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Twenty Five

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Ryan looks for some answers...

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i'm getting ready to finish the story but only if its being read so let me know :) thanks


As Ryan stared into the pitch black of the room around him everything began to fall into place. He pulled the bed sheets a little further up to his chin, feeling the cold of the hotel room. He always seemed to feel cold in hotel rooms, grateful for the air conditioning during the day but always wishing it wasn’t slowly humming away at night. He thought back a few weeks to Pete’s peculiar behaviour and it made some sense to him all of a sudden. No wonder he had been so distant, he had been dealing with the possibility of getting someone pregnant. Not just anyone either, the girlfriend of a friend, a girl he didn’t even like. Another reason Ryan didn’t find it hard to believe that it may well have been Helen that initiated the situation. Pete wouldn’t have gone after her he couldn’t stand her. It was odd how Ryan didn’t even feel that angry with Pete and he wondered why, why wasn’t he more upset with what Pete had done? He came to the conclusion that it was because he didn’t care. Ryan was beginning to consider that all the things he had felt about Helen at one point may well have been true. He had been so convinced of her false intentions why had he suddenly dropped that perspective? He knew why, it had been because she told him she was pregnant. There was absolutely no other reason that Ryan was still with Helen and he had to be honest with himself about that. He didn’t even like her very much but she had this way of managing to beat him into submission until he was willing to do as he was told. How the hell had he let that happen? He asked himself the question several times. He remembered realising that Helen had serious goals in her life and finding a suitable partner was one of them. As far as Helen was concerned a suitable partner was a rich partner and Ryan or Pete would have ticked that box. The only person Ryan thought may be able to give him some answers about Helen would be her best friend Jane. Ryan had only ever met Jane once and very briefly but he knew the girls had been best friends for years. His mission was to find out exactly what Helen was playing at and quickly so that he could make some decisions.

Ryan recognised Jane as he was escorted to her office through the busy building. She worked in publishing something he remembered because of the magazines her company issued. Helen had told him she could get him all sorts of contacts but he tried to explain that journalists were not something he wanted to seek out. Unfortunately press was a part of their career he didn’t enjoy. Jane frowned slightly before she smiled and ushered him into her office. Ryan sat down and almost laughed to himself when he realised it felt as though he was attending an interview sat opposite this smartly dressed woman in a grey office space. His eyes scanned some photos on her desk and then rested on her face when she spoke to him.
“Ryan.” She smiled kindly. “How can I help you?”
“This is awkward.” Ryan began shuffling in his seat a little. “I know you and Helen have been friends for a long time Jane but…”
“Well.” Jane added.
“Helen told me you’d been friends since you were kids.” Ryan said.
“I have no idea why she told you that.” Jane seemed slightly confused but Ryan appeared even more so. “Listen Ryan I’ve been here before.” Jane then told him. “Helen has a tendency to stretch the truth.”
“What the hell does that mean?”
“It means she lies.” Jane replied. Ryan was silent for a few moments, letting the information sink in. “What has she done?” Jane then sighed as though it was a repeat of some kind of drama that had bored her many times before.
“I am so confused right now.” Ryan admitted and so Jane spent some time explaining a few truths about Helen.

It seemed that Helen and Jane had met only a few years previously when Helen had done some work experience with her. Jane liked Helen and they were friends but Jane was always having to deal with Helen’s lies and she was growing more and more tired from it. This wasn’t the first time Helen had found herself a young man with potential and had tried to trap him. She was so obsessed with being rich and famous that she was willing to lie to get there.
“It’s not so much the pregnancy that’s meant to keep you.” Jane explained her take on it all. “I think it’s when she tells the guy she lost the baby that you’re meant to find it impossible to leave her.” Ryan’s mouth was open a little in shock at what he was hearing. “I actually ended up phoning the last guy and telling him because I could see what she was doing.” Jane admitted. “I couldn’t stand by and watch it.”
“She ‘s a fucking psycho.” Ryan said starting to feel the anger welling up inside himself.
“She really is Ryan.” Jane replied. “This is it for me, I’ve forgiven her some weird shit over the last few years but I’m done now. I don’t want anything to do with her, I think her parents have severely fucked her up.”
“She is always going on about her dad, daddy said this, daddy thinks that.”
“Yeah I know, they’re all certifiable.” Jane shrugged her shoulders. “Get as far away from her as possible because she obviously cant help herself. She’s a compulsive liar.”
“Oh my god.” Ryan sighed completely unprepared for such a conversation. Jane allowed him the next five minutes to talk a little, sigh a lot and let their conversation sink in before she suggested she had a lot of work to do. “Shit yeah, sorry.” Ryan stood up from the chair. “Thanks for…” he wasn’t sure how to put it.
“You’re welcome.” Jane smiled. “Sorry you had to get involved with her.”
“Me too.” Ryan nodded and left.
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