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Blue & White

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MiSa's goodbye [This was written as my version of 'Sona' before it was aired]

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She’s wearing white he’s wearing blue.

He looks like he’s been rolling in the mud but she doesn’t care. She smiles, relieved and excited.
She’s missed him.

He finally spots her in the crowd, his eyes lock onto her’s and she’s sure no one’s ever look at her like that. She walks toward him, moving in and around people without paying them any attention.

She can’t seem to get close enough to him. But this is giving her time to analyze his gaze. It’s intense. Hardly a surprise considering this is Michael Scofield. It’s relief, gratitude, and happiness but above all love. She’s steps toward him,

“Michael.” She says on a sigh.

He stares at her like he’s deciding how to devour her, by the way he steps close she knew his feast had already began.

“You have no idea how much I’ve-“ he starts, his voice cracking under all the emotion. He lifts a hand to run it through her hair. Or over her cheek…she doesn’t know which. She really doesn’t care. She smiles but doesn’t get a chance to do more.

His entire demeanor changes. He grabs her before she can think and holds her against him; she feels a cold metal against her temple and knows it’s a gun. She should feel afraid but she doesn’t. She’s too focused on his body. She sees Bill Kim standing feet from them pointing a gun at them.

“I’ll kill her!” Michael yells.

His arms crosses over her chest, to the others it looks like he’s holding her in place, to Sara it feels like he’s guarding her. She places both hands on his arm, “Please!” She screams for dramatic effect.

He uses his thumb to stroke her shoulder, he breathes down her cheek and Sara’s glad he’s holding her. Her legs are weak.

“Let her go Scofield. We both know you won’t kill her!” Kim yells through the terrified crowd.

“I swear to god I’ll kill her!” Michael calls back.

She hopes Kim believes him but doesn’t understand how he can. She can feel his body against her, and the signals she’s reading are anything but dangerous.

“Back up with me.” He whispered.

Sara nods but says nothing. She’s to busy trying to look scared.

“Scofield!” Kim yells but doesn’t move.

“Stay where you are or she dies!” Michael steps them into the warehouse behind him

He releases her in an instant then barricades the door. “Sara-“ he turns to her and crushes her to his chest.

She links her arms around his neck-knowing they only have seconds.

He pulls away just far enough to bury his lips into hers. She moves against him, she can feel tears swell in her eyes and begs god not to allow them to fall. He pulls away, gasping.

“I’m so sorry, Sara.” He strokes her face.

“I know,” she whispers back, because she does.

“I have to go,” he places another kiss on her lips.

“I know,” she sighs, because she knows that too. And it kills her.

“I love you more then I’ve ever loved anyone.” He stares into her eyes, that intensity back. Did it ever leave?

She can’t help but smile, “I love you too.”

He smiles now too, “I have to go,” he takes her cheeks in his hands and kisses her again.

It’s the deepest kiss Sara ever experienced, she’s not sure another could compare.

“I love you-,” he says, tucking his gun into his pocket, “Don’t ever forget that,”

“Stay safe-“ she smiles soberly as he steps past her.

He turns, “I try.”

He touches her cheek again then runs. Sara watches him run to the other side of the warehouse and vanish. She stands there for a moment, trying to process what had just happened. She can still feel his mouth or her’s.

He’s on the run, but
she isn’t.

And Lincoln isn’t. Sara wipes at tears that she doesn’t remember falling.

Since she was a kid she wanted to change the world, but right now she just wants to save him. Sara pulls open the door and steps out with a mission.
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