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A/N: I possèdent nullement n'importe quoi faire avec Harry Potter (hormis les livres sur mes étagères). Toutes les droites à Harry Traînent et la compagnie appartiennent aux gens avec un tas d'argent. Veuillez ne pas me poursuivre, vous ne peut pas obtenir le sang d'une pierre.


A/N2: Has it occurred to anyone else just how damaged all the main characters are? I mean in canon. Hermione was a bookworm with no friends, and is still too much of a stickler for the rules to have very many friends. Ron was the youngest son in a family of over achievers so that no matter what he does, one of his older brothers did it first. Poor Luna got to see her mother die, and pick up the pieces for her father, Harry and Neville had their childhoods stolen from them by Riddle, and were abused by their families, and Ginny, well she’s just a fan girl bitch with delusions of adequacy… Have I mentioned I don’t like Ginny?

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Neville Longbottom was patrolling the castle. He was not a prefect, but his actions on the train had given him a certain license to enhance the security of the castle when he could. Something was going on. This he was sure. Classrooms that were supposed to be locked were found open. Potion stores had been raided of restricted ingredients. He had mentioned all this to both Cornfoot and Hermione, both said that they would look into it.

If the pattern he was starting to see was accurate, this should be the classroom used tonight. He turned the knob and was unsurprised when the door opened to him. There in the unused classroom were two young men kneeling over a cauldron.

“Well look boys, we’ve got a snoop.” To Neville’ immediate left he found a sixth year Slytherin who had his wand pointed at Neville’s head.

The two kneeling immediately whipped out their wands and cast hexes in his direction. Neville grabbed the throat of the Slytherin by the door and pulled him into position to act as a shield. His shield slumped to the ground as Neville cast a pair of full body binds on the pair by the cauldron. He laid his prisoners side by side on the floor next to the evidence in the cauldron. With a cutting hex he flayed the right sleeves of the robes they wore. The Slytherin who had been at the door was marked.

“Well, Happy Birthday to me…”

Harry Potter and the Power He Has Not.

Chapter 30 – Payback


Mine car access:


Harry looked up to see Bill Weasley coming toward him.

“I can’t thank you enough Harry. That bonus will…” the older man drew him into a bone crushing hug that would have put Mrs. Weasley to shame. “Now I can buy Fleur the house she wants.”

“I’d wait a bit before you buy any property. I’m going to be liquidating some properties in a about a month, according to the estate department I’ve got some nice houses. If you like one of them, maybe we can work a deal.”

“Harry, you already done so much.”

Harry waved off his protest “What’s the good of having it if I can’t use it to make myself happy. Happy Weasley’s make ME happy. Your family have been so good to me Bill, I’d give it all to them if they’d take it. Besides it isn’t real likely that I’ll be using it.”

“Harry, don’t be like that.”

“Just being honest. As far as anyone can tell, magic can’t be used on me. However, this is Tom Riddle’s doing, he surely knows how to control it. The prophecy says I have to be the one to kill him, but I can’t see that happening, at least not directly.” Harry gave him a dangerous smile “But I have cooked up a little surprise to focus his attention a bit.”

The Mine car to the Goblin Training Caverns of Jempap rolled up. “I’ve got to go Bill; my squad leader will skin me alive if I’m late. Give my love to Fleur!” he jumped aboard the mine car and it left the access platform at a high rate of speed.

He does not expect to survive. He thinks he is going to die, and still he is still going to do what everyone expects him to do. Bill shook his head, awed by the bravery of the younger man. His younger brother routinely went with Harry to these confrontations. Bill resolved to make sure Ron got the respect he deserved from the family from now on.


Blade Cavern:

This was not supposed to be happening. This was supposed to be the first time his squad dueled with swords. Slorhook was losing. Losing to Slikmor.

It had been obvious at the beginning of the week that Slikmor had never touched a blade before. He conducted the drills teaching the stances and grips needed to use a Goblin sword successfully. Slikmor was clumsy and slow as always.

Then the first practice duel started. Slorhook always started with the weakest so Slikmor was the first to face him. They used wooden blades to reduce the probability of death, but not injury. Slorhook should have crushed Slikmor in seconds, but the human was parrying every thrust. He could not match Slorhook in strength, but his reflexes and speed gave him a killing edge. Slorhook had yet to make contact with Slikmor’s body but had been tagged himself at least 10 times in the 10 minutes the duel had been going on.

