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Brie cried the whole drive to Utah. Nick acted like she was something he owned. He was cold and mean.
"Where home" Nick said as they pulled up to a little green house with a white fence.
"This will never be home" Brie hissed
Nick looked at Brie, he was determind to break her. She would learn to obey him.
"It is home stop with the attidude" he said
"Fuck you" Brie said
Nick raised his hand to Brie
"I dare you" She said smiling
"I won't this time but you are going to start listening to me" he said as the two walked into the house. Brie ran straight for the phone. She dialed Ryans number.
"Hello" Ryan said
"Utah" She said before Nick hung up the phone.
Nick grabbed Brie arms and throw her on the couch.
"Forget about him" Nick said putting his arm around Brie.
Brie shoved his arm off her.
"Get one thing straight right now I will never love you and I will never marry you" Brie said
Nick just laughed.

"Utah" Ryan said
"Utah" Brendon said
"Bries in Utah" Ryan said
"Roadtrip" Spencer said
"We don't where in Utah" Jon said
"I'll knock on every door in the state if I have too" Ryan said
"Guys think about this Brie will find a way to let us know where she is" Jon said
"Hes right we are just going to have to wait" Spencer said
"Fuck" Ryan screamed
"If I know Brie she giving him the hardest time" Brendon said
"Thats what worries me" Ryan said
"Shes a strong she'll fight until she gets back to us" Brendon said

A couple days later Brie was sitting on the couch of her new jail as she liked to call it. Nick had taken the phone with him when he left to go work. Brie walked outside the house and saw the neighbor.
"Do you have a phone I can use" She asked
The girl a couple years older than her smiled.
"You must be Brie" She said
"Yeah how did you know" Brie asked
"Nick said he was bringing a his future wife home from Las Vegas" she said
"Something like that" Brie said
"Katie" the girl said
"So do you have a phone I could use" Brie said in distress
"Yeah" She said confused Nick made her think this girl was already head over heals in love with him.
"Thank you" Brie said
"Can I ask why you aren't using your phone" Katie said
"Nicks a slimeball and took all the phones with him so I couldn't call my brother and my boyfriend in Vegas" Brie said
Katie looked at Brie she was completely confused.
"Your not in love with Nick" She asked
"Oh god no" Brie said
"I am really confused now" She said
Brie gave her short the version
"I am so sorry" She said
"Thank you" Brie said as picked up the phone
"Hello" Ryan said
"Ry" Brie said
"Brie" Ryan said
"You need to come get me" Brie said
"Give us the address" Ryan said
"824 hilltop Drive Salt City Utah" Brie said
"We'll be there as soon as we can" Ryan said
"Ry I love you" Brie said
"I love you too" Ryan said
"Brie" Brendon said
"I am fine Brenny" Brie said
"Are you sure" Brendon said
"Yeah just save me" Brie said
"We will Brie" Brendon said
"Bye Brenny" Brie said
Brie hung up the phone and started crying tears of joy her nightmare was almost over.
"Are they coming" Katie said
Brie nodded
"Brie be careful he got very violent with his last girl friend" Katie said
"I will" Brie said
Brie thanked her again, and went back next door. She was so excited to see Brendon and Ryan.
Nick came home earlier, Brie was sitting on the couch and watching TV when Nick walked in.
"Dinner ready" he said
"No I don't cook" Brie said
"Well you better learn" Nick said
Brie looked at him and started laughing.
"You just don't get it do" He said
"That your a complete loser" Brie said
"I am going to take a shower get your ass in the kitchen and cook me something now" Nick said
"Fuck off" Brie said
Nick walked up stairs. Brie took a deep breathe, and went back to watching TV. Nick can down just as there was a knock at the door. Brie jumped and answered there stood 4 boys.
"Brie" Ryan said kissing her she hugged each of the other guys.
"Shes leaving" Brendon said
Brie smiled
"Take her she'll have to come back" Nick said Ryan walked up to him.
"Ry hes not worth it" Brie said
"Did this ass hole touch you Brie" Ryan said
"No" Brie said
"Come on babe" Ryan said
Brie walked out the door with Ryan and Brendon by her side she climbed in the car and they all headed back to Vegas.
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