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Vampiric Future

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Jesse thought he was normal. Just like everyone else in the hectic world. A sister, a mom... But what was with the strang guy following him. Only time can tell.

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Jesse walked down the road to the 7 Eleven. His mother had complained there was nothing to eat. Although it was 11 o'clock at night Jesse had put on his coat and said he would buy her a hot dog and a Slurpie.

The young man walked down the street with his hands in his pockets and slouched against the chill of the night. He was a tall boy. At 16 he could play for the NBA if he wanted. He had bleach blonde hair, pale skin, and dark midnight blue eyes. Jesse was strong but he was slim and well toned. He had a little sister who was afraid of anything that had more than two legs. Her name was Lucy and she was seven. She was always asking him to kill spiders. Her fear of them increased by their number of legs. Whenever he did, though, she would cry and beg for him to burry it outside. There must have been 80 or 90 little graves in their backyard for all the bugs he's killed.

Lucy looked nothing like Jesse. She had black hair and chocolate brown eyes. She looked like their mother who was Native American and proud of it. She was on the short side for her age. The smallest girl in her class. She was probably the most kind too and not many people could say that Jesse was always kind. The little girl was a perfect angel in class. She got all her work done and played wonderfully with the other young children. Her teacher said she enjoyed letters the most. Always soaking them in and turning in wonderful work. This was so much unlike our older blue eyed blonde who hated English class and lived for his math and science classes.

Jesse kept looking over his shoulder expecting to see someone. For the past week a man would follow him to 7 Eleven and then home. Once or twice the man had even appeared in the house but no one seemed to notice him. Jesse would see him and then the man would be gone. He had no idea what the man could want but he had become used to his presence. He knew the man was probably dangerous but seeing the same guy over and over had him always watching for the similar dark clothing that almost seemed to be there to protect or kill him.

Once Jesse reached the store he went inside and bought what he had come for. He payed quickly and made his way home. He kept looking around for his shadow but saw nothing that even hinted that he was being followed by a fly much less a man. At home he opened the door and hung up his coat. After he made sure the front door was locked and closed he set off to find his mother. He went upstairs and found her in bed. Slowly shaking his head, the food was put on his mother's nightstand for when she next woke up from her hungover state of unconciousness.

Jesse wandered down the stairs and looked around the corner. He was expecting to see the man but he saw nothing in the hallway. He couldn't figure out why he was so bothered about the man not appearing. He should be happy that he was finally free of the creepy presence that had watched him so thoroughly but had never said a word in his direction.

That's when the scream came from the kitchen and he went rigid. His blood ran cold in his veins. Had Lucy seen the man? Was that shadow of his even now bringing a nice to his baby sister's delicate neck and tearing it open to silence the screams that were announcing his presnece? Jesse ran with all speed into the kitchen and froze. He stared at his siter who was standing on a chair in the middle of the room. Her stumbling words when she saw Jesse were filled with both relief and continued fear. "Jesse! It was horrible!" She hiccuped. "It was nasty and big! Oh Jesse it had fangs!" Her eyes were wide and terrified.

"What? What was it?" Lucy's big brother urged her, holding onto her shoulders to reasure them both of her safety. "Oh Jesse..." Lucy sounded like she was close to tears. "It was a giant rat!"

He brother took a deep breathe and let it out in relief. When he had heard her scream he had thought the worst. He could hardly believe that he had nearly had a heart attack at such a young age because of a rat. "Go to bed, Lucy. I'll put some traps in the basement.," he told her as sweetly as he could even though he was upset with her for scaring him so much.

Lucy gulped and sniffled, rubbing her eyes with her hands and giving a great yawn. "Okay, 'night Jesse," she said as he lifted her to the floor. "'Night Lucy," he replied kindly, pushing her slightly to the doorway. She sniffled one last time and went upstairs to bed.

Jesse shook his head and looked around. He moved the chair back to its place under the table and checked to make sure the rat wasn't still hanging about. He would much rather put it outside than kill it. Just wasn't his style to kill something that hadn't harmed anyone first.

Our tall friend was about to go upstairs to his own bed for the night when he saw a flicker of movement in the far corner by the sliding glass door. He saw the darked clothed man standing there and watching him. Jesse started to stumble out a question but the man raised a hand and the words seemed to freeze in his throat making him unable to speak. "I will come to speak with you sometime soon," the man filled the silence with a voice equal to both death and pleasure. "Until then you can think of me as the Master of Midnight." The man flashed a smile and the blonde young man noticed he had sharper corner teeth then most. He blinked and the Master of Midnight was gone. Midnight blue eyes lost focus and their owner fell unconcious to the floor.
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