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Episode Two: 'Demonstration'

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Japanese Volcabulary:

kaze youkai: wind demon

Episode Two: 'Demonstration'

The hallway and room were silent, Narakuna's steps having faded long ago. Elven ears listened closely for any noises that may suggest Narakuna's return, but fortunately, all was silent. Scarlet orbs flickered towards the doorway as she walked forward, each step taken lightly and silently. The wind-user stopped before the doorway, eyes darting around the room. There.The blood-red orbs locked on the limp white haired figure; her eyes glanced at the boy a moment longer before finally stepping forward into the room, coming to a stop before him.

Kagura stared at the strange boy for a moment. So, he was the reincarnation of Sesshoumaru? Her eyes darted to his face. His white blonde bangs shielded his eyes, though not his features that appeared strained despite his unconciousness; but she already knew that his eyes were the same shade as Sesshoumaru's own. The scarlet orbs drifted up to where his hands were still chained, that being the only thing keeping him from slumping to the floor. Her eyes returned to his face as she observed him critically, as if doing so would give her the answers she sought. This really was the reincarnation of the boy her elder sister had fallen for and killed?

Her blood-red lips pursed together as her brows furrowed, contemplating what to do. She stared in indecision for a moment longer until her eyes grew determined, seeming to finally make her decision.

"Kanna," she stated plainly, eyes never leaving the boy before her. She needed to see for herself...

The blank-faced little girl seemed to know what the demoness wanted because the white glow slowly faded from her mirror and Inuyasha's face seemed to lose its strained look; but then the mirror took on a different light as an image started to appear in its surface. It started off as no more than a white blob in dark surroundings but it slowly cleared to reveal another white haired boy, looking similar yet different to the figure before her.

Kagura's eyes left Inuyasha to lock with this image, taking in the sight of Sesshoumaru walking in an unknown forest, his face in its usual mask of calm and indifference. The demoness stared at the mirror a moment longer before looking back at Inuyasha. After a moment, she looked back at Sesshoumaru again before turning her eyes towards Inuyasha once more. After repeating this action several times, Kagura frowned, resting her blood red orbs on the elder, white-haired boy's image.

"Huh," Kagura muttered, brows furrowed as she placed her closed fan to her lips. "They really don't look that much alike..."

"Glad someone noticed."

The wind-user jumped slightly in surprised and turned to the formerly unconcious boy of the future, now awakened and staring at her.

"I thought you were unconscious," Kagura replied, narrowing her eyes, suspiciously.

"I was. I woke up," Inuyasha answered simply.

There was silence for a moment as Inuyasha observed her, before finally he spoke. "Who are you?"

The demoness narrowed her eyes further. "What's it to you?"

Inuyasha lifted an eyebrow. "You appear in this room, in a castle that I assume is Narakuna's, and start muttering about how Sesshoumaru and I don't look that much alike. You can't blame me for being curious."

Kagura stared a moment before sliding open her fan. "I am Kagura and I am the wind."

Inuyasha paused to stare at her strangely for a moment before shaking his head. "Okay, so what's your relation to Narakuna? Are you being held captive, too?"

The demoness snorted. "As I've already told you, I am the wind." She turned her head away. "I am no one's captive."

Inuyasha lifted an eyebrow in questioning. "Okay, what's with the 'I am the wind' stuff?"

Kagura turned her head to glare at the boy before rolling her eyes, waving her fan to send a couple of wind blades at the wall. "I'm a kaze youkai." She frowned, and placing the fan to her lips muttered," Well partially one, at least."

The boy of the future frowned, either having not heard the comment or choosing to ignore it. "So, if you're not being held captive, then why are you here? I might have guessed that you were a servant or something but your clothes are too fancy."

Kagura bristled at the servant comment and snapped her fan shut, turning to fix him with a glare. "Not that it's any of your business, but Narakuna just so happens to be my older sibling."

Inuyasha blinked at her. "You and Narakuna are sisters?"

The demoness furrowed her brows, placing the closed fan to her lips once more. "Well... half sisters..." As if realizing what she said, she straightened. "But that's not important." Kagura fixed Inuyasha with another glare. "Besides, you ask to many questions."

Inuyasha shrugged, or tried to, wincing at the effort. "Hey, I got nothing better to do."

The wind-user narrowed her eyes and bristled again. "I'm not here for your entertainment, HUMAN."

The white haired boy frowned. "Is it just a demon thing to talk down to humans or is it just most of the ones I know...?"

Kagura frowned, opened her fan again --partially shielding her face-- as her eyes took on a reminiscent tone. "Humans are weak. Humans are beneath us," she said, almost mechanically. "They have no power, only 'emotions' and the weakness of caring far too much; A terrible thing to have because it only hinders you..."

