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Back Stage.

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Andrea Hangs out Backstage for awhile. And Gets To Know The Band.

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-Chapter Four: Back Stage-

I was sitting down on a stained and tattered couch backstage after the Show. Gerard
was sitting on the armrest next to me. I took another sip of my beer and then Frank Started talking to me.
"So what type of stuff do you do here when you work?, he asked while scratching next to a scorpion tattoo on his neck
that looked almost new."Do you always party with the bands that play here?" he chuckled abit.
"Well I usually set up the mics', speakers and monitors up, and as for the partying... I dont, I think its been months
since I have actually." I felt Pathetic admitting it but it was true.
"So do you have anyone to help you move all the stuff out to the stage every night, 'cause it must be hard if you do it
by yourself." He said while taking a box of Red Marbrolo's out from his back jean pocket.
"No... I never do it by myself." I lied, Gerard shot me a look cause he knew the truth no one was helping me with the
monitors and he saw that, but the other didnt so thats why he helped me. I looked at him with a guilty look while he
shrugged off his tattered leather jacket and laid it on the floor next to him. The Ray Spoke up.
"Hey Guys we have to go it's 3:23 in the morning and have to for Philly at 5:00 am." he said standing up
Gerard looked at the clock on his cellphone.
"Oh Shit!" he got up to fast and he ended up passing out.
"What the fuck! Is he alright?" I asked worried.
"Yeah he's alright, but he is gonna feel like shit in the morning." frank giggled alittle." Alright man time to go."
frank said while helping him up.
Luckily they all had packed their equipment before-hand in their small trailer behind their van. The boy
with glasses picked up the left over and took it with them. Then he stopped to say something right before I walked
out of the backstage lounge.
"Hey, Andrea," I felt guilty for not remembering his name whe nhe remembered mine,"I just wanted to let you know
that were gonna play here next week, so you can come and see us again."
"Okay, I'll be working then anyways, so yeah I'll be there." I said shooting my beer can into the trash and making it in.
"Nice shot!" He Smiled and passed me another beer before leaving.
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