“Enough.” Slikmor stopped his attack instantly at the command. “Thutnose, you’re next”

Slikmor regarded him solemnly. “Why were you going easy on me?”

“Don’t question my training.” Slorhook growled. The Human bowed and left the circle.

Slorhook decided he needed to speak to his father that night.


Curse Breakers Department

Potter Project Conference Room

“10,000 Galleons, as a Personal Bonus from Potter.” Kpintho said. “On top of our share of the Bank Bonus for bettering the dead line, which is another 20,000 galleons each. Your young friend got any other jobs he needs done Weasley?”

“Harry believes in rewarding excellence. He’s a good kid. I doubt he’ll be contracting with us in the near future. He doesn’t expect to survive his confrontation with Voldemort.”

“Could we help?” asked Wintzip, the eldest of the curse breakers at almost 400 years of age.

“I don’t see how. The rules for Goblins and Humans interfering in the internal affairs of each other are fairly strict.”

“I don’t mean can the Goblin Nation help, I meant can WE help. That human put 5 years pay in my vault when he didn’t have to, simply to thank me for the work I was doing anyway. I see a debt there.” There were nods around the table.


Ragnak’s Office:

Ragnak look curiously as most of his Curse Breaker department filed into his office, having requested this meeting.

“Yes Curse Breaker Weasley?”

“I’m only here as your Department Head Bank Manager. These Goblins wish to ask for something, which as a Human, is none of my business.”

Curiouser and curiouser thought Ragnak quoting his favorite human author. “Is this true? Is this purely a Goblin issue?”

Wintzip, the eldest of the Curse Breakers present responded in Gobbledegook “It is Clan Master.”

“Thank you for your time Curse Breaker Weasley, you may return to your duties, I will deal with this Goblin matter.” What could this be about? They couldn’t be upset at Weasley’s promotion, not with the gold his contacts had earned them all.

After Bill Weasley left the room, Ragnak again turned his attention to Wintzip. “What is your request?”

“We would like to be ejected from the Goblin Nation.”

“In the 300 years I have held this office, I have been asked for many things, but I have never had this request before. Might I ask why?

Kpintho spoke up. “We have heard of the project in progress outside the Hogwarts grounds and wish to be there when it is executed. We wish to assist Vault Holder Potter in his fight, but we do not want to drag the Goblin Nation into war.”

“Human politicians call what you are asking for ‘plausible deniability’.” Ragnak thought aloud. “Will Weasley be there as well?”

“We believe so Clan Master.” Said Wintzip. “Curse Breaker Weasley has spoken of the life debts owed to Vault Holder Potter by his Clan.”

“If you are found, our records will show that you all were ejected from the nation today. If you are not found, we never had this conversation.”

“Thank you Clan Master.”

“Gringotts pays its debts. Go with Profit and Honor.”


Holding Cells

May 1st:

“Are you sure you’re alright with this Fleur?”

“Of course I am mon amour. We must assist ‘arry. If zis works, we will assist him in ways he knows not.” She kissed her new husband, the father of the child growing inside her.

She looked through the one-way view port and her eyes widened in recognition.

“Besides, I know this one. Once properly prepared, ‘e will be parfait!”

Composing her self Fleur entered the holding cell.

“Bonjour André”

“Fleur? Fleur Delacour?

"Weasley maintenant, je me suis marié."


"Merci. Nous recherchions un mangeur de la mort pour extorquer l'information hors de, imaginons que ma surprise quand je trouve celui ils m'apportent être un vieux camarade de classe."

"Je ne vous dirai rien."

"Je ne m'occupe pas. Je ne m'occupe pas du tout. La vraie raison je l'ai offert pour ceci pour que la chance remercie les mangeurs aléatoires de la mort de la façon dont mon fiancé a été blessé. Vous rappelez des relations de ` avec les êtres magiques avec Mme Trouseau?"

"Je crois ainsi."

"Vous vous rappelez pourquoi on devrait ne jamais nuire au compagnon d'un Veela?"

Andre Bouchold’s eyes widened as panic set in.

"Vous ne pouvez pas faire ceci, vous ne pouvez pas!"

"Vous joignez le monstre qui blessent mon Bill? Garçon, naturellement moi idiots bidon."

The screams were horrible. Not for the first time Bill Weasley resolved to never under any circumstance make his lovely wife angry.

A/N: Sorry about that, High School French was a very, very long time ago. I probably boogered up the grammar something terrible…


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