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Bet Ya

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Lincoln and Sara made a bet. Now it's pay up time.

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“You’d like my little brother.”

“Pardon me?” Lincoln smirked at her surprised expression. Linc was sure that was something she’d never heard from a death row inmate before. “My little brother, he’s an engineer. Big fancy job. Nice car, expensive couch. You’d like him.”

It was his first physical in Fox River, and he liked this doctor a lot more then his last.

“Right,” she answered flashing a light in his eyes.

“I’m serious.” Lincoln smiled, realizing just how serious he was. “You two would be perfect for each other. Hey next time he comes for a visit why don’t you take a coffee break. I’ll introduce you.” Linc said quickly, proud of himself for thinking up a plan so quick.

“This isn’t a dating agency, Mr. Burrows.” Dr. Tancredi slid her flash light back into her pocket.

“No-I know. But still you two have to hook up.” He said watching as she wrote a note on
his papers. “Your perfect for each other.”

“You’re all done.” She moved back toward her desk.

“I’ll bet ya ten bucks.” Lincoln jumped off the table.

The young doctor turned, “Pardon?”

“If you ever met him you two would fall for each other.”

She turned back to her desk, “I can safely assure you that would never happen.”

“Ten bucks.” Lincoln took a step toward her and extended his hand. “I’ll bet ya.”

Sara faced him again with a light smile on her face. “Deal.” She shook his hand.

Four years later-Panama

“You owe me ten bucks.” Lincoln said suddenly, turning toward Sara.

“What?” Sara tore her eyes off the black and white TV to look at her brother in law.

Michael turned to his brother, his arm resting on the back of the raggy couch around Sara’s shoulder. LJ sat on the other end of the couch, his feet resting on the old coffee table.

“I can’t believe you’re hitting up a woman who’s eight months pregnant for ten bucks.”
LJ looked over at his father.

“Shut up, kid.” Lincoln glared at his son. “Back in Fox River-when I first got there. I
made a bet with you and you lost.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Linc.” Sara replied honestly, she laid a hand over her bulging stomach.

“I told you, you and Mike would hit it off.” Lincoln lent forward from his chair. “And I
was right!”

“What’s this?” Michael looked down at Sara.

Sara tilted her head toward her husband and smiled as she remembered, “Michael will you give your brother ten dollars please.”

Michael grinned, then looked at his brother. “I broke you out of prison, saved your life, and moved you to a beach side paradise. Shut up.”

LJ laughed, grinning at his father. “He’s got ya there.”

Linc slumped back into his chair and crossed his arms over his chest. “I don’t believe this, I just got jipped out ten bucks.”

“You know I think you should give us ten bucks.” Michael smiled, “Me for saving your ungrateful ass and Sara for putting up with you.”

“Don’t forget about me, I have to sleep in the same room as this hibernating bear.” LJ
waved his hand in the hair.

“Good point,” Sara muttered then looked back at Linc. “So about that ten bucks-“

Linc smiled widely then looked at his brother, “Hey Mike-can I borrow some money?”
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