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Chapter Five

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What can possibly happen now?

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The next day I woke up to the doorbell ringing. Sometime during the night I remember having got up and slumped to the bedroom. There I had changed into a pair of silk short-shorts and a matching top.
When the doorbell rang, I panicked. “Who is it?” I yelled, ready to spring to my dresser for clothes.
“Brandon!” the voice called back. Oh, well that was okay then. Still in my skimpy pjs, I opened the door.
“Hey bro-wow you’re so not my brother.” It wasn’t. It was BRENDON.
I’ll tell you one thing, he wasn’t looking at my face, either. I stood there, staring flatly at Brendon as his eyes made several circuits of my body. “Anytime you feel like telling me why you’re here I would love to hear it,” I said sourly.
Brendon finally looked at me, and at least he had the decency to appear somewhat guilty. But only somewhat. “I…umm…I came here to tell you something.” No shit Sherlock. “Umm. Oh yeah! We’re throwing a party for the release of our new rendition of our music video. I wanted to invite you to come along.” His eyes made yet another circuit of my body.
“Would it help you if I took off my pajamas?” I snapped, fed up.
Now Brendon looked up at me again and he was blushing. “I’m sorry,” he muttered. “Should I go?”
Huffing, I sighed. “Nah. Just come in,” I held the door open and he stepped past me, his torso brushing against mine.
The blush came back to my face as I closed the door, and when I turned I saw Brendon standing only about a foot away. “Err. I forgot to mention,” he looked a bit embarrassed again. “I forgot to thank you for coming last night.”
“It was mutual consent,” I informed him gravely, but he didn’t seem to notice. Instead he walked forward until he was almost right up against me. Then he tentatively reached forward until his hands were on my hips. He pulled me the rest of the way to him and pressed his lips firmly to mine. I gasped and slightly pressed against him. “Stop,” I muttered into his lips. And he pulled back, looking a bit shocked.
Now my face was so red it wasn’t funny. I mean, I looked like a tomato.
“What’s wrong?” asked Brendon, confused.
“Umm…” this was so embarrassing. “I’ve umm. Well I’ve never kissed a guy before. And uh, I’ve never exactly had a boyfriend.” Okay, it was out.
Brendon just stood there for a moment. “You’ve never….” His mouth twitched in a smile. “So you’ve never…?”
Raising one eyebrow in confusion, I stared at him for a second. When realization struck, I gasped. “No!” Ugh! No I had not!
Chuckling, Brendon ran a hand through dark hair. “Just wanted to know,” he said in an explanatory way. Right, like that was supposed to make it all clear. “So anyway,” he seemed a bit more enthusiastic now. “Will you come?”
“When?” I asked. “And Where?”
“Three days from now. In Vegas.”
“Excuse me?” I asked, taken aback when he said Vegas.
Brendon bit his lip, “It’s okay if you say no,” he said, sounding like a little begging puppy. “But if you would go it wouldn’t cost you a thing, and it would be fun.” Well, if it was going to be fun that would make it all worth it.
“Umm…” this wasn’t just something I could agree to on the spot.
“And we’d stay there for three days,” added Brendon gloomily. “But again I fully understand if you say no.”
Well…oh why not? “Sure.”
“It’s totally o-what?” Brendon’s eyes widened. “did you say yes?”
“Well, actually I said ‘sure’ but it works the same way.” I shrugged. A moment later Brendon did a little ‘whoop’ thing and sprang forward, grabbing me around the waist and lifting me up.
“I’m so glad you’re going!” he exclaimed.
“Me too.” Well, I was then, but would I be later?

“Hey Gwen? I’m going to need to take some time off,” I spoke into the receiver. “Why? I’m going to Vegas for three days. Yeah. Leaving the day after tomorrow.” I thought back to the whole day before this. Brendon had stayed over for most of the day and we’d played mindless video games. He’d only left about twenty minutes ago. “I’ll be there for three days.” That would be Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. “So actually I won’t be back until next Monday. Yeah I’ll be there tomorrow. And Tuesday. Uh huh. Okay. Bye.” Ooookay. One call taken care of.
I picked up the phone again and dialed. “Hey Marissa,” I greeted into the phone. “I need you to take care of Malikai, Tippy, and the rats this week. I’m going to Vegas.” After this a scream was heard and I had to tell Marissa everything about it. We ended up talking for about forty-five minutes.
Lastly I called Brandon, yes my brother. It was just to tell him where I’d be. He asked all the details, and I ended up telling him about Brendon. He promised to call Mother and Father. That bastard.
And lastly I fixed dinner. And when I mean fixed I mean a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. Not in the cooking mood, I sat down with my elegant dinner and chomped it into oblivion within a minute. Yeah, I was hungry.
Malikai sat there staring at me with big eyes, and I actually fed him a corner of it. Tippy couldn’t have cared less. He was curled up on the couch watching I Love Lucy. And I do mean watch.
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