Inuyasha stared at the demoness curiously, an eyebrow raised in questioning, but didn't speak.

Kagura blinked, seeming to come out of the stupor she was in and turned her head to stare at Inuyasha, though not fully looking like she was seeing him.

"Uh..." Inuyasha said, uncertainly. "Are you, o-kay?"

The demoness blinked her eyes again, this time seeming to come back to herself. "What?"

"Uh... yeah. O-kay then," Inuyasha stated, not answering her question. "So, that's really what demons think of humans?"

She stared at him a moment longer before finally shaking her head as if to clear it. "Er... yeah. Yeah."

The white-haired human furrowed his brows, tilting his head to the side in thought. "Huh."

There was a long period of silence, though Inuyasha didn't seem to notice as he went over the information he'd just taken in.

"So..." Kagura paused, looking slightly anxious as if what she was about to say was something she really wanted answered. "You're really Sesshoumaru's reincarnation..." She lifted her blood red orbs. "..right...?"

Inuyasha blinked in surprise. "Uh, yeah. Why? Hasn't your sister told you that?"

"Mm," the wind-user nodded. "Of course she has. She needs SOMEONE to confide at least SOME of her plans to."

"Wait," the white-haired boy said. "So, you know why Narakuna captured me?"

The demoness snorted. "Of course I do. That's the one thing she won't shut up about." She rolled her eyes and muttered," Sisters are weird..."

Inuyasha didn't hear the comment for his thoughts were racing through his head. She knew why Narakuna kidnapped him so that probably meant she knew why Narakuna had tried to steal his soul, right? If he could just get her to tell him Narakuna's plans then he could escape and maybe have information on some of Narakuna's other plans, giving him and the others a possible advantage over Narakuna. He forced back a smile. It was perfect! He darted his eyes to Kagura. Now to just get her to spill without realizing it... It wouldn't hurt to ask.

"So..." Inuyasha said casually. "What does Narakuna want with me?"

The wind-user nonchalantly opened her mouth to answer when she suddenly stiffened. One elven ear twitched ever so slightly as if listening to something he couldn't hear, which she very well could be doing with her demon hearing. He was ready to ask her what was wrong when she whirled around on the forgotten dark-haired girl behind her.

"Kanna," She hissed, urgently.

The image of Sesshoumaru cleared from the mirror and the white glow started up agan. Inuyasha's confusion disappeared as he felt a tug in his chest, signifying that his soul was once again under the mirror's spell and trying to extract itself from his body. He clenched his jaw; half in pain, half in frustration. He had been so close... Now he was back where he'd started.

The wind-user whirled on him and fixed him with a fierce glare. "You won't tell anyone I was here human, or you will find yourself hit with my Dance of the Dragon so fast, you won't know what hit you," she threatened in a harsh whisper.

Inuyasha had no time -- or the will at the moment -- to question her before she had disappeared from the room leaving him, and the blank-faced Kanna once more. He couldn't help but wonder what had caused her speedy departure when he heard light footsteps coming nearer. It wasn't long before Narakuna came into view again, a smirk curving her painted lips. "Miss me?"

The white-haired boy narrowed his eyes hatefully. So, that was why Kagura had left. He couldn't blame her; Who wouldn't want to run away from that monster?

"Oh yes," Inuyasha replied with obvious sarcasm. "Why wouldn't I miss my kidnapper and sadistically, messed-up enemy?"

The demoness raised a single eyebrow. "Now there's no need to be sarcastic."

The boy glared at her. "Well, I happen to get a little sarcastic when I'm ticked and in pain."

Narakuna's lips curved slightly. "Point taken." She then chuckled and took a couple of steps closer so that she was a mere few feet away causing Inuyasha to eye her warily.

Her bottom lip stuck out in what could only be described as a slightly put off pout. "Now there's no need to act that way. I've done nothing to harm you."

"Yet," Inuyasha replied, renewing his glare.

The demoness' lips curved into another smirk. "True, but you still don't know what I have in mind for you..." A low sinister chuckle escaped her that made the hairs on the back of Inuyasha's neck rise.

Now mixed in with the wariness and confusion that filled his golden brown gaze was a more than generous dose of uneasiness. 'I don't like the sound of this...'

"What do you mean?" the boy of the future replied, hoping that the uneasiness hadn't slipped into his voice, though he knew that it had.

This seemed to only serve to make Narakuna's smirk grow wider. "Oh, you'll see soon. In fact..." Her eyes flashed maliciously. "I could give you a little... 'demonstration' now."

Inuyasha stiffened slightly, the uneasy feeling growing and curling around him, making it more and more difficult to keep it from changing his set, wary expression. He had a feeling that he wasn't going to like this 'demonstration' of hers...

Narakuna smirked, narrowing her mahogany orbs in glee. She was going to enjoy every minute of this 'demonstration.' Her smirk turned into a rougish grin as she took a couple of steps foreward until she was a mere arm's length away.

A little of Inuyasha's uneasiness slipped into his expression. He didn't like that look on her face and nor did he like their close proximity. He tried to sidle sideways along the wall to distance himself from the demoness, but found he could move no further than an inch or so before the chains tugged on his wrist.

Narakuna spied the movement and raising an eyebrow, took another step closer, much to Inuyasha's increasing discomfort. "You wouldn't be trying to run away from me, are you? I haven't given my demonstration yet."

Inuyasha tried to shift a little farther aways, but found the chain tugging at his wrist again. Other than that, he did no more but glance at her uneasily with not one word passing his lips.

The dark-haired demoness smirked again, taking yet another step forward so that she was closer than Inuyasha would have liked before leaning her head so that her mouth was at his ear. "Now how about that demonstration?" she said softly, her voice revealing the smirk he knew was on her lips.

The white-haired boy shivered in disgust. What the hell was going on? Surely she wasn't implying... He swallowed hard at the thought as his heart sped up a little, his golden orbs glancing at her nervously. He did not like where this 'demonstration' appeared to heading at all...

Narakuna chuckled, her breath washing over his skin to send another unpleasant shiver down the reincarnation's spine. "This is only a small taste of what I plan to do to you, especially when I have that half-breed watching... But I suppose I must finish my demonstration first, ne?"

Inuyasha's blood ran cold. Have that half breed watching...? Did she mean Kagome...? He glanced at Narakuna from the corner of his eye but could only see wavy black hair. He was REALLLY not liking where this was headed...

The demoness pulled back her head to smirk maliciously at him which immediately set him on edge, especially when she leaned her head fowards so that she was locking eyes with him. Inuyasha found himself unable to divert his gaze. It was like watching a train crash; he couldn't look away even as he heart pounded desperately in fearful anticipation and a chill ran down his spine.

But he did not have to wait long as Narakuna's eyes narrowed malevolently and leaned her head forward, placing her hands on his chest.

Inuyasha's reaction was immediate. Unable to move his arms, the boy threw his head forward, effectively knocking heads with the demoness. Startled, Narakuna fell back a few paces. Inuyasha felt slight regret for his move as a throbbing started at his forehead. Maybe that hadn't been his best idea...

His thoughts were only justified more as the dark-haired demoness before him lifted a hand to her own forehead, calmly massaging the newly formed red mark that lay there. "Now, now, didn't your mother ever tell you not to hit a woman?"

Inuyasha felt anger flare up inside him, causing a fiersome glare to emit from his burning golden brown orbs. "You're no woman," he spat venomously. "You're a monster."

The reincarnation felt a small amount of regret at his words well up inside of him as he spied something dangerous pass through the demoness' eyes. The mahogany orbs narrowed and a frightening smirk crossed her lips. "You think so, do you?" She snapped her gaze to the quiet human girl off to the side and the glowing mirror she held. "You know what to do."

It appeared Kanna did know what to do as the mirror seemed to grow brighter. Inuyasha was a little confused at first, but the emotion disappeared as quickly as it came as he felt the tug on his soul -- which he'd managed to forget about earlier -- grow in strength, causing him to clench his jaw tightly in pain. His earlier discomfort at having his soul removed from his body before was nothing compared to what he felt now. It was as if the painful sensation had doubled. He forced back a low groan that tried to escape his throat.

Narakuna seemed to know what had happened even though he hadn't made a sound because her smirk grew to epic proportions in a mixture that could only be described as one of smug satisfaction."The spell trying to remove your soul from your body has been strengthened if you've not noticed. You shouldn't last too much longer." She finally turned around to leave, relieving him from having to see the infuriating expression. "Enjoy."

Inuyasha watched through forcibly opened eyes as she left, feeling beads of sweat begin to dampen his strained features as she closed the door, leaving him in darkness once more. This wasn't good. At this rate, he thought Narakuna might actually be right as to how long he would last. He gave one last fruitless attempt to tug at the chains but, not to his surprise, it proved useless. His head fell forward as his breathing came harder, finally allowing himself to realize that he had little to no chance at escaping from this himself. With this in mind, he clenched his jaw, eyes closed tight beneath furrowed brows.

'Kagome... You're my last chance... Please get here soon...'

With that, all was silent.

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