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~Part 3~ Call me when you're Sober

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As soon as we reached California I called Kylie, she had gotten there on a plane, arriving way before we had. She gave me the address to her sister's place and I borrowed Benji's car so I could go see her. All I could think about was her the entire drive over, I had missed her even though we hardly knew each other. Things like that worried me, this is how it had started with Lily, and that sure as hell didn't end very well. I knew a few things about her, where she grew up, certain things that liked and didn't, but that was all. I would have to fix that. I pulled into a parking space not to far from her sister's place and got out. I moved everything that Benji had piled onto the passenger seat to on of the back seats, put on one of his 'Made' hoodies and walked towards the house. I have to admit I was a little nervous, I had no Idea why, I just...was. I knocked on the door, trying to ignore the yelling that was coming from behind it. Maybe I had gotten the wrong place? A tall built guy opened the door. "What the hell do you want?"

"Is Kylie there?" I asked, debating whether to just turn around and leave or not.

"Hold on." He gave me one more searing glare and shut the door. After a couple minutes of more yelling the door opened again.

"Allison I'm leaving, he better be gone when I come back!" Kylie yelled back into the house, I guessed she was talking to her sister. Kylie shut the door and half smiled at me.

"Bad day?" I asked.

"Bad life." She responded.

We silently walked back to Benji's car. I suppose she didn't want to talk about it or she would have said something. How cliche, troubled boy meets troubled girl with fucked up family ties, spare me please. I guess that's just how it goes though. I opened the door for her and she smiled shyly, not having expected it. She sat down and I walked around the car getting into the drivers seat and sliding the key into the ignition. "This isn't your car, is it?" Kylie asked, seeming to forget about the scene at the house, which relieved me a bit.

"Uh, no. It's Benji's I don't own one yet. Why buy when you can bum a ride right?" I laughed and she did to. Good. I wasn’t' making a complete jack ass out of myself. Yet.

We were quiet for awhile, not sure what there was to say, so of course my mind wandered. This was so awkward and going absolutely fucking nowhere.

"Where are we going?" Kylie asked after a long while of driving.

"Oh yeah, damn. I was going back to the hotel to get changed then there's this party if you want to go, if not we can ditch it and go somewhere else." I felt like an idiot, I hadn't been on a date in awhile and it showed.

"That sound cool, the party for anything in particular?" She asked.

"A bunch of band were friends with are in town so we figured why not have a party, we do that a lot, it’s pretty stupid. All we do is stand around and pick random fights. Like I said we can ditch it if you want." I asked again, I wanted to go, but if she didn't want to I wasn't going to force her to.

"No it's fine, all my friends are stupid guys, I'm used to the random boring parties." She laughed, the last part of her sentence sarcastic.

I parked Benji's car in the same place that I had found it earlier and got out, going around the car and letting Kylie out. We walked to the hotel and I met up with Joel in the lobby."Give me your key, I'm going to get changed them we'll meet you at the party." Joel tossed the key card at me and looked curiously at Kylie. I didn't let him say anything, I took Kylie's hand and she walked with me to the hotel room. I opened the door having only a little of my usual trouble with the key card."I hate these frigging things." I laughed at little at myself, once inside, I got attacked. Kylie kept herself safely outside the room laughing her pretty ass off. "Tony get the fuck off of me." I mumbled. Tony refused to move, having pinned me on the floor.

"Nice to see you to, whose your lady friend?" Tony asked curiously, too close to my face for comfort.

"Her names Kylie, will you get off me?" Tony let me go and I sat up on the floor, looking up at Kyle. "Welcome to our hell hole, won't you join us?" She finally walked into the room, closing the door behind her. I got up. "I'll be right back." I told her, walking back into one of the rooms.

I looked through my bags trying to find something that actually belonged to me. I settled with my old red plaid bondage pants and a black and red level t-shirt. I put on a little more eyeliner and gelled my hair straight. When I walked back out into the main room Tony was bothering Kylie. Surprise there, not.

"So, Karen.." Tony started, I had to see how this one turned out.

"My names Kylie." She said, staring at him like he was a foreign object.

"Sure it is babe.." Tony smirked.

Kylie walked away from him, seeing me she rolled her eyes. "Can we go?" She asked trying not to laugh. Hopefully about Tony and not me.

"Yeah, Tony, it's your party shouldn't you be at the house?" Tony looked at me confused and then it seemed to dawn on him.

"Oh yeah, it is my party isn't it?" He whispered, leaving the room. "See you there!" He yelled from the hallway.

"We should get going." We walked back to Benji's car and got in, heading towards Tony’s house. We could hear the music blaring from a couple of miles away. When we pulled up there was hardly anyplace to put the car. The house was over flowing with people. I finally found a place behind what looked like Sarah’s car. That would be Benji and Joel’s sister, she was cool, I'd loved her to death when I'd first met her. Now we still have to love, but picking on each other is much more fun. I let Kylie out and we walked towards the house together. Tonight was going to be fun, I could already tell. I hadn't been to a party in awhile and I wanted to make sure I made up for it.

We pushed through tons of people into the house. I never let go of her hand, if we separated I'd never find her. We made our way to what I think was the kitchen because I think I saw a fridge but with all the people I wasn’t sure. "Do you want something to drink?" I yelled over the music and other people.

"Sure, a soda." She said back, I could barely hear her. I grabbed her a soda.

"If I grabbed a beer would you mind?" She shook her head so I did. I hadn't drank in a long time, but something told me I would feel better this way.

"Give me the keys, I'll drive us home when your ready to go." She yelled, and I handed her the keys, she smiled putting them in her skirt pocket.

I opened my drink and took a sip but before long I had gone through three or four. Then in turned into more then just beer. I eventually lost track of Kylie, I saw her with Sara once or twice, then Benji or Tony. Then there was a guy I didn't recognize, but I thought nothing of it, Tony had a lot of friends I didn't know of. Things were starting to get fuzzy, blurring in and out. I must have passed out a few times. I still don't remember most of it. Most of the times I did remember I wish I hadn't. I saw some guy bothering Kylie but my drunk ass couldn't process it, let alone what to do about it. I remember sitting in the bathroom with Benji for a long time puking my guts out,he was yelling something at me, but I don't remember what it was. I could tell he was pissed though. Later the music was cut off, something had happened. Then there were police cars and the party was shut down. I remember laying on the couch as people left slowly. Then a lot of time must have passed. Next thing I remember is waking up, lying in the back seat of one of Joel’s cars. I had a blanket wrapped around me, which made it sort of hard to sit up, and when I did a searing headache made me collapse again. Questions hit me that I couldn't answer. Why was I in Joel’s car? Where was Kylie? Where was anyone? And the biggest question of all..why was this car parked near the emergency room entrance of the hospital?
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