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Bow Ties

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It's Lincoln's wedding and Michael's there to offer support, but he can't help but think of Sara.

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“This isn’t right. Sara and I should be doing this.” Michael said, pacing the room behind his brother.

“Hey don’t’ blame me. Your geek who can’t seem to do more then fumble into asking her to more in with you.” Lincoln stared at himself in a full size mirror-attempting to dress himself in the sleek tux.

“I want to take it slow. It has to be perfect.” Michael tossed back with a wave of the hand.

The other brother smirked, “Yeah? How’s that working out for you then?”

“Shut up! What do you what me to do? Blurt it out in a drunken somber like you did?” Michael spared his brother a glance.

“Worked didn’t it?”

“I’m working on it. But it needs to be perfect. She deserves it.” The younger brother muttered.

“You mean like, candle light dinner, full moon, French water…all that?” Lincoln said his eyes fixated on the bow at his neck.

“Yeah, I mean all that.” Michael pumped his legs harder.

“You’re wasting your time bro. None of that matters.” Lincoln’s big hands tossed the cloth from the bow in each direction.

Michael stopped pacing long enough to give his brother a steady death glare. “Says the man who decided on beer instead of champagne. Sara deserves better then that.
I want this Sara to understand how big of a deal this is-“

“What you think I’m doing this for laughs and giggles?” Lincoln sighed, confused by the bow tie.

“No, but Jane’s ok with it so who cares.” Michael shot back quickly.

“And you think unless you have the whole sha bang for her, Sara’s not gonna accept or something?” Lincoln laughed quietly at his little brother-“You still don’t get her do you man? She doesn’t give a shit about all that stuff…. despite all reason and logic she loves you. None of that matters.”

“Maybe you’re right.” Michael smiled slightly, an image of his red haired beauty filling his mind.

“Of course I am. Now shut up and tie this damn thing.” Lincoln turned and gestured angrily at his neck.

“You’re sure you’re doing the right thing?” Michael asked stepping closer.

“Yeah….” He answered, his eyes dropping to his little brother hands.

Michael looped the cloth effortlessly. “Then I’m happy for you.”

“What you weren’t before?” Linc smirked.

“Shut up.”

A fist pounded on the door suddenly. “Yo dad? You ready?”

“Yup-let’s get this going.” Lincoln called then look at his best man. “Thanks man-“

“Good luck bro,“ Michael grinned.

The two brothers started for the door. As his hand reached the handle Lincoln turned with a bright smirk. “Hey you want me to throw the garter at you or something. Then she’ll be force to marry you!”

“Only if you want to die on your wedding day.”
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