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That's what you get


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insert witty emo lyric here
A/n: I love you Em, you are my muse!

Chapter one- That's What You Get

I feel alone, like I'm standing in the middle of a crowded room, screaming my head off, and nobody notices. They all knew that one of us was going to be online right now on the live chat. They all just wanted the wrong ones. I sighed at all the pledges of love for my brothers. Glancing up at my girlfriend to find her completely infatuated with her nails.
"What?" She snapped noticing me staring. I shook my head and went back to the computer. I didn’t feel like dealing with my brothers fans. They didn’t care that I was on; all they did was ask where Nick and Joe were and why they weren’t on. I shut the laptop and set it to the side. She didn’t care why was She even here? I was fed up with everything. I didn’t want to be part of my own life; I just wanted to step out of my body and start anew. I just wanted to get off this bus. I slowly stood up and made it part way off the bus before She called. "Where are you going?" Why do you care?
"For a walk." I told her closing my eyes. My head was pounding. I could feel her hard eyes burning a hole in my back.
"Whatever." She stated, I could here her roll her eyes. If you didn’t care why did you ask? I almost went off at her but instead buried it deep inside and exited the bus. The warm summer air absorbed into my skin. Taking a deep breath I willed myself not to scream.
"Kevin! Come on!" Joe called to me. I made my way up to him. There were people eating at tables. Some where alone and others in clusters. It reminded me way too much of high school. "Eat Kevin." He told me shoving a plate into my hands. I wasn’t hungry, but I was too exhausted to object and listen to a lecture about how I should eat more. I was just never hungry anymore. I took the foam plate to an empty table away from where Joe had just sat down. I didn’t feel like listening to him and his girlfriend flirt. Or the annoying banter of those he hangs out with.
I stared at the food. I found it all grotesque. I pushed it away from me grimacing. I put my head down on the table praying silently that it would all get better.
"Hello!" Chirped an all too happy voice from above me. I slowly lifted my head to see a black haired guy sitting across from him.
"Hi," I said quietly. Why had this overly happy guy choose now of all times to sit with me?
"My name is Pete what's yours?" He smiled widely then sipped at a drink he held in his hand.

"Kevin." I answered memorizing the lines of the wooden table.
"Nice name!" Pete exclaimed. "Kevin, Kevin, Kevin! I love it!" I looked up at him. His smile never faded. What makes him so happy? "So are you in a band? I bet you are! You look like you're in a band." What was that supposed to mean?
"Yeah, I'm in a band." I told him grudgingly.
"I am too! Fall Out Boy! Ever heard of us?" I nodded mentally rolling my eyes. "What band are you in?" I hesitated.
"The Jonas Brothers." I answered looking back down. He didn’t say anything for a few minutes.
"Cool! You wanna come watch my band practice?" Will this guy ever leave me alone?
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