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Pete jumped back,Brie looked at him wide eyed and confused why was Pete Wentz in a shitting suburb of Las Vegas.
"Pete" Ryan said grabbing his girlfriend
"Sorry about my sister she is a huge Fall Out Boy fan" Brendon said glaring at her.
"Why are you here" Brie said
"Hes here to check out Panic" Spencer said
"Why" Brie said
Ryan picked up Brie moving her from the door so Pete could enter.
"Sorry about her" Ryan said letting go and pushing her lightly over and out of the way.
"Its cool" Pete said smiling at Brie
"I'm Ryan thats Brendon, Spencer, Jon and Brendons twin sister Brie" Ryan said
"Cool" Pete said
"Brendon twin sister what are you gay now Ross" Brie said bumping Ryan hard as she walked passed him. He rolled his eyes.
Brie sat down on the couch while Pete talked to the guys as they got ready to play she was unamused.
Pete came over and sat down next to Brie.
"So are they as good as they sound" Pete said
"I guess" Brie said
Pete laughed
"Not a big fan" Pete said
"Not really" Brie said
Pete just laughed
"So why are you here" Brie said taking her long brown out the ponytail and flipping it lightly.
Pete watched her she was beautiful but she had this classic beauty about her. He smiled at her. She stared at him and smiled back lightly bitting her lip. The boys where playing Pete was listening but watching Brie intensely.
"You guys are great I want to sign you" Pete said
"Seriously" Ryan said
"Yep i'll get all the paper work filled out and get back to later today" Pete said
"Okay" Ryan said noticing Pete looking at his girlfriend.
"Well I'll call you later this evening" Pete said
They said there goodbyes. the guys celebrated as Brie sat on the couch feeling sorry for herself. This meant not only Brendon was leaving her but Ryan too.
"I love you" Ryan said sitting down next to her.
"Don't" She said getting up and walking out side The heat caused her to sweat almost instantly. Ryan followed her.
"What the hell" Ryan said
"Your leaving Ryan" She said tears burning her eyes.
"You are coming with me" He said
"You know I won't be able too" She said as a tear escaped her eye.
"I am not going to leave you" Ryan said wiping the tear.
"Please Ryan don't" She said turning away from him. The tears streamed down her face as she walked away.
He wanted to run after her. But he knew she was right as headed back into his mood was somber.
"Wheres Brie" Brendon said
"She was upset" Ryan said
"Why" Spencer said
"She thinks we are leaving her" Ryan said
Reality hit Brendon he knew if he left his sister at home with thier parents it was only a matter of time before she would married off to someone in the church.
"We can't leave her" Brendon said
"Huh" they all said
"There destory her" Brendon said
Ryans eyes got huge, he knew Brendon was right.
"Bren she'll be fine" Jon said
"Yeah Brendon she very strong willed" Spencer said
"No she won't" Ryan said picking up the phone to call Pete.
"Pete" Ryan said
"Yeah" He said
"Brie has to come with us" Ryan said
"Okay" Pete said
"So it won't be a problem" Ryan said
"No" Pete said
"Thanks" Ryan said and shut the phone.
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