I was hoping to see Ron and Ginny, but you’re right. I’ve got to get back to Gringotts.” He pulled Hermione to him for a kiss. “Be safe Hermione”


Curse Breaking Department

Potter Project Conference Cavern:

Harry entered the conference area, Bill Weasley and his team of nine curse breaking Goblins were waiting.

“Welcome to our facility Harry.”

“Thank you for the invitation Bill. You’ve done it?”

The eldest of the Weasley children gestured to the table where lay three enchanted items and a huge snake in a sphere of magic. “We’ve got all four. The Locket of Slytherin, The Cup of Hufflepuff, the Dagger of Ravenclaw, and Nagini the snake. We’ve yet to determine just how to go about breaking the curses on the items, or separating the soul fragments from them, but possession is 9/10s of the problem.”

“I’ve given that part some thought. I would ask that you all stand back.”

“Harry, what are you doing?”

“Just making use of the gift Tom gave me.” Harry smiled. He turned to Ragnak, who had accompanied him. “Bank Manager, if I am possessed, kill me. Don’t try for a cure, just kill me.”

“Mr. Potter, the Curse Breakers are trained to…”

“Bank Manager, breaking the curse on one of these almost killed Albus Dumbledore. I don’t want to risk any of these people. It’s my problem, I’ll deal with it. Might I bother one of your security Goblins for the loan of a sword?”

Ragnak narrowed his eyes calculating the risk to the bank; he then nodded to the security team leader, who handed Harry his sword hilt first.

“Thank you Glithort.”

Harry approached the table, when he got within 20 feet of the snake, the sphere of magic dissolved into nothing, and Nagini’s enchantments suddenly canceled. The 30 foot snake reverted to the five foot coral snake it had been prior to its capture by Riddle. The loss of its magics and protections disoriented the creature, and it convulsed on the table top. Harry swung the blade and severed the head. Without the magics or the life force of the creature to hold it in place, a fragment of Riddle’s soul was released. Without magics to sustain the soul fragment, it dissipated with a horrible shriek.

As soon as the other horocruxes entered Harry’s area of null magic, the magics holding the soul fragments were sucked away and the soul fragments all died, one after another, each with its own death scream. Riddle’s horocruxes were all gone.


Gryffindor Heads Suite

Common Room:

Hermione cast an angry look at the door to the Head Boy’s bedroom. Ron and Luna (and to a lesser extent Neville and Susan) had taken to making ‘use’ of the unoccupied room. More often than not they forgot to use privacy charms making Hermione an annoyed and more than a little bit jealous audience of one.

She closed here textbook, and gathered her things into her book bag before stomping up to her own bed chamber. She disrobed and pulled on her bed clothes (a Gryffindor team Jersey bearing the name ‘Potter’ that she had purchased as a joke at the World Quidditch cup. She had worn it while sleeping with him once. In the morning when he saw what she was wearing he had fallen out of the bed laughing)

After brushing her teeth and dealing with her before bed routines, she lay on the bed and extinguished the lights. For a moment, she accessed Harry’s emotions. He was very pleased by something. Something had gone very right. She lay back and relaxed. She then used the ring to access his love for her again. It washed over her, overwhelming her senses. When the first orgasm hit her she cried out.



Norfolk, England:

Bellatrix led her team of Death Eaters to the sleepy village randomly targeted by the Dark Lord to spread the terror he sought. It took less than half an hour for all 732 souls who lived in the completely muggle village to die. The dark mark appeared over the remains of the village and the Death Eaters apparated away.


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