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The never ending storm

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This is an origional poem by me

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The Never ending storm

My life is like a never ending storm,
raging and raging thru the night.
But in my dreams,
my heart has wings,
my mind will happily take flight.
My soul is worn,
my spirit torn;
my wings will soon be too,
and when I fight,
I can't take fight from this impending doom.
I wake from this fright,
in the midst of the night,
and hope that it's just a dream;
but when I turn the light on,
I let out a scream.
Of course it's not a dream,
that is why I scream.
My life is just so hectic;
beaten on and attacked my those who'd want to wreck it.
Those oh so ancient evils,
that prey upon my dreams;
they want to take over my body,
and mend the broken seams;
those oh so gaping holes left by my broken dreams.
Soon my good dreams will be just a memory,
leaving nothing but truth and despair.
But for now I have these dreams;
I just wish I could find one who actually cared.
My mind is filled with empty thoughts,
so long I've wondered what they mean.
And when I think these empty thoughts,
I dare to sleep,
I dare to dream.
And so the storm rages on,
I wonder what this storm should mean.
Does it mean the end of me?
Does it mean my body and the evils shall become one?
I ask myself these questions,
as I sit up in my bed.
These same old pondered questions running,
running thru my head.
I lay my head down silently,
until sleep has it's way.
A dreamless sleep it has become until another day.
My dreams,
my dreams,
they melt away,
like shadows at the dawn of day.
And though another day has come,
the darkness never fades away.
The darkness,
ah the darkness,
it never ceases to amaze.
But when I walk that winding path,
it leads me to a maze.
This maze I talk of is my mind,
It’s complexity unmasked.
These questions that I ask myself are better left unasked.
No being will ever know the answer to these questions,
I daresay.
Never ever,
I say!
Not tomorrow,
Not today.
This maze that is my mind is the one that makes these rhymes;
but my heart is the one that asks these questions pondered endless times.
I wonder if my future is this dark.
After all,
Time has already left its mark.
This wishing,
Dreaming heart of mine is what empowers my powerful mind.

Written by: Autumn Keller
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