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A love like this can only be returned

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Cute little Frerard one shot that I wrote.

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"I will always protect you. When your afraid just come to me and I will wrap my arms around you and keep you safe, even when we sleep, even in my dreams my soul will reach out to yours and keep you safe from nightmares that haunt you. Even when we die...even then...
Even then I shall keep you safe"

From the first day I met him I knew I loved him. From the moment he walked into the room and gazed around with shy eyes I knew he was the only one I could truly love. From the moment my eyes first connected with his I knew there would be no other. The fact he was a man like me made no difference to the love that I felt for him, and I knew this love could not be rejected, love so strong could only be returned. The first words I ever said to him were "For a man so beautiful you look so unconfident" and he did. He seemed shy and afraid, looking about the room for someone, anyone, that he knew. But he was alone. As was everyone else in the room, all of us were new vampires, all of us had been summoned to this old building to be told about our new lives - or deaths as the case my be. I cannot remember anything the head vampires had told us that night. All I remember was how he would smile when I complimented him, how cute his laugh was when I made a joke. How his hazel eyes seemed to swirl and mix with gold. By the end of the night we both knew that despite not knowing a lot about eachother, we could not leave eachother. He came back with me to my home and we spent the night talking. I was lost in the world he seemed to create around us, a world only we knew. He had a lot of fears, he was afraid to kill humans to sustain his existance. I was afraid too, but I would keep myself alive so I could stay with him. One day we will not drink blood, we will allow ourselves to dissapear from the world forever, but when we do we will do it together. He had a nightmare that first night, I heard him in the other room, whimpering in his sleep. I woke him and he clung to me like a lost child, I remember running my fingers through his silky hair and whispered sweet nothings in his ear. He fell asleep in my arms and this time no nightmare took him. This time I stayed and kept him safe.
I remember all those times when he would laugh and his smile would light up the room. Alternatively when he was angry with someone I wanted them dead, when he was angry with me I would want to kill myself. When he cried I would feel like my heart would break. His happiness was everything to me, I would do anything for him and he knew it. He used to tease me all the time, giggling and running away when he would pull a prank, my anger would be short lived as he gave me his adorable grin and puppy dog eyes. Who could resist him? No one. When we would walk down the street girls seemed to flock round us, staring at him. When he was alone I would see him returning and a girl would be watching him, I could see the hunger in their eyes for this strange man. With the pale but not deathly white skin, those golden brown eyes and that smile. How I loved that smile.
I loved how he would talk to me, how he would say my name using different emotions. Love, anger, sadness, passion. He could talk about anything and I would listen. I never did the talking, he did. I wanted it that way. When we lay together at night, his arms wrapped around me, he would talk to me about things. Anything. I would smile and watch him slowly talking himself to sleep, sometimes he wouldnt complete his sentence before his eyelids dropped and his breathing became heavy and rythmic. I imagine his heartbeat was similar before he became a vampire.
He always used to call me 'his'. He would cuddle me and giggle cutely as he whispered ' Gerard. My lovely lovely Gerard' I didnt mind. I like being his, because he was mine. He owned my love and I owned his. Frankie. My Frankie.
My lovely lovely Frankie.

Xx The end xX
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