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What If?

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Rosie Tells Her Granddaughter About Dating A Rock Star (One-Shot)

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“No. I HATE YOU.” Lily screamed at her mother running down the hall.

“What’s wrong pet?” her grandmother, Rosie, asked her.

Tears began forming in Lily’s eyes. “She banned me from seeing Justin, just ‘cause he’s in a rock band.” She wiped away the tears with her sleeve.

“Oh sweet heart. You know boys in rock bands aren’t that great. They change when they get success.”

Lily frowned through her tears. “How would you know?”

Rosie chuckled. “I haven’t always been with your grandfather, I did date other men before him.” She smiled. “Would you like to know a story about a good friend of mine?”

“For sure.” She answered following her grandmother into her grandparent’s bedroom. She sat on the floor and waited eagerly for the story to be told.

“Well there was this girl I knew she was twenty eight, the same age as your sister. She fell in love with a wonderful man but things changed..”

“I don’t want you to go on tour again.” She whined. “I wish I could have you all to myself.”

The young man chuckled, well he wasn’t that young he would turning thirty quite soon. “And I wish you didn’t have to work. Then that way I would be able to take my wonderful wife to Europe with me.”

“Oh I’d love to meet this ‘wonderful wife’ of yours.” She replied kissing his cheek. That’s when his cell went off and he answered it.

Even since he and his band became famous he never has time for me, she sighed, it’s not fair I married him not his band. She sighed, as it had only become a recent thing. Ever since ‘The Black Parade’ she felt neglected even when they were alone together.

She silently cursed the person on the other line of the phone; he never even acknowledged her presence. He never makes time for me anymore its always My Chemical Romance this, My Chemical Romance that.

She never brought up the subject, she was afraid she didn’t know of what all she knew was she was afraid. He was happy doing what he loved and helping bring across a message to kids, and she didn’t want to up set that by telling him she was unhappy with his life style.

“I have to go meet with one -”

“Yeah okay.” She replied, their romantic evening before he left the country was ruined yet again by one of the guys.

“Thanks I knew you’d understand.”

Understand? Huh, what would he know about understanding? He didn’t have to keep feelings away from someone he loved, he didn’t secretly hurt because he didn’t want to ruin anything if he had said anything, he never thought about how he was hurting his partner, even thought he was all the time. He doesn’t know the meaning of understanding, she thought venomously.

“Yeah. Yeah.” Was all she could she manage without losing her temper. He kissed her lips gently before turning to leave.

“Love you to.” But she didn’t know whether she did or not anymore. Before the bands ‘epic’ album he was always by her side and all over her like a rash, he simply couldn’t get enough of her. Now a few months after the album came out he was rarely around her, even when she did go touring with the band. He was promoting the album, doing photo shoots, doing interviews with radio, TV or newspapers and magazines.

Now the young woman began thinking deeper, she did realize she did in fact love her husband. But the thing was she didn’t know how much more of his shit she could deal with.

As the months and tours pasted, she hadn’t thought much about the subject the couple had started to become closer again. But whilst on Projekt Revolution tour he began putting the band and his social life before her.

Suddenly he hadn’t heard or talked to in years were becoming more important than a quick phone call to say ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’. Yet she knew these bands and people were important to him. So she still said nothing.

What made the relationship go down further was he would go on and on about how much fun he was having everyday and never even considered to ask, not even once, how was her day or how was she coping on her own.

But she was relieved that he was coming home for a month before going on tour again for another couple of months. Its going to be okay this time, its gonna work, she thought positively over the month they had spent together. But then as soon as he went on tour it happened again.

She thought about how much the man she loved had change so much over the past two years, she wanted the man she married back not the rock star. At timed she asked herself was she stilling with the same man she married. She then had gotten it into her head it was her fault she was feeling paranoid and attention seeking.

She saw a physiatrist three times within two weeks and was told she was neither paranoid nor attention seeking. The physiatrist told her that her husband was neglecting her and she should confront him the second he comes off his tour.

She counted down the days until her husband and friends were home. She had it all planned out that she would either tell him what she was feeling or leave him, most of the time she thought of doing both.

But she couldn’t do it straight away as she was one her friend’s bride’s maid’s and her husband was one of the best men. How awkward would that be, she asked herself one night, maybe to awkward but two weeks after the wedding I’m doing it. I am going to leave him and never come back.

She loved him, she truly did but she just couldn’t cope with his shit anymore. The young woman did as she said she would, she even brought divorce papers for him to sign. He told her he needed a week to think about things.

A week later she sent her lawyer around to collect the papers. He went around to get them but instead he found a body and the unsigned papers. It was confirmed that the body was the young woman’s husband. He was intoxicated and there was a single bullet lodged in his brain.

The young woman was heart broken and never got over it.


“Wow Grammy the young must have been so hurt.” Lily paused,. “I don’t think I will date Justin. He is a bit of a slut.”

Her grandmother smiled.

“LILY NOW.” Her shouted at her.

“You go pet.”

“Okay. Thanks for the story Grammy.” She kissed her cheek and left the room closing the door behind her.

Rosie took a small brown box out from under her bed and opened it. She took a piece of a newspaper cutting out but before looking at it she continued her story. “Now here she is sixty two years later telling her granddaughter her story.”

She read the headline on the newspaper cutting and set it down and picked up a photo. The picture was of the young couple in the story. Both their names and their wedding date were neatly typed underneath them.

“Rosie dinner is ready.” Her husband said knocking the door.

“I’ll be down in a minute Bill.” She replied. She waited until she heard him go down the stairs before kissing the young man in the picture. “I love you more than I can say darling.” She laid both items in her hand on the bed and sang to herself softly.

“What if I had never let you go
Would you be the man I used to know
What if I had never walked away
‘Cos I still love you more than I can say
If I’d stayed
If you’d tried
If I could only turn back time
But I guess we’ll never know.”

Rosie got up off the bed and headed for the door. She glanced back before closing the door. “But I guess we’ll never know.”

The wind blew the newspaper cutting to the ground. The headline read: “Ray Toro of My Chemical Romance commits suicide after wife, Rosie, wanted divorce.”

{{Story inspired by Kate Winslet – What If… Comments loved..}}
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