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Coming into the picture...Akasha

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Akasha(from the movie Queen of the Damned) meets the Coreys...and undergoes a change of heart....

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"Again with this brooding, Corey Feldman."

The Felddog spun around. It was her....


Corey touched golden brown skin. "There's something I've always wondered about. Marius cared for you all those years. He said you never moved. Why?"

Akasha thought for a moment, kissing his hands. "Well, his demeanor is not of a king. He thinks, and appreciates everything. I have no patience for analysis."

Corey was incredulous. "You think he's weak?"

"I said nothing of weakness. He isn't suitable to rule at my side. But you are different. Brash, bold and fearless. I like that greatly."

I see.

"Akasha," Corey purred, " I have a better idea."

"Oh, I love new ideas," said Akasha. "What is it?"

"Silence." Corey lunged, biting Akasha above a nipple. She swooned in pleasure as he suckled, sipping her blood. A warning sounded in her mind but she didn't listen. It was the Felddog, only the Felddog...

His blood, the original fire. Akasha sank low with the Prince, unable to think. Teeth grazed her body everywhere, giving pain and delight. In her mind he danced for her, Michael Jackson style. Nude and glowing, his body lit in dark flame and shadow. She embraced the heat. Dizzy and spinning, a vertigo of sensation...

Low moans rolled in her throat as she arched into the hot mouth engulfing her. Akasha lost it seconds later, coming into the welcoming warmth. Corey then licked her womanhood dry. Tongue trailing up her belly, dissolving into more kisses over her nipples. Moaning, Akasha clutched at the body over hers, feeling smoothness and rippling muscle. Short hair slipped through her fingers, soft to the touch.

Corey then said, after rising from her breast, "Dance with fire and get burned, child. Do you understand me?"

Akasha whimpered, then replied,

He smirked. "Good."